Newco confident, with some reason, but Brendan has the aces


“Feeling more confident than any time in the last five years” was the sentiment expressed to me by a Newco fan this morning. And with some reason. They have gone two months without defeat, while Celtic’s blistering runs of successive wins stopped; we’ve won three and drawn three of our last six.

Reasons for any marked change in results are usually varied. With the league won, Celtic rested players, while others were injured. Opponents have also paid attention to their Scott Sinclair Problem. Stop Scott getting the ball and you inhibit Celtic’s most potent danger.

You also have to factor in the reality that Brendan Rodgers has given 52 competitive pre-match team talks. There are only so many times you can vocabularise your rallying call before its effects diminish.

The contrast in the other Hampden dressing room will be stark. Brother Pedro’s accent will still appear fresh to his players, never mind his message. His tactical talks and implorations of effort will seem innovative, whether they are or not. For these reasons, and more, Newco players will fear nothing on Sunday.

This game will be more straightforward that Ross County last week. We know Newco are there to win, to knock us out of the cup, stop our Invincibility Quest and reach their second major cup final. We’ll not face 10 men behind the ball.

Having said all of this, you and me will both be stunned if Celtic don’t prevail. We have the better players, the better manager, we’ve faced many and varied challenges this season and come through impressively.

Dembele, Griffiths and Rogic are back and available. The manager has choices on who to play, and options to change the game, or freshen things up later.

That same Newco fan this morning accused me of selective memory, with good reason, when I said I couldn’t remember Ugo Ehiogu playing for Rangers. It was no less alarming to hear a fit and active man of 44 died so suddenly. Condolences to his loved ones. There but……….


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  1. South Of Tunis on

    Ugo Ehiogu scored a goal v Celtic . An overhead kick . Not one of Boruc’s better moments .

  2. Sad,sad news about Ugo Ehiogu.44 is far too young an age to lose your life.Thoughts and best wishes to his loved ones at such a difficult time.


    May Ugo RIP.

  3. BMCUWP, 11.03 ( Previous Thread ),


    Thanks mate for supporting The Celts IF they walked off the pitch in protest. HH



    SUMMA OF SAMMI…My apologises mate, I’ve obviously misread your post ! Sorries. HH



    STARY PLOUGH…The Celtic players WOULD be protected from any criticisms simply by taking it out of their hands, that’s was my whole point that any such action MUST come from The Celtic Board.



  4. Will the judge have the balls to tell Findlay to “PIPE DOWN” ?



    if the case was being heard in JERSEY, would Wattie Smith be held in Contempt of Court for wearing a feckin Cardigan ? If not….why not ?



    Craig Whyte should just blame BREXIT


    I would blame The Huns, The SFA, SPL, UEFA, FIFA, SMSM, Barry fergushin , john Brown etc etc…oh and BREXIT !



  5. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    Semi-final negotiated successfully for these Celts:



    TWR Shipowners Charity Cup – Final



    27/05/17 14:00 Richmond Town FC v Cleator Moor Celtic FC

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Findlay QC knows where all the bodies lie, having being part of the Ibrox Establishment, and all that it entails, for many years.



    How will he use his knowledge?



    Which of his codes will he honour?



    Throughout the many twists and turns the RFC( in L) have taken, the courts haven’t really laid a glove on them.



    They seem to have an uncanny ability to emerge untouched.



    e.g. Why is there only one man in the dock?

  7. Seems like it doesn’t take much for Sevco/Newco/Sgt Billyco or whatever they’re called fans to find confidence.I’d say it’s more yearning than confidence.They are so desperate for success that they see promise in anything that isn’t a negative.So a couple of wins in the league and they’re Brazil ’70.Boll and ocks.


    They are an average SPFL side with very limited players.The only hope they have is to try and make an occasion out of the game and hope our players fall for it and take their eye off the ball,so to speak.Strip away the noise and hype and you’re left with two unevenly matched teams with a chasm demonstrably evident in their respective league positions.


    Our attitude will determine the result.And after the last game against thems there should be no problem with motivation or complacency.Get the ball down,pass and move,take our chances and thems and the mibs will be rendered impotent.


    Into them Celtic.

  8. Whyte cannot afford Findlay and his team, who is paying for it? Who has got most to lose over the whole shambles down Govan way? Minty is footing the bill , to keep his name as far out of this as possible IMO.Whyte is an expendible patsy.Allegedly…

  9. South Of Tunis on

    SOUKOUS @ 12 24.



    Thanks !!! .



    I got 9 out of 10 . Got the Jesus one wrong … Atheist me doesn’t know much about Jesus .!



    The players would NOT have the choice., thereby PROTECTING THEM.


    I can only imagine that the Celtic players would be more than happy to be “redundant” in the decisions of any such action, although I would fully expect them to say afterwards that they would rather have played on and beat the Huns playing fitba…that is only to be expected IF the players were questioned on it, and that response would of course be in line of what the Board and BRENDAN would tell them to say to the smsm.


    It’s not rocket science mate.


    We do NOT owe the smsm anything…feckin tell them anything feck them.


    Celtic FC would obviously have to reconsider refunding Celtic fans for their tickets etc,, and why not, but again MAYBE the majority of Celtic fans in attendance would agree if Celtic FC felt they were left with no alternative but to get the players off the pitch in protest ?


    I dunno ?


    Honestly,, what is the alternative if the cheating and thuggery goes on in Sundays game and especially if we lost the game…..send in a feckin letter the next day ?






    Let me ask you this, IF Celtic were ( yet again) innocent victims of cheating and/or thuggery this Sunday during the game, and Peter Lawell came down to the Celtic dug out and told Brendan..” Feck this for a laugh…Brendan get The Bhoys off that pitch” ….would you agree with that decision/action/protest ?




    Do you have any precedents for managers/ boards teams taking their players off the pitch and successfully bringing their football association to heel??

  13. Stairheedrammy on

    Ugo Ehiogu’s goal was in a game where the cheat club’s tactics were to foul our centre half’s at every high ball and for their other forward to go for the knockdown. Watch the replays if you get a chance- Sebo jumped into our players time after time, never looking towards the ball, always playing the man. The MIB seemed to have had prior knowledge of this as he made a point of refusing to award us any fouls at all.

  14. IF the occasion calls for it on Sunday or at ipox next week, then The Celtic Board and management MUST FINALLY stand up to on the field cheating and thuggery…The time is NOW.



    Not much has been stated about the number of Ross County players who couldn’t wait to try and assault Scott Brown last Sunday after he fouled their player……why was that ?


    At least one of them put his hands on our Captain…and yet no yellow/red card for an “assault” ?




  15. I see that they managed, at the first attempt, to pick 15 glaswegians at random who were neither Sevco ST holders or shareholders!


    Kinda puts the claim of 500,000 fans worldwide into perspective.



    Any other CQNers on the jury or is it just me?



    Onae kiddin BTW……..

  16. cathedral view on




    It’s no coincidence that Scott Sinclair and Kieran Tierney have been on the receiving end of some of the most terrible tackles this season. Add young Roberts and Rogic onto that list and it’s easy to see who our opponents are scared of and exactly how they deal with the problem.



    Why do you need a “Precedent”…?


    IF there are no precedent…then what’s wrong with Celtic being the 1st ?


    World Cup in 1966….URUGUAY V England…..Uruguay very close to taking their players off cos of “HOMER REF”.


    You STILL haven’t answered my question, would you be supportive of Celtic FC, if they felt they were left with no alternative but to get the Celtic players off the pitch …..do you honestly think that Peter Lawell would stop and ask someone/anyone…even a feckin ballboy…”is there are Precedent for us to do this “…don’t think so.



    IF you would be against Celtic FC being forced into such drastic action…then why not just say so ? It’s that simple.




    Just a question mate, no need to foam at the mouth…




    There’s always a section of the support that shit themselves in case we lose to the huns…

  19. South Of Tunis on




    Yes — Prso did the same when he replaced Sebo .



    A dreadful game . .Kenny Miller missed 2 great chances . Ref missed Ugo Ehiogu fouling Aiden McGeady in the penalty box – No surprise there !

  20. Are our players as fit or fitter than Sevco? Yes.



    Are our players better quality than Sevco players in every position and from the bench? Yes.



    Do we have a more experienced and demonstrably better manager? Yes.



    So the only variable for us is ‘mentality’ as Brendan Rogers puts it. Turn up with that right and there is only one possible outcome.



    We should be no more concerned than we would be playing Aberdeen.



    We have dipped a bit in terms of results but not so much in terms of performance. (I have some concerns about the defence) Aberdeen battered the orcs until miller scored. They were brutal against Killie. Reports are that Thistle should have bagged a goal or two. Their results are better but you could argue that performance hasn’t improved.



    More dispassionate people, like bookies, look at these things and reach solid conclusions (usually). We are heavy favourites for a reason.

  21. Stairheedrammy – you’re paranoid man.



    You’re also correct.



    That period saw a lot of that tactic and free for all cheating by the refs.

  22. I posted earlier on the other thread that I will not be falling out with anyone over my suggestion for Celtic FC to protect our Bhoys and Club and get them off the pitch, and that still stands BUT,



    This Hun mob will stop at nothing this Sunday to get a result, for the obvious reasons, aided and abetted by the MIB….EVERY Hun is desperate, so desperate to beat us on Sunday, and if they can’t do it legally and/or by playing fitba, then they will believe that they MUST find other ways including taking out a few Celtic players….their desperation and depravity knows no bounds.


    I am seriously concerned about what they will get up to this Sunday, given their desperation to STOP The Celts.



  23. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just had a glance at the Whyte Trial Feed – Petrocelli it isn’t! More like two auld hun pals sitting in the pub having a natter about their club.






  24. Margaret McGill on

    To BRTH and Battered Bunnet


    I cannot see Craig Whyte being found guilty of fraud. The lesser companies act charge maybe.


    £18m of fraud means years of jail time if guilty. Remember Craigy boy has tapes. I cannot see him going quietly.


    The morally correct conclusion of CW in jail is Murray mints in jail. Findlay will make sure none of this happens. That was my point.

  25. Margaret McGill on

    Well as Alex McLeish is quoted as saying last week. Rangers must stop Celtic by hook or by crook. Huns know a lot of crookers but not too many hookers.

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