Not interested in your “Where’s the fixtures” patter


I appreciate there are people wanting to book flights and other travel arrangements, but I’m not interested in your “Where’s the fixtures?” patter.  No one else cares or is concentrating on who Celtic will play when they win the league, others have thoughts only for the Scottish Cup semi-finals.

Get Sunday wrong and it will be our last meaningful game of the season.  Whether the police are stuck in the last century or not makes no difference, but take our eye off the ball as we prepare for the weekend and things go wrong.  Look at St Mirren for an example of a club and support which spent energy planning a title party but lost to the worst Dundee United team in over 40 years.

Sunday is the only fixture we have. Literally. Keep our heads in the game.

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  1. AOW



    Hope you didn’t mind me stealing your tip I didn’t know how to do that.







  2. DAVID66, apologies did you post before saying who is that, was too busy trying to upload the picture ,it is 8 month old benny.hh.

  3. Only on CQN could you crack a joke about someone taking their shirt off and someone else posts the exact same joke at the exact same time, and he even has the same first name as me.



    cc David66

  4. D66: I knew that so no probs. I’m envious, even jealous, of those who attend home and away games.



    I invest a fortune in Euromillions hoping to be able to do the same:-)

  5. ART OF WAR on 11TH APRIL 2018 10:32 PM


    Marspapa – follow instructions to Big Packy to upload photos we can view here.



    Can this be done from a Samsung7 phone , i dint have a laptop or computer .



    I dont think there are dogs cuter than the ones posted .

  6. Disagree with view of some posters regarding referee in Real Madrid v Juventus match, thought he controlled it pretty well, other than the penalty where he was conned imo. HH

  7. FRIESDORFER on 11TH APRIL 2018 10:51 PM



    He issued a couple of soft yellows but he did reasonably well. It was a penalty i thought, definitely one of those ones were you want it for you but complain if given against.

  8. Marspapa, yes you just upload from your phones photo gallery.



    Highlight the link and hold your finger down on the url (as previously advised) until `copy’ appears and then you can paste it into any other application or web page such as CQN (Hold your finger in the comments box until `paste’ appears and click on it).

  9. Not a penalty IMO. Benatia gets touch on ball and Vasquez goes down looking for penalty rather than heading the ball and trying to score.

  10. non dugs post, just listening to sean south, boys of wexford, and the bold fenian men, on spotify group called the flying column.hh.

  11. GARY67 on 11TH APRIL 2018 10:58 PM


    Not a penalty IMO. Benatia gets touch on ball and Vasquez goes down looking for penalty rather than heading the ball and trying to score.


    His body shape should be going towards the ball,he waits a half second, he knows defender there, feet back, heid back penalty, played for it and got it

  12. GARY67 on 11TH APRIL 2018 10:58 PM


    Not a penalty IMO. Benatia gets touch on ball and Vasquez goes down looking for penalty rather than heading the ball and trying to score.






    Aye it was, for example, Griff goes down like that last minute on Sunday and we don’t get the pen, we riot.

  13. ART OF WSR



    Cheers , when i press on the pboto it says share but no “copy” comes up unlike youtube My daughters sleeping ,i’ll see if she can show me tomorrow .


    Btw the pics are not worth waiting for lol.


    Thanks for the info .

  14. Right, I love Glasgow, but….



    Our Bins normally get emptied every Thursday, not a problem.



    But, you take one wee trip to Belfast …(Ach that’s nowt to do with it)…



    The bins still haven’t been emptied, this is now two weeks,what to do?



    Well, to complain etc, you have to join some ScotGov crap… Done, complaint in… they will notify via email… Feckin Really, still waiting, so as the tel shit said put yer bins out front and they will be ‘lifted’ well, me being me. The Bins are now outside along with every ‘CNUT’ elses crap plus 5 x bags of mine….



    See when they say ‘outside’ do they mean blocking the road?



    I think We should be told?



    Ah well, there could be a Council Tax DD being stopped….



    And, they will be right on that but not the bins… SUCHISLIFECSC

  15. glendalystonsils on

    DAVID17 on 11TH APRIL 2018 11:15 PM



    There was a similar but much more blatant foul in the 1-1 huns game. Foul on Griff by either Hill or Alves?


    Griff halfed by a high boot from behind, no contact with ball……no pen given by Madden. Right at the end of the game ,would have won it for us.

  16. David 66


    Noticed earlier on mhate that you were feeling a bit down regarding the new hip. You’ll know as well as me that you have been through a major traumatic op but keep up the exercises and believe me you’ll all of sudden feel amazing. You’ll actually forget that you’ve got a leg made of metal and ceramic and the only reminder is the scar on your arse, you’ll get there soon bhuddy



    Hail Hail

  17. GLENDALYSTONSILS on 11TH APRIL 2018 11:23 PM



    That pen was clear cut. Clint Hill it was.

  18. Marspapa, go to first. There will be a button which says `upload’, that’s when you choose the pic from your gallery on your phone. Another button creates the link, it’s that which you copy.



    Alternatively, wait for daughter…. ;-)

  19. glendalystonsils on

    And an even worse tackle on Paddy which wasn’t given by Madden gave huns a breakaway from which they came close. A Madden masterclass.

  20. mike in toronto on




    That’s hysterical



    Don’t remember seeing that on the syllabus for Seamus’ puppy class..







    Dogs are only limited to what we teach them .


    I remember doing a job for a couple who owned a Jack Russell, the guy was Italian and she was Spanish , the dog could underdtsnd the three langauges English being the other .



    Btw your wee pup is drop dead gorgeous .

  22. Watched the CL highlights.



    Thought the English ref showed some bottle to give that pen – less than half of Clitoris Hill’s assault on Griff but still a pen – enough to take the player out.



    We have a player challenged like that in the box on Sunday, we’ll be roaring for the foul. Defender was guileful enough to limit the contact to alllllmost getting away with it, but he knows…



    Sad the Ref’s bottle then crashed – lost control and sent off Buffon. Would have liked the big man’s last/possibly greatest moment to be a showdown with Ronaldo.



    Still, football, eh?



    Oh, and what’s with Bayern in the semis? I thought everyone we played in Europe were shite?




  23. And so another sleep is consigned to history, meaning that there are just 3 more before we, yet again get to see The Champions play.

  24. ‘Lynsey Sharp out of the 800m. Very poor performance. Poor show also in blanking all media. There are loads of disappointed athletes at these Games and most, if not all, see it as part of their job to front up afterwards’




  25. “To award such a super doubtful penalty you have to have a rubbish bin instead of a heart”



    Gianluigi Buffon is not a happy man.

  26. Almore,


    Your post at 10:03 pm last night…….


    Every board member at Celtic should be made to read that post. It should be read out in the team dressing room at Hampden on Sunday before the players head out onto the park, and they should be made to sit and think about what you wrote for a minute or two.



    I know you’re not the only one who regularly makes journeys like this to suppprt the team. There are many others. Makes my 3 hour drive from Aberdeen pale into insignificance.i know you weren’t looking for any plaudits or pats on the back, but people tend to forget the sacrifices and committment that you and others make. I salute you all.



    And you should get your cafe ;-)

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