Nothing to lose rubbish, we have everything to lose


I don’t subscribe to the ‘Nothing to lose’ lobby, who seem to think underdogs can play free from the burden of having to win.  Let me remind you where this Celtic team have come from…..

Celtic came through two qualifying rounds to reach the Champions League group stage, as bottom seed.  The collected 10 points in six incredibly tight games to finish above Benfica and Spartak Moscow to reach the knock out stage, losing only twice.

The margin between success (first or second place) and failure (bottom) was incredibly tight.  We are now 10 games into our European campaign and in the knock out stage for the first time in five years.  For Celtic, these opportunities are few and far between.

The team with nothing to lose is Juventus.  They are Italian champions and will be so again this year.  Their major competitors, Inter and Milan, occupy fourth and fifth place in the league respectively.  Napoli are the only team within 9 points of the top and they only won the league when Diego was strutting his stuff.

Juventus will be in the Champions League group stage next season and will be seeded to qualify for the knock out stage.  It could easily be the quarter finals before they face another tier-one side.  In other words, if Juve lost this tie, there will soon be another chance.

No one in the Celtic team knows if they will have another opportunity to reach deep inside the Champions League.

Nothing to lose?  For Forster, Matthews, Hooper, Lustig, Samaras, Commons, Wanyama and Mulgew, this is the greatest chance of their professional lives.  Win it and they become celebrated across Europe.  They before more valuable professionals, likely to earn bigger contracts in the future.  They have everything to lose.

On Friday 1 March the Lisbon Lions will be at the Kerrydale Suite providing commentary and answering questions on their magnificent European Cup final win in 1967. This has never happened in 46 years since that game, to say it is a unique opportunity fails to tell the whole story.

The event is part of our 125 4 125 campaign – central to reinvigorating the charitable spirit which is part of the club we love. It will be a family occasions, tickets are available at £10 for adults and £5 for children. The night has been organised by several fans working in conjunction with the people at Celtic Charity, so please do your best to support this great occasion. Individual tickets or tables are available, details here.

I’ll see you there.
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  1. Bmcuw



    Im 5.5 hrs ahead of the time i posted on here so you had. A distinct. Disadvantage ;)

  2. BobbyM



    There are no CL games on the betting sites..



    Eastern Ex Pat



    The game is on Irish tele as well.



    I am in the south of Spain and have a sky box and get everything, without that or a bar with a link, it’s a stream I’m afraid.





    Mea Culpa


    13:00 on


    11 February, 2013


    Guy on BBC tweeting that he hopes the Church breaks with tradition and picks a female Pope.



    Anyone see the flaw here?



    I guess this guy ain’t a Catholic.



    ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    Blinkin’ flip………..



    Obviously not just print media employing idiots.

  4. A good point, Paul. Who knows whether we will be in the CL next season, when we have to get through 3 qualifiers.



    However, I notice a tendency to underestimate Juve. They humped Chelsea in the group stage. Italian teams have the strongest mentality of all. They are very hard to beat.



    Beating Juve over two legs will be at least as big an achievement as beating Barca in one game.


    The Boy Jinky


    13:02 on


    11 February, 2013





    Im 5.5 hrs ahead of the time i posted on here so you had. A distinct. Disadvantage ;)



    ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    Quick,mate-check The Racing Post site.



    What won the 230?

  6. Ten of the side that started for Celtic on matchday one were making group stage debuts, with Scott Brown the exception.



    Squad has come a long way and continues to grow.



    A result over 2 legs against Juve and who knows what might happen.




  7. Paul67



    Good article, I don’t subscribe to the nothing to lose theory either.



    Celtic have been in this CL for seven long months, and have already beaten at least one better side. The Celtic focus on this game is the biggest and most intense for many, many years, to the extent we even rested most of the team in the preceding SPL game, – we’re in it to win it.

  8. Eastern ex-pat


    12:55 on


    11 February, 2013


    Help please.



    How can I see the game tomorrow outside the UK as it’s only being shown on ITV




    Sign up for CTV

  9. Just about to get of the London Euston train at Glasgow. What a change in the weather. I left in drizzly snow/rain and arriving in bright sunshine. Just like our spirits for tomorrow.



  10. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Just realised McLeish ( Alex) has no job..geez he probably thinks he’s a shot at the Vatican!

  11. Havin a Party When Sevco Die on

    Hi everybody



    Long time lurker.



    I am looking for a ticket for Tuesday for a friend, I know demand is high and it is a long shot figured it was worth a try. My friend is happy to pay face value but said he would be willing to stretch to £60. If anybody was able to help it would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, one of us would be willing to travel to pick ticket up in Scotland.



    Thanks in advance for any help

  12. Just in to find a new article up, and have had to chance to search back. Is there any truth that Juve are training over in the darkside or have they declined the offer?


    Thanks in advance




  13. Posted from last thread



    Half of the so called defenders of the Catholic faith on here have probably not seen the inside of a proper place of catholic worship in years . Some of them like to boast of their catholic credentials in the belief that it reinforces their Celtic credentials. I am quite sure that in dioceses all over the world there will be light hearted comments passed by senior clergy regarding the Popes impending retiral.

  14. It will be harder to knock out Juve than beating Barca in a one of game…..this is the hardest game we have faced in 5-10 years……it will be a stupendous result if we go through….concentration will be the key over two legs…..don’t lose a goal at home and we are in with a decent shout….




  15. O.G. Rafferty………….You’re maw letting ye out to plat the day mate?



    Canny stand the excitement.

  16. Burgas Hoops



    I’ve had CTV for 3 years now but CL games are not streamed live – commentary only, which might have to do.



    Thanks for all those who came back with ideas.




  17. thindimebhoy




    Nae offence to you, but thae pizzas look like what they are: virtuallu inedible keech.


    But the photie was funny.







    Thanks,mate-as I said,you were likely to be the man wi the info.



    Have you been practicing for your upcoming waste of a good walk wi ACGR? Got a feeling you won’t be going home that night.



    If he offers a wee substance known as THREE ELEMENTS,ask him if he wants a lodger-it’s unbelievable!



    Stay there till it’s gone,mate-the first time I discovered that whisky didnae always taste of whisky.



    If SIXTEEN ROADS is about,I will try to separate a measure or two for you in April.



    Whiskey,pfwaaah. Try this,bud.

  19. To me the last 16 is when the European Cup starts properly. This is the format used when we won it. The group stages are the champions league.


    It’s now’ The European Cup’

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