Oli, Odsonne, Moussa and James, your Celts are on fire!


Absolutely tons of positives and one negative, from last night.  I’ll leave the negative until tomorrow as the other ten players were just so good and I might have calmed down a bit by then.

Despite allowances made for the calibre of Alashkert, Moussa Dembele and Odsonne Edouard were unplayable last night.  Moussa got the Man of the Match award, probably for his two goals, but Odsonne was more deserving.  His ability to create space by drawing players towards him by running with the ball was the most significant aspect of the game.

The no. 7 role at Celtic has never been an easy shift, even Jinky learned this in his early days, but James Forrest pace and stamina make him the archetype modern version of the wide right player.  James is a player you cannot get too close too.  His speed forces defenders to stand off.  Get too close and he will be away from you before you know he has moved.

Defenders need to double up on him. Again, creating space elsewhere.  And then there’s his goals.

Olivier Ntcham is unrecognisable from the player he was a year ago.  The next challenge will be to get him kick on from here.  The window of opportunity with French youth players will a little tighter than in previous years, but we have an attractive story to tell to talent swimming in that pool.  I hope we continue to fish there.

Loved the new LED floodlights, although we will not get their full effect until the entertainment pack is loaded and games take place in darkness.  The new speakers are loud.  Not Fir Park stairwell loud, but clearly audible in the North Stand Upper.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on

    Just heard the new single by Brighton band The Kooks. The song title caught my attention. “Four Leaf Clover.”

  2. Monaghan1900 on

    More on the FFin’ Orange walk:



    “It is obvious that this man [Canon White] was trying to provoke a reaction from those following the parade (which though hard to prove is in itself a criminal offence) we all know he has the right to stand on the pavement but considering there was an OO parade passing and he was wearing his religious garb it is obvious he was trying to incite at least a breach of the peace.


    We must fight back against this demonization of everything Protestant, Unionist or remotely British.


    Make no mistake this has all been choreographed by SF/IRA and is the thin end of the wedge. Stand together now and fight them off.”




    “The threat to the parade occurred before the walk passed the church, but was clearly designed to produce a flashpoint. My first impression being there was that the priest had tried to separate his parishioners from the loonies from the pub who tried to attack the parade and got caught in the crossfire. The fact is the parade itself just kept going whilst all this happened on the sidelines.”




    “I wonder if the OO should now be contacting the Scottish Human rights commission and start to get them involved in this.”




    “I never realised how tight the space from the Church to the pavement was,a total set up .So the parade is attacked by Catholics from the Pub yet low and behold seconds from that flashpoint the Parade is met by a Priest in his full Sunday outfit standing in the middle of that tight pavement blocking everyone, why was he there saying he has every right to be is not a valid reason not when you know your actions are deliberate and designed for effect.”




    “If you are not in the Orange Order why don’t you go along to your nearest orange Halls and enquire about becoming a member. If your not to sure where your local hall is or a bit shy at coming forward like this then drop me a message and I’ll help you out. Join the fight to protect our religion and heritage against those who would destroy us.”




    “that’s just such the wrong decision and tbh, it really hacks me off we have allowed this liar of a priest and that boot Findlay to dictate where the OO walks and when.


    The OO leaders need to find their backbone because this is a war and not just a scuffle they are involved in and they need to be ready to play dirty now just like they are to the OO!”




    “Agree totally, it’s pr war against anything considered British including our great club and unionist people of Northern Ireland and Scotland with the loyal orders bearing the brunt of the nationalist republican agenda.”




    “When will the Priest be arrested for wasting police time?”




    “This reminds me of


    ‘if we stop singing TBB , it will all be ok’


    look where that got [Sevco] and us fans.”




    “Really stupid decision. Mark my words this will be seen as a victory by the RC church and others.


    They will be encouraged by this capitulation. And capitulation it surely is.:mad:


    Surely they did not have to give up their route?????


    Folk have not learned the harsh lessons from Ulster.”




    “Like it or not there is currently a propaganda war ongoing against everything and anything perceived as Loyalist, British or Protestant in this country.”




    And an FFin’ education:



    “Every member is a practicing Christian. It’s a prerequisite for membership. The bible takes pride of place and at every meeting is open and read, there is a Chaplain, and prayers are said. Protestantism is an extremely broad church though, and is based on Faith rather than church attendance or any particular attendance pattern, and in practice this varies greatly, as do the personal habits of any individual belonging to any group.



    The bands, who are not part of the Orange Order, have their own strict disciplinary codes, and members with a wide variety of beliefs.



    Those who walk alongside are there for many reasons – to celebrate their culture, support family or band members or bands from their local area, or to sing Rangers songs, or whatever. Each of the 3 groups is very mixed but the media seems to want to lump everyone together as the OO. The Apprentice Boys and Royal Black Institution have similar situations – and even they get mistaken for the OO. [That’s astonishing Sammy. Who’d have thought?]



    It’s a convenient way to demonise and stereotype a diverse group of people. Demonstrations or parades are usually to commemorate significant days and times in British History – The Coronation, Glorious Revolution, the Seige and Relief of Derry, War and Armistice. [Or Saturday]



    The first steps have been taken to try and ban the parades, from re-routing to re-scheduling to attempting to charge for policing. This year the target was also the general public/followers, who were banned from following the parade under the bridge.



    If you don’t agree with someone’s beliefs you don’t go out to eradicate them. The routes and times are published so that people who want to can enjoy these parades, and those that don’t can be virtually anywhere else they want.”

  3. thick HAAR HAAR in the hibs game.



    they dont know if its 3-4 or 4-4



    hilarious, this is european football now

  4. Delaneys Dunky on



    They are sniffin a bad batch of glue on FF.


    The last one wants every normal loving person on an orange walk route, to get up early and leave their area to go somewhere orange walk free, like here in Dalmuir. So drunks can march and terrorise their area.

  5. Delaneys Dunky on



    This is a huge victory for Canon White and the Saint Alphonsus parishoners. The Holy Spirit is working in Glasgow today.



  6. Monaghan1900 on

    DELANEYS DUNKY on 19TH JULY 2018 9:11 PM



    My wife’s from Dalmuir, Delaney. She’s educated me on them in the park.

  7. Monaghan1900 on

    ? on 19TH JULY 2018 9:15 PM


    Monaghan I assume that’s a member only part of FF?




    I’m appalled that you might think me a ‘member’!!!

  8. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I think Efe effed up for the hibees tonight ! Anyway they wallopped them, well done lennie

  9. Delaneys Dunky on



    She will also tell you that there are no orange lodges left in Clydebank. The only one caught fire many years ago and was never replaced. Republicans got the blame. No orange walks in Clydebank either. One of the reasons I live here. ??

  10. Hi Bhoys



    Why are the huns calling for the FtSFA to drop the licence inquiry, if they are winning their point? If I were winning I would want to see it through to it’s conclusion to show that I have nothing to hide.



    Could it just be that FtSFA are passing the buck so they don’t get targeted by the hun?


    Do the hun know this and are puting up a smokescreen with their fellow huns at hampden?


    In the hope that we will all go negative and walk away wringing our hands.




  11. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Jeez monaghan, there’s some very peculiar thoughts in the FF collective mind tonight !

  12. Monaghan1900 on

    DELANEYS DUNKY on 19TH JULY 2018 9:29 PM





    She will also tell you that there are no orange lodges left in Clydebank. The only one caught fire many years ago and was never replaced. Republicans got the blame. No orange walks in Clydebank either. One of the reasons I live here. ??




    She didn’t tell me that, Delaney. She gets really uptight about them. I can’t stop laughing at them.

  13. watching the Hibs game and i have to admit imo J.McG will bring nothing to our midfield apart from giving away more free kicks and increasing our yellow and red card count , no quality and never a future Celtic player in a month of Sundays.

  14. Monaghan1900 on



    Jeez monaghan, there’s some very peculiar thoughts in the FF collective mind tonight !




    Pretty much the norm, I’ve Had To. To describe them as “thoughts” though? Stretching it a bit!!

  15. mike in toronto on

    DELANEYS DUNKY on 19TH JULY 2018 9:29 PM





    She will also tell you that there are no orange lodges left in Clydebank. The only one caught fire many years ago and was never replaced. Republicans got the blame. No orange walks in Clydebank either. One of the reasons I live here. ??






    Ah .. the old ‘republicans did it and ran away’ defence … an oldy but goodie ..



    I presume you have a solid alibi for the night in question…



    If not, I’ll happily take your case pro bono (which, I think, means for less than my usual hourly rate)




  16. Delaneys Dunky on



    They are a dying breed. My 4 kids all have friends whose dads are masons or in an orange order. Their friends laugh and mock their father’s culture. Young Protestant team are not interested. They realise it is Glasgow 2018 they are living in, and not Boyne 1690. Thankfully.

  17. Monaghan1900 on

    MIKE IN TORONTO on 19TH JULY 2018 9:43 PM


    If not, I’ll happily take your case pro bono (which, I think, means for less than my usual hourly rate)




    If pro bono is not less than your hourly rate, Mike, you’re doing worse than me. And that’s not good!

  18. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    yeah monaghan – and ‘mind’ is pushing it – a man stands on a path and it is inciting violence – it shows how warped they are and who on FF stood up and said ‘stop talking crap’.

  19. Hibs need to sort that defence out or that will be their last game in Europe.


    As regards the Jambos do they get fined or have the result changed to a 3-0 defeat?



    Good news about the OO cancelling their march, well done VFR and the parishioners, but having read the FF input it is obviously a Fenian conspiracy concocted by the UFH.

  20. Delaneys Dunky on



    Many prominent Clydebank Irish Republicans were witnessed in the vicinity of the orange lodge, shortly before it was burnt to the ground. Case closed

  21. Monaghan1900 on




    Canon Tom was hardly standing on the pavement at all. He was jammed up against the church wall and a nicer man you couldn’t meet.




  22. mike in toronto on




    I only went to law school ’cause they told me there was no math involved!




  23. MIKE IN TORONTO on 19TH JULY 2018 9:57 PM






    I only went to law school ’cause they told me there was no math involved!




    I sat a two part accounting exam, Mike. 45% for the first part and 55% (curiously) for the second!



    Got an indictment through today for a man called Dunnitt. I see a problem!




  24. So say Celtic wait 117 days to buy cut price McGinn in January and Celtic end up in the Europa league is he cup tied?



    yeah monaghan – and ‘mind’ is pushing it – a man stands on a path and it is inciting violence – it shows how warped they are and who on FF stood up and said ‘stop talking crap’.




    Quite the reverse, unanimous support for the view that the priest incited the peaceful marchers.




  26. Delaneys Dunky on



    Naw I believe the corrupt EUFA changed the rule that qualifying games don’t cup tie you fae Europa Group games.

  27. DD



    A CLYDEBANK group will march down Kilbowie Road to commemorate the anniversary of the Blitz despite concerns about further disruption for residents.



    Linnvale and Drumry Community Council objected to the proposal due to the “unnecessary disruptions” for people in the area and suggested the event should be moved to another venue.



    However, the Protestant Martyrs Loyal Orange Lodge 2000 was given the green light and granted a license to march through the town. The group also plan to lay a wreath at the war memorial on Hall Street.



    The proposed route would “commence at Morar Drive, moving onto Kilbowie Road, Dumbarton Road, Hall Street for a wreath laying ceremony then back onto Dumbarton Road and Cart Street for dispersal”, with two Dumbarton bands, Pride of the Rock Flute Band and Orange and Purple, scheduled to take part in 76th anniversary commemorations.



    Chairman of the community council John Hainey said the event would have been better hosted at in a park or quieter road.



    He said: “We don’t, as a community council, object to anybody recognising the Blitz. In fact, we would encourage it.



    “What we would do is object to any march or parade passing down streets without any need for it.”



    He added: “This parade will pass down Kilbowie Road which currently is having big, big problems so people will have to go through a big diversion and then come across this.



    “They’re walking down the main road to a memorial to a different matter.



    “What they’re suggesting with the level of disruption for people should surely be taking into account.”



    When asked why the group didn’t lay a wreath at the common grave for Blitz victims in Dalnottar Cemetery instead of the Hall Street spot, lodge secretary Cameron Watson said the group of Bankies wanted to honour those involved by hosting the event in the centre of where the tragedy took place.



    He said: “The whole lodge is a Clydebank lodge, we’re Bankies.



    “(The reason for laying the wreath in Hall Street) was so we’re at the centre of the Blitz emergency operations with the library being headquarters.



    “My grandfather was a policeman in the Blitz and Hall Street was in the middle of it so that’s why.”



    During the meeting of West Dunbartonshire Council’s licensing committee at the Garshake office, police explained marching through a main road, such as Kilbowie Road, provided less of a risk than if the procession travelled through private streets.



    A spokesman for the police said: “This is the fourth or fifth year this parade has happened and, I think, the third year it’s happened on this route having changed on our request.



    “Police have no objections to it, there’s not been any previous issues with this parade.”



    Councillor Lawrence O’Neill moved to grant the license and it was unanimously agreed.



    Looked who moved acceptance….




  28. Mahe the Madman on



    It looks to me like the sfa are backed into a corner,,either hurt the hunted and get turned on,, or go to cas and possibly lose job or get sued for being complicit. Looks like they will say move on everyone. Looks like my last straw anyway.


    There’s a punter called John Clark over there saying that’s it, fix in , go home.


    I wanna see what Auld he’d says here.


    In other news hope you are well and please join quiz tomorrow night.


    Sftb,,,did you have biscuits and gravy?

  29. Mahe the Madman on 19th July 2018 10:28 pm


    The fix has always been in even before 2011/12.


    Anyway we need some way to legitimize 10iar

  30. Well I’m sitting down with a glass of wine after a very busy 11 days. Work wise it’s been hectic – I’m working on the European championships and it’s going to be even busier in the next few weeks.



    Along with that there has been the work to help out with the Parish Councils to have the OO route re-assessed. I’m delighted with the decision not to have the march on Saturday. What hasn’t been widely publicised is that 2 young couples are getting married in St Alphonsus on Saturday and their big day could have been badly impacted by this march. It’s been a monumental change of course (quite literally) and those who attend St Alphonsus for Benediction and 3 Masses on Saturday can do so without fear!