One man’s trauma and vulnerabilities


We don’t owe our modern greats anything, all of them were suitably compensated for services rendered, but one suffered more than most for wearing green and white hoops.  For what he endured to play for and manage Celtic, Neil Lennon will always receive my respect and gratitude.

He became the most racially abused person in Scotland’s history.  Even his treatment by his peers at court is a stain on a nation that lies to itself about its collective moral code with great conviction.

Oh, you didn’t know about the vulnerabilities?  Well, he has only written about and discussed them for the best part of a decade.  There can be no doubt these wounds were exposed during 2020.  When he needed support, he found levels of hostility without precedent, from some, because of his race, from others, because of football results.

The man at the centre of the storm will not care where you to fit these two groups into an ethical hierarchy, but I suspect I know the actions of which caused the most emotional trauma.  Still, football results, and all that.  Just because we can find a neighbour below us on the ethical scale, does not make us ethical.

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  1. Hail, hail Neil Lennon!


    Why would anyone record and share those images? Beggers belief

  2. ERNIE,





    My history says he was found not guilty of the charges.Nothing to do with the then SNP.Was in Bar-l for a while,but then released with no charges brought against him.





    A “Unionist plot”upon my soul,who would have ever have imagined such a thing.





    As usual Ernie,letting your total dislike cloud your judgement.

  3. Absolute shite Paul. God it must be great (and lonely) up on that pedestal.



    At no point have you pointed the finger where it most definitely belongs here, where it MOST DEFINITELY belongs. Our club hired a man with those vulnerablities for the two most high pressure campaigns in our history and then they left him twisting in the wind when it all started to unravel.



    If Neil Lennon, at some point, checks himself into a faciility to be treated for his issues and it turns out that those issues were present all the way through his second spell as manager, what will you write then? Will you blame the supporters who knew SOMETHING was far, far wrong or will you blame the people who hired him in the first place and thrust him into that spotlight?



    The day you actually point the finger somewhere other than your pal and those other charlatans will be a cold one in Hell.



    Your comments echo those of hun fans everywhere today; blame the Celtic fans for the state of the former manager. We were supposed to show understanding and compassion; you know what? All of us did. All of us worried that Lennon the man was being battered by the pressures of Lennon the manager. It didn’t take a genius to see it … except that the geniuses who run our club apparently couldn’t.



    Some of what you write, Paul, is divorced from reality at the best of times.



    This is just outright offence and utter garbage.

  4. Still amazes me that some are still blaming Desmond PL ,for the hold up with Howe.Without a shred of proof.You know nothing of whats going on behind the scenes,stop speculating.You go on about the MSM knowing nothing,and just writing rubbish,why do the same.

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    It was a shameful act. I hope it was not someone who claims to be a Celtic supporter making an attempt to be the big I am on social media.



    Reprehensible but not a surprise if it was done by a non Celtic supporter but appalling if it was one of our own.

  6. P67; concern for legend Lenny if this fresh incident is more symptomatic than episodic.


    Evidence of pedestal-perched pots calling other kettles black – bit of basic compassion, ffs!!



    Someone previously recommended the PSG v BAYERN game as a re-watch: I’ve switched it aff.


    The cheating to win frees and create booking potential was absolutely shameful and the acting to win advantage was worse than a Mexican TV soap; try that in at amateur leagues and any of your team-mates will toe you up the clacker. Seriously; the pantomime that football has become is sickening (our own failure to launch dramedies aside…)



    Ah well; least the unseen hands are clearing the decks of players who costa lot but did the square root of… does Red Bull need a French midfielder we can recoup our 4.5m on, too, by any chance?


    Did somebody say symptomatic?

  7. There’s no evidence that this season caused what we seen posted yesterday on the internet – Neil has previously got himself into such states during and after his spells at Celtic.



    Neil Lennon is responsible for Neil Lennon. For me this is part of a wider picture of what we seen unfold before us this season on the pitch.



    I wish Neil well, I hope he remains healthy in mind and body. He has my respect and thanks for many years great service.



    The men that appointed Neil Lennon in 2018 and left him in charge last autumn have a lot to answer for imo. Neil was clearly struggling on and off the pitch and should have been removed for his good and that of the club. Our leaders abdicated that responsibility.



    Here we are weeks after Lennon has left and suddenly the standards, the fitness, the team, seems to be performing again.



    Kennedy should have been appointed in the autumn. Lawwell and Desmond stand convicted of gross negligence in the running of Celtic Football Club.

  8. ‘The man at the centre of the storm will not care where you to fit these two groups into an ethical hierarchy, but I suspect I know the actions of which caused the most emotional trauma.’









  9. TURKEYBHOY on 14TH APRIL 2021 12:10 PM



    ‘As usual Ernie,letting your total dislike cloud your judgement.’







    I dislike Nazi sympathisers.



    I appreciate you may have a different perspective.

  10. TURKEYBHOY on 14TH APRIL 2021 12:14 PM



    I’m not sure what the hold-up is with Eddie Howe and you’re correct that “blame” is pure speculation.



    However, the longer the hold-up, the shorter Sevco’s odds for winning the league next season, and the less likely we get a decent manager in.



    If there is a hold-up and it’s not from our side, then we need to get an answer soon or threaten to pull the plug. We can’t afford to be told “no” by Howe in June while plan B takes a job elsewhere.

  11. Is a guy not allowed a day out with his pals? Some have got NL needing rehab as an alcoholic,……glass houses and all that…..he doesn’t work for Celtic anymore, and can do what he likes,the guy who took the video and shouted abuse,is obviously not a friend.



    I really don’t remember a big outcry to bring a new manager in last summer,apart from those who did not want Lenny in the 1st place.A very vocal minority.Most fans I know wanted Lenny to be the guy who got us the 10.He was backed by ,not selling any of our top players,and millions of pounds to help do the job.A great percentage were confident it would happen.In hindsight,maybe we should have brought in someone but as they say,hindsight is a wonderful thing.No one knows how it would have affected Lenny,to be bumped,and the new guy do the 10.Jimmy Greaves blamed his decent on being left out of the World Cup team for the final.Broke his heart.


    When Rodgers left he took up a poisoned chalice,and steered us through.Could so easily have gone awry.No one said then,apart from the few,he should not be put in this position due to his problems.


    Last seasons clusterfest was down to many reasons,,Lenny being one.The Board,with the Dubai farce,the players,for not performing as they had months before,Covid,the Huns being all they had to be,decent,and consistent.Countless honest mistakes.A perfect storm.Lenny should have been stood down after the Euro disasters.Down to the Board.Failed in their duties again.At least its being remedied.A clean broom.This season should be consigned to history,and hopefully,never be repeated.Raking over old coals does no one any good.Hindsight again.Truly is wonderful.

  13. GEEBEE – if PHILMAC is right, then we needn’t fret.


    Our Plan B isn’t likely to get a manager’s job elsewhere and, sure, he can easy drop his TV commitments as a irreverent, sneering misanthrope before slipping on a tracksuit and using those same ‘attributes to whip our depleted squad slackers into shape.


    And mibby it’ll be brilliant!

  14. TURKEYBHOY on 14TH APRIL 2021 12:10 PM



    An example of this was Arthur Donaldson and today’s SNP should surely take no pride in his post-war rise to a ten-year tenure as its chairman or indeed in still having an annual conference lecture named after him. Having been expelled from the party for his open support of Scottish neutrality in the war Donaldson, though not a Fascist in any card-carrying sense, was at the very least a defeatist in 1940 when Hamish Henderson and many more who thought as he did were already in uniform. In 1940 and 1941 Donaldson talked and wrote of a Nazi victory as a moment of political opportunity for Scottish nationalism. His careless talk and some of the company he kept led to his arrest in May 1940 and a six-week spell in Barlinnie during which he was allowed to wear his kilt. His release was sanctioned by the Labour Secretary of State Tom Johnston who felt there were insufficient grounds for holding him.



    The irony here is the continual repeated political propaganda of the big lie on this blog is straight from the Goebbels school of propaganda


    If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it



    Maybe the Labour secretary of state that released Donaldson was in with Hitler lol

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Without doubt the worst, most jaundiced blog I’ve ever read on here.



    Lenny failed terribly this season. Like many, I withheld criticism I would have reserved for any other manager out of a deep sense of loyalty to the man.



    My contempt has never been for Lenny, always for the man that put him in the firing line and then mercilessly kept him there as a human shield to save his own fat arse. Your pal, who is never named and shamed on this blog.



    If there is disgust to be meted out I suggest you reserve it for the people with power in this situation, not those whose only outlet is a keyboard.



    Which isn’t at all to defend the personal abuse directed at Lenny by some clowns.



    As it is, to use this appalling hun’s film to have a go at the Celtic fan Base? Well that’s beneath contempt.



    You’re either with the communities that built Celtic or with the Tory factcats milking it for all they can. You’ve left me in no doubt which you are.

  16. Paul 67,



    Ethical scale.



    I was shocked and shamed by “supporters” chants of Lennon, Lennon GTF last November.



    Very unceltic like, to put it mildly.



    Re the video.” Let he without sin cast the first stone.”



    HH to all.

  17. Irish republicans and support for Nazism


    If Russell himself never expressed public support for Nazi policies, there were those in his organisation who were more enthusiastic. In July 1940 when a German victory looked likely, the IRA issued a statement in Ireland hailing the Nazis as ‘friends and liberators of the Irish people.’ In August the IRA confidently predicted that with the assistance of their ‘victorious European allies’ Ireland would ‘achieve absolute independence within the next few months.’ The IRA linked up with German agents who landed in Ireland and expected that it would play a role in any military operations against British forces in Northern Ireland.

  18. ERNIE,


    Of course ,you have proof he was a “Nazi sympathiser”,?because no one else did,why he was released without charges.I knew you would ignore the chance that it was “A Unionist conspiracy”.You would never talk down your own kind.Then again,maybe he was one of the ones responsible for turning on the non existent Celtic Park floodlights to guide in the Luftwaffe.How would he rate,for example,alongside De Valera,in your opinion,of Nazi sympathizer,or the lads from Banna Strand.

  19. QUADROPHENIAN on 14TH APRIL 2021 12:51 PM



    Yeah, I was hoping that he wasn’t plan b, c, d or indeed any letter of the alphabet.



    If anyone on our list has absolutely no chance of being employed by anyone ever, then loud alarm bells ring for me.

  20. LIONROARS67 on 14TH APRIL 2021 12:52 PM



    Interesting use of the word Quisling by Donaldson, don’t you think?



    ‘Scots who publicly made the case that victory over the Third Reich should take priority over Scottish self-government’






    ‘Like the poet and classicist Douglas Young, Donaldson continued to categorise as Quislings Scots who publicly made the case that victory over the Third Reich should take priority over Scottish self-government. The extent to which such views still had support within a small and fractious SNP brought the departure of its most able leader,the pro-war democrat Dr John MacCormick’









    What kid of political party would honour someone like Arthur Donaldson?



    He most certainly would not have been alone in thinking a Nazi victory was on the cards,and,as in Ireland thinking it would not be the worst thing that could happen.Its a far cry from Ernies statement that he was a Nazi sympathizer.

  22. TURKEYBHOY on 14TH APRIL 2021 1:00 PM







    Of course ,you have proof he was a “Nazi sympathiser”,?because no one else did,why he was released without charges.






    Same reason Billy Fullerton was.



    Because he posed no threat to anyone, being a political irrelevance, and the state had more pressing matters to deal with at the time.

  23. from the same article, the next line



    SNP brought the departure of its most able leader,the pro-war democrat Dr John MacCormick, but they were the views of fools rather than Fascists. Whether the fools and such Fascists



    Views of fools not fascists

  24. Even now he’s been relieved of his managerial duties, NFL is once again been used as a human shield by the Board and their apologists.



    HH jg

  25. First, it has to be openly acknowledged that there were unattractive and even sinister elements in Scottish Nationalist circles in the 1930s and 1940s. The SNP was a tiny fringe force over this period, full of all kinds of characters and idiosyncratic opinions.



    It seems strange to judge the SNP of the present day by the outlook of some of its members then, because no one demands such standards from the mainstream Westminster political parties. No one defines today’s Conservatives by the pro-Nazi opinions of some leading members then, or Labour by the fact that Oswald Mosley was a Labour MP before he became leader of the British fascists. Imagine the political stramash there would be today in some quarters if Oswald Mosley had been an SNP MP before he decided to become leader of Britain’s fascists? For some of the above opinion it would be the defining fact of the independence debate.



    Second, the British political classes in their near-entirety bent and warped themselves out of shape in response to the rise of Nazism and fascism. There was the British Government’s non-intervention in the Spanish civil war when General Franco (with German and Italian military support) overthrew the democratically elected Republican government. The British and French colluded with Mussolini when he invaded Abyssinia, being happy to consider a carve-up of the territory. And Western politicians while initially taking action against the Japanese invasion of China in 1937 then tried to do a deal with the aggressors.



    Even Munich, the apotheosis of British and French appeasement of Hitler is not completely straightforward. Myth now has it that Anthony Eden, then Foreign Secretary, resigned over Munich, when he actually did several months before – over the government’s Italian policy.



    Churchill, who found himself on the Tory backbenches due to his opposition to Indian home rule from 1931 onwards, even felt in the Munich debate before Chamberlain flew out to meet Hitler in Berchtesgaden, that there was no point in speaking in the Commons, such was the parliamentary and national mood.



    Only Communist MP Willie Gallagher spoke out in the debate against appeasement; and no one can claim that the Communist Party of Great Britain was consistent. Once the outline of the Munich agreement became clear, with the British-French selling out of Czechoslovakia, Churchill, Eden and a small band of Tories opposed it, but abstained in the Commons debate, leaving Labour to vote against it.



    Thus, we have a decade of political intrigue, compromise and accommodation with Nazism, fascism and its military expansionism. A sordid tale of British and French high politics, of thinking they could ‘do business’ with Hitler and reach an understanding. Out of all this, from which no British politician, Churchill included, has a completely unblemished record, who do many people turn on in scorn and fury, but the tiny Scottish Nationalists of the 1930s.



    It does not make any sense, until we recognise that some people regard today’s Scottish Nationalist tradition as close to illegitimate in mainstream politics and as an existential threat to the continuation of the world as they see it and the future of the UK.



    Then there is the incontrovertible fact that the Nazis have become the ultimate villains of the modern age, to what has become an almost pantomime nature, made more real and menacing by the fact that they did exist and do horrendous things. Alex Salmond did call BBC chief political advisor Ric Bailey a ‘Gauleiter’, and many years ago Alex Neil dismissed Labour’s George Robertson as ‘Lord Haw Haw’, which are offensive terms. But the frequency and vitriol is skewed towards the Nationalists and getting worse.



    Historian John Ramsden in his book, ‘Don’t Mention the War’, addressing British attitudes towards Germany, argues that what is the mostly English obsession with Germany over the post-1945 era is clearly linked to the decline of the UK economically relative to Germany, and in footballing terms of England versus Germany. It is not an accident that up to and including the point England won the World Cup in 1966 against West Germany they had never lost a football match against the Germans; from 1970 onwards England were much more often than not beaten by the Germans, hence Piers Morgan’s outlandish headlines.



    In Scotland, we do not have these historical and sociological, or even football excuses. Some people are referencing the Nazis because they feel anger, indignation and fury at the presence and threat of the SNP and the independence debate.



    Isn’t it time such people looked at their motivations and feelings about why they feel so incandescent with rage about the SNP and independence, and finally and once and for all, dropped the Nazi and fascist references? Scotland’s referendum is not about what Arthur Donaldson or Hugh MacDiarmid did or did not do in the distant past, but about Scotland now and in the future.



    Wanting to create phantom Nazis and adjudicate the political minefields of the 1930s from the comfort of today may be appealing to some, but it shows a desperation about the independent debate which is alarming and rather revealing.

  26. LIONROARS67 on 14TH APRIL 2021 1:12 PM



    So he wasn’t actually a nazi but was prepared to cosy up to them because it would suit his political agenda, is that your defence of him?



    To me that makes him even worse.



    But is a useful insight into how the cult think and operate.

  27. “Rangers star Kemar Roofe has been handed a four-match UEFA ban for a red card challenge on Slavia Prague goalkeeper Ondrej Kolar with the Gers given a £7.8k (€9) fine for “improper conduct of the team”.

  28. An acknowledgement that an incorrect historical account used as a vehicle for political purposes



    What does that make that sad individual ?



    day in, day out, for years on this blog



    Deary me

  29. I, and many others, posted on here re the apparent lack of support Neil received from within Cetic park.



    For Neil to be answering to ministers and others, whilst our board were conspicuous by their absence, was a disgrace.



    I’m sure this is in part what Paul refers to.



    He was treated badly by his employers. He was often left isolated.



    We must allow future managers to bring in their trusted team and allow them to focus purely on footballing matters.



    For the avoidance of doubt, no one but those present were responsible for any excessive drinking which may have taken place in Carlisle!

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