One team in Glasgow


The stage is set for a magnificent Celtic occasion but these days often don’t go to plan.  Celtic are champions, solvent, united and planning for Champions League qualification next season.  Their opponents are none of these things but they remain a formidable team who have four and three goals past Celtic on two occasions this season.

Anyone who thinks tomorrow will be a procession is palpably wrong, Rangers will present as great a challenge as Celtic have faced since slipping out of the Europa League.  Out opponents will be motivated by the enormous events taking place in their club at the moment; they are playing for self-respect.

Rangers are also a conundrum; both robust and fragile.  Elbows McCulloch will stamp his brand of influence all over the field, the chances of no Celtic player picking up an injury are low, but at the same time, touch them in and around the Celtic box and they will collapse in a heap.

We can hope for a big win but any win will do.

One* team in Glasgow,
There’s only one team in Glasgow.
One team in Glasgow,
There’s only one team in Glasgow.

*excluding, juniors, youths, lower leagues, amateurs and Celtic Ladies.

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  1. Unless D&P can pull off a miracle, they must have lost all their firm’s credibility as administrators.



    What kind of administrators insist on no liquidation for 11 weeks, make no redundancies and end up liquidating anyway?

  2. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Just saw a Southhampton fan with his small son in his arms mouth torrent of filth towards the park. Even the commentator was left speechless.

  3. leftclicktic



    Bet he’s glad his first name isnt Richard Puller Jardine. If you get my drift?

  4. sparkleghirl,



    Exactly. They have been acting more for the benefit of the football club and its fans throughout rather than for its creditors.



    There are three ways out of administration. Pay off the debts (lol!), get a CVA agreed (not going to happen ever) or liquidation. If this was any business other than a football club it would have been liquidated long before now.



    I’m hoping that the big tax case hits next week and the whole thing will become obvious even to the most stupid person around – they are finished.

  5. Mort you are right hindsight is great but foresight is better. How are you andyour good lady?Not long now? HailHail Hebcelt

  6. Ceaser67 on 28 April, 2012 at 14:32 said:


    Bet he’s glad his first name isnt Richard Puller Jardine. If you get my drift?



    I think William’s just as bad. What were they thinking?

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    On BBC radio Cumbria hoopslegend John Halpin dissin’ the new ‘South American’ Carlisle strip, even though it’s ‘flyin’ off the shelves’.

  8. Shortbread Huns consistently managing the message…………………



    -Dont punish huns…….


    -they are suffering too much…………..


    -it’s whytie…….


    -(no mention of the busted-flush)


    -……..the good of scoddish foooball etc etc……

  9. Been out of circulation for a bit.But there are times when you get a reminder from CQNers that certain people have Passed away over the years.Our dear friend Steve is the latest,it’s hard to write my thoughts on here about a friend whose company I enjoyed so much,so I’ll pass on that.



    I think DBBIA @ 10.45am was on the right track when he mentioned about the family that is left behind,I knew that he loved his son & daughter,Jonathon & Sara,my thoughts are with them at this time.

  10. Beginning to believe that that the SFA Appeal should reconsider the original result.


    New punishment:


    1) Original fine stands


    2) Allow them to make signings as they wish but only after every single football club has had their outstanding debts settled – this will cost them a cool M£3+; money they clearly don’t have


    3) All signings for the next two or three seasons paid upfront and can only commence after the SFA fine has been paid.


    4) No free transfers allowed before SFA fine paid.


    This immediately would shut up the media who all agree they should be “punished” but who, almost to a man, don’t want them to be punished at all.



    Any views?

  11. hebcelt



    Aye, 2 weeks or so we reckon though babies have a habit of not arriving when expected.



    All going well so far, just looking forward to the arrival.




  12. Every wrong the huns have done in last 15 years is waiting at the door at ibrokes



    Going into last Celtic v them game of the season is a strange feeling


    They have won 2 out of 3 this season mainly due to our awefull defence , Neil indeed does have a blind spot for center halfs , only Charlie has performed consistently at that position,a position that we need quality , Wilson, Dan, loovens are a drain on our limited resources


    Sort this position out and allow our talented team to move forward



    At the moment CL qualifiers and our center halfs give me a doctor who and the daleks effect to me from 1970 ( ie hide behind the couch). Why I was scared to a Dustbin with wheels and a plumbers plunger, answers on postcard to ” who thought K Wilson was a Spl player at PO box 1888″




  13. DBBIA – keep those candles coming, loving every one!



    If you’re at the Kano Dance tonight please do say hello (I’m at table 17)



    Right, off to do a second coat of paint…

  14. Happy 50th Birthday, Pablophanque



    Part of the fabric of this place and that is a FACT



    Missed, but not Forgotten

  15. jimmci on 28 April, 2012 at 14:39 said:



    (2) and (3) of that were suggested by Gordon himself on Clyde last night.



    Unbelievable but true.

  16. Any word on the notoriously violent and angry mob “walking” to Scoddish Foooball Headquarters????



    I’m sure the polis will be properly prepared with Riot Gear, Water cannon and the Dog sections.



    As the world has seen to its considerable cost – that mob can wreak carnage anywhere with their unique tsunami-like approach to congregations…….

  17. SydneyTim



    Neil Lennon thought Kelvin Wilson would be a good SPL player having played alongside him at Nottm Forest and made him one of his top choices when he bacame manager.




  18. jimmci that is a good shout. Has the appearance of being fairer butvwould ultimately hit them harder. I certainly would,nt be upset at that outcome. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  19. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 28 April, 2012 at 14:33 said:





    Exactly. They have been acting more for the benefit of the football club and its fans throughout rather than for its creditors.”





    The creditors are no worse off and no better off if the huns manage to limp on to the end of the season (other than by the uplift in cost of the administrators themselves due to keeping them going).



    One advantage of seeing out the season is that they will be due some money for finishing second. That would have been lost if they had been wound up straight away.



    They would also no doubt have incurred financial penalties for breaking the Sky contract.



    Most importantly though, on public policy grounds it’s better that they are put down during the close season as the risk of serious public disorder is dramatically reduced.



    During the season a lot of the media is devoted to football matters all day Saturday and a lot of Sunday. There are football related shows on the main radio stations every weekday evening. That all ceases when the season is over. There’s less focus on football matters.



    I foresee them being wound up within the first couple of weeks of the close season.



    For the same reasons of course if there are to be any deals done to allow the newco straight into the SPL it suits all the interested parties to do it once the season ends.

  20. Raith Rovers have had to employ 24 hour security and have Police present over night following threats to torch their stadium.



    Let the rats die.




  21. SwanseaBhoy on 28 April, 2012 at 14:49 said:




    I came in late last night and noticed Raith Rovers mentioned a few Times.


    Apolgies, but whats the story concerning them.




  22. Jabba



    “Blackening their team’s image……..”



    – the ranjurs obviously………..



    then goes on to deflect and obfuscate the issue to include “internet thugs” (and thieves possibly) from all clubs.





    Beyond parody.

  23. palacio67



    Raith Rovers chairman just been interviewed on Radio Scotland saying they received threats to torch the stadium following the outing of the SFA judicial panel.



    They have had 24 hour security in and the Police as a result.




  24. ..






    How Does 5pm in BB’s before the St Johnstone Game sound..? 4pm Sounds Better..:0)))






    I’ll pm You my UK Number.. See Above..




  25. Son of Warsaw on

    Traynor + Young are shameful.


    To think we pay their wages.



    BBC Scotland is the real poison.