Other Scottish clubs would be better off if Celtic Park and Ibrox didn’t exist


There comes a time during any endeavour when you have to ask, is this worth all the hassle?  News revealed by Phil MacGiollabhain last week and swiftly picked up by the newspapers today that an SFA executive has had his life threatened for what some regard as holding a firm line on application of the game’s rules, are one of these occasions.

This is sport, it is not the struggle against apartheid.  It really, really, isn’t worth putting your life on the line for.

The SFA executive who received the threat has not been named but he will hopefully find a degree of fortitude in the face of such intimidation.  We have called for resignations from the SFA but not under these circumstances.  If the recipient of the threat continues to work as normal they should be commended for their bravery.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to put football back on solid ground but whatever our game looks like in future, it must take on a different face.  Ordinary football fans want their sport back, a sport where honesty and endeavour can be rewarded by success on the field.

That will have consequences for us.  Celtic are far too powerful for any other club in Scotland to genuinely compete.  35 of our 41 clubs figured out they can do without Rangers and 34 of them know they can do without Celtic too.

They should remind Sevco rules are there for a reason and tell Celtic to stop mumbling about finding another league to play in and go do something about it.  I could not be more convinced that every other club in Scotland would be better off if Celtic Park and Ibrox didn’t exist.

Question is, do the rest of the clubs have the balls to do something about it?  Is the ‘Arab Spring in Scottish football’ over, or does it still have another chapter?

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘This is the 21st century, we have telephones, videoconferencing, email, and the internet now.’



    Modern rubbish is life

  2. Kayal33 on 25 July, 2012 at 11:50



    Think Paul 67 was suggesting we would be permitted by the powers that be to find a new league elsewhere “IF” Scottish Football threw us out.


    Would have been more apt if the piece started with the words “I had a dream…”


    The only utterly ridiculous article I ve read on here.

  3. South Of Tunis on

    philvisreturns @ 13 14 .



    Many on this site appear to believe that they too live in a world under threat from the mutant star goat .



    Remember to sanitize your phone !

  4. SoT



    I would think that the entire support agree with the founding ethos of the club and that they would support that same ethos today.



    Apologies I don’t think I made that clear.

  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Ole Dick – a flash of wit worthy of the great Napoleon himself.


    DBBIA/Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of HumanityCSC

  6. Celtic_First on




    We have the technology, but we have to make a living.



    Look at SwanseaBhoy. A mhan more committed to fair play for all you could not meet, but he is so busy making a living that he can’t even get on CQN, never mind help run the country.





    With your wisdom,legal training and educational background,you would be an ideal candidate for any of the major parties.



    So which one of the ungrateful b……s black-balled you?



    If you tell me,I absolutely PROMISE never to vote for them in the future,so help me,God.



    And Scout’s Honour……

  8. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    the ethos of the support, ha ha ha


    Your happy being labelled racist sectarian by the board, but fly into a rage at being called a bigot.


    The support is becoming glory hunting corporate whores, happy to take anything the top table wants to stick to us.


    All previous boards kept the costs within reach of everyone who wanted to come and see us, that is no longer the case, elitism is exclusive, we can no longer honestly call it an all inclusive club, all inclusive as long as ypur no poor, innit geez

  9. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on 25 July, 2012 at 13:28:



    A standing section with turnstyles that you can limbo under or get lifted over is the obvious answer to that problem.

  10. Paul67 – I can’t help but disagree with you on this one. Would the majority of the 90 league clubs in England be better off without Man United, Man City, Chelsea?



    If Celtic did ‘leave’ Scotland and and a decent standard of football did emerge somehow then the largest supported clubs would rise to the top and the majority of other clubs would be also rans.



    In the North of Ireland Glentoran and Linfield dominate. Most top divisions at any standard dominate. That’s just what happens.



    Is there any merit in the scottish clubs, Celtic included, accepting a few years in the ‘slow lane’ getting their youth policies right, looking to best practice abroad, sorting out broadcasting rights (what was PL doing trying to get an 8 year deal with SKY? Is that the limit of our imagination?), getting grounds full with reasonable pricing policies etc? Or am I just a hopeless romantic?



    And the million dollar question – where are Celtic going to go?



    I was accused of sounding anti-english the other day when I wrote that if Celtic went to the EPL I was finished as an active supporter. Can’t remember who said it but they were 1 million percent wrong. I just have this nagging feeling that Scottish football can thrive with Celtic playing in Scotland.



    Maybe you are trying to engineer a situation where we are thrown out of the Scottish set up, I don’t know, but it isn’t going to happen. Will Porto and Benfica be ousted from Portugal? Will Barca and Real be chucked out of the spanish league? Have I stumbled on the plan? All the big hitters from all the leagues get booted out and go and play Globetrotter football? I just don’t see it.



    Pressing UEFA for genuine FFP rules, ones which include limits on or fairer distribution of TV rights in every affiliated league, ones which limit spending on players fees and salaries and so on – this is the way forward for clubs like Celtic, Ajax, Benfica and other once great clubs.



    How can it possibly be right that the second or third best attended club in the Western European Isles (or the British Isles if you prefer) cannot hope to get a sniff of a Champions league final while clubs with smaller active supports like Chelsea can set out each year realistically aiming to win the thing?



    If Celtic are looking to muscle in on the action then Celtic are wrong. Celtic should be looking to change the backdrop and along with other really big clubs who earned their stars with blood, sweat, tears and big fan bases who are now denied access to the top table Celtic should be challenging, really challenging platini and his crew to do what they promised – the set up we should be threatening to walk away from is not the Scottish one, sordid as it is, but the one that has allowed our great club, our once strong league and others across other european nations to decline.

  11. Eurochamps67 on 24 July, 2012 at 15:23



    The ol Gazeebo was manned last night as expected, what wasn’t expected was part-time supporters to complain about it :-) < Note Smiley.



    Bit of bad news though, some fella asked me if I 'want it watched Mr', I said aye, a big handsome chap with a whiskers will square up with you on Saturday…




  12. cathach on 25 July, 2012 at 11:29 said:



    Setting the Bears free.



    Oh dear! I got my 21 days notice from Chairman, Tomthetim on CQN, so I am sure he will confirm correct date, although I have a feeling he may change venue to the Rosses ( Sharkeys). There is an event on in Collins’ Barracks to celebrate Asgard 1 on 8th August, so intended coming back down to that. My grand uncle was on Asgard in 1914 and ofcourse there is a commemoration in Gola.



    I may see you on Séan Ogs on 4th either way.


    FOXY 1323



    Utterly ridiculous is purely subjective.



    Perhaps Paul was only geting back at you for the garbage you have been spouting on here of late.



    How long are you chained to your desk this time?

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘The world record for lowest limbo dance is held by Shemika Charles, an 18 year old woman from Trinidad who lived in New York.



    On 16 September 2010 she successfully danced under a bar only 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) above the ground.’


    ole Dick will be filing this fact away in his hard drive.

  15. Paul67 et al



    One thing we do know about football clubs that enter administration, even formerly big ones, is just how difficult it is to recover their former status. Portsmouth are down to seven senior players. The administrator wants them either to leave, or to drastically reduce their wages, failing which the club will go into liquidation next month. If that happens, they will not receive the EPL parachute payment of £11million and would lose their Football League status. Sound familiar? Then again they are still paying at least one player £36,000 a week. And Kanu is still there, remember him?

  16. Surprised the Dundee polis are allowing this. Every time we want to do pay at the gate the polis knock us back stating health and safety and possible public disorder.



    Dundee Utd


    Our home game to Dinamo Moskva (UEFA Europa League 3rd Round Qualifier 1st leg) on 2 August 2012 (kick -off: 7.45pm ) is pay-at-the-gate and supporters are strongly advised to arrive early.

  17. Margaret McGill on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on 25 July, 2012 at 12:53 said:



    I want to see celtic win the European Cup/Champions league (again) before I die

  18. Margaret McGill on

    philvisreturns on 25 July, 2012 at 12:55 said:



    Naw I do belive its a fact that taxpayers bail out your greedy bloodsucking corporate heroes

  19. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Dontbrattbakkinanger on 25 July, 2012 at 13:34:



    She’d be able to get in under the existing turnstyles.


    Panic over, cancel the building plans. Business as usual.





    Got a feeling that,having read that fact,Dick Byrne has little chance of dancing under a bar so low……

  21. South Of Tunis on

    Limbo Dancers ———-?



    Horrible memories[ as a wean ] of having to use the toilet in the old Buchanan Street bus station ——– a filthy stinking cludgie with a swing door and nae lock .



    Big Graffito stared me in the face ——






    My mother struggled to explain it to me

  22. Somebody was moaning yesterday about the official Celtic fixtures page. Well, they now have the Aberdeen game at 12.45, and have added next week’s Helsinki match.



    But – no sign of the away game. How hard can it be?

  23. philvisreturns on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS – In my defence, I had no idea the Young Conservatives would react with such vituperation to my seminal sci-fi fan fiction entitled “The Erotic Adventures of Ann Widdecombe.” (thumbsup)



    South Of Tunis – The Mutant Star Goat has been punished enough and now bleats balefully at Brechin. (thumbsup)

  24. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Just thought I’d say how impressed I was with McCourt last night, he reminded me of Riquelme who played for Villarreal a few yrs ago. Requelme wasn’t the fastest player or the greatest tackler but he did control games by simply delivering killer passes and generally controling games with his superb passing ability. In the modern game where the ball is frequently played across the field as teams look for openings in the opposition Paddy could become a valued asset for us as he definately create an opening. Maybe Neil has found the ideal position for Paddy, I for one would like to see him given a more prolonged run in the team to see if what he can do in his new position.

  25. philvisreturns on

    Margaret McGill – Naw I do belive its a fact that taxpayers bail out your greedy bloodsucking corporate heroes



    You can thank politicians like Brown, Obama, Cameron, and the European Commission for that. I wouldn’t have given them a penny. (thumbsup)

  26. optimistic little soldier on

    Scottish Football would be mad to cut loose their only cash cow in the immediate future, now that Rangers have died.



    They might well have worked out that they can do without Rangers, and they might well wish they could do without Celtic. But until their clubs have stable finances and are independent of other clubs, then Celtic will have to remain.


    I suspect that if Celtic did try to resign from the SPL, the resignation would be rejected.



    With Rangers going, several clubs fear they will go into Admin. If Celtic left the league as well, it’s not just Admin they’d have to worry about.



    Scottish Football needs Celtic to hang around a little bit longer to give some stability following the recent turmoil. Perhaps in 5yrs, when clubs are better run and more secure, Celtic can look to move on.



    At which point, Sevco Scotland might just have made it back to the SPL. Sayonara Sevco!

  27. Subterranean on

    Is Ole Dick Byrne hoping to go solo?









  28. I know I had a few beers last night but I dont remember Paddy doing anything of note last night. Commons done all the running in midfield.

  29. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    UNEWMIKE has been trying to get in touch, he’s in Tokyo and would like to meet for a pint if your still in town.



    As for another big cup win, me too, but you’ll need to sell your soul for a ticket.


    Maybe Gordon can tell us how much it cost to get into Celtic park season 66-67 and we can work out the proportion of a mans wage spent on going to support.

  30. Ok canamalar now that you’ve attended a game for the first time in, I don’t know how long, what’s your answer?



    We were talking last night, my first season ticket cost £70 and got me into every game at Parkhead except testimonials.



    That was 1989 and I’m now paying approximately £500.



    I understand why it now costs so much and I budget for it.



    I honestly don’t know what you want from Celtic mate.



    The sun is shining please have a nice day :-)

  31. Philvis – here’s a better plan.



    They get a decent living wage and if a sitting MP loses their seat in an election they should be entitled to full salary for a period of 2 years or until they find a job. They get checked for any outstanding debts that unscrupulous people could offer to pay off. They get money back on travel when they produce a receipt. They pay for their own lunches like the rest of us. If they need to be in London and don’t live there they get one room in a custom made building where they all stay.



    They suspend membership of any secret organisation.



    They get the same pay rise as public sector workers and the same pension conditions.



    They are banned for life from taking working as company directors or consultants or lobbyists.



    Anyone receiving any other income other than their MP’s salary should be banned (and I include rental on houses owned, large sums of interest on savings, stipends, inheritances, remittances etc etc etc) so as not to make it a rich boys club. In fact I’d have a quota on public school educated people which reflected the percentage of privately educated people in the country, same for women etc.



    AS soon as they are caught fiddling money, being corrupt, doing the bidding of any particular corporation or business they are sent to jail for 10 years.



    I’m sure there are other standards we could impose, but that would be a start.

  32. hamiltontim on 25 July, 2012 at 13:48 said:



    Easy. He wants us to charge less, and spend more.

  33. celticrollercoaster supporting wee Oscar on 25 July, 2012 at 13:06 said:


    Looks like a wee session is springing up after the Aberdeen game. You are welcome to join us.



    Haud me back! Bundoran can contact me, else my email from P67. What’s the collective name for a meeting of CQNers? A ‘blog’ is too obvious .. how about a ‘huddle’ or a ‘jungle’?

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