Our injury-prone great


For a club which habitually loses its exceptional players, having one too injury prone to tempt the top English sides is no bad thing.

Cameron Carter-Vickers meets at least two of these criteria, he is exceptional and, of late, has been injury prone.

Celtic have lots of games against significantly weaker opposition, we can afford to rest Cameron and save him for the trickier games. After a knee-related twinge and a clear scan, he’s likely to start on Saturday against St Johnstone. The season is at that stage of tricky.

I feel we should rest him so that any pain has gone before the more difficult challenges to come, but there will be relief to see him on the line-up on Saturday.

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  1. “The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone


    The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone


    The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone


    Now shake dem skeleton bones”*



    *As sung by the Lennoxtown medical team choir

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Sadly no risk-free option re CCV. Playing him could prove calamitous if he aggravates an injury. Not playing him could prove calamitous if we drop points (as we did earlier in the season). Not an easy decision.

  3. Don’t know what concerns me more.



    Playing CCV and seeing him out for the run in.


    Not playing him and seeing Welsh and Scales again.



    Scales and Lager for me with CCV gradually eased back in.



    With our luck this season CCV will get injured training/playing with the USA.




  4. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Brazen Head. Nice weather for the stinking hun, probably the nearest they come to a bath. 😖

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    We signed two defender for around £7m.



    Maybe we should play them (when fit)…….

  6. If only we’d spent around £8m on a couple of defenders in the summer for times like this….



    Oh, hang on. 🤔

  7. Aberdeen vs Celtic – 12.30pm kick-off, Saturday April, 20 @Hampden Park, Glasgow. BBC One Scotland & Viaplay.

  8. hrvatski jim



    Maybe even the SFA baulked at having Rangers FC* on television on Adolf Hitler’s birthday…..

  9. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    ●●LIONS QUIZ●●


    1)TheLisbon Lions accumulated how many caps for Scotland.110,113 or 120?


    2) Two players played in all games leading to Lisbon?


    3) John Fallon was an unused substitute in the final.Who are the 4 Honorary lions?


    4) All but 2 members of the 15 man squad lived within 10 miles of Celtic Park.Bobby Lennox and which other player?


    5) The Lions made their final appearance on the park vs Clyde.Who was the player that led out the team,but did not play?

  10. CCV will be 27 years of age this year and usually when players start getting repeated injuries at that age, alarm bells start ringing. Young players on the way up can be inconsistent in form, but consistent with recurring injuries – sometimes these setbacks are just ‘growing pains’, and consequently they grow out of them.



    CCV is different and as an illustration I should like to compare him with Kieran Tierney, roughly the same age and also someone as we know who has suffered from a series of disrupting injuries over recent years.



    My point comes down to a comparison of playing too much too soon, and not playing enough when building a career. Kieran made his debut for the first team at eighteen years of age and quickly established himself thereafter, racking up well one hundred and seventy appearances in four seasons, an average of forty-three per season including national team call-ups before his twenty-second birthday. He left Celtic at the end of the 2018/19 season for Arsenal – a fully-fledged successful first-team player and internationalist. Since his transfer to Arsenal (on loan to Real Sociedad) he has had a number of injury absences and has made one hundred and forty three appearances in five seasons – an average twenty-nine per season, some way down (33%) on his younger years. Is his heavy playing schedule at a young age now taking a toll? – Looks like it, but we wait and see.



    CCV is almost the polar opposite of Tierney. In the six seasons prior to joining Celtic he averaged only nineteen appearances per season on loan from Tottenham Hotspur spread between seven clubs – in his first two seasons at Celtic his average doubled to forty-two per season – this has halved to twenty-one due to injury this season. The question must be asked – is the number of games he is being asked to play too much for him and is this where the repeated injuries are emanating from?



    Cameron is one of the first names on the team-sheet and is an important and integral member of any starting eleven. To be of that importance forty games per season is the absolute minimum that we should expect – Callum McGregor who is on a par in influence with CCV has average forty-six games per season over the last ten years,



    So is the heavy playing schedule now catching-up with CCV?



    We all hope not!

  11. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    SFTB @ 1.25


    Yes.John Hughes,Willie O’Neill, Charlie Gallagher and Joe McBride.


    ….and Ronnie Simpson.

  12. Bizarrely on the Herald site the other semi is billed as @RangersFC v @JamTarts.



    That is on the Sunday and not on BBC so our and Aberdeen’s supporters can see our game on free-to-air.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It says a lot that we become anxious at the


    prospect of having Welsh and Scales up against Stevie May.

  14. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Apologies.Q2 related to league games.Taking info from different quiz papers I have collected over the years.Oh such a mess.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Glad we’re first onto the Hampden Park pudding in a few weeks time.



    There’s a chance I suppose that it’ll hardly rain at all in Glasgow between now and game day … and the pitch will be perfect.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    As four our MVP, CCV?



    Same drill as Dundee game.



    Start him.


    Stabilise the defence.


    Liberate midfield from 999 duty.


    Get several goals ahead.


    Take him off.




    Lagerbielke was awful that day but if we permanently banished every player who’s had a stinker, we’d have no squad left 😊

  18. Having missed the Livi Game- I am looking forward to getting back for the St. Johnstone game. Even if Levein parks the bus, we should be able to do better than we did last time.



    I would like Kyogo and O’Riley to put them to the sword, Kuhn to show promise again, and Joe Hart to keep a clean sheet

  19. SFTB on 14TH MARCH 2024 2:09 PM


    Levein the genius and his attacking 4-6-0 formation.

  20. so back to my open question –



    pre pr and marketing days, and indeed the only commercialisation the old board new (ie tickets and , pies and scarfs) who first used the term “the lisbon lions” ?



    was it on the street when the team returned ? adopted over time ? can anyone remember when it became common use ?

  21. BHOYJOEBELFAST on 14TH MARCH 2024 1:17 PM


    ●●LIONS QUIZ●●





    1)TheLisbon Lions accumulated how many caps for Scotland.110,113 or 120?





    Several years ago I WON a Celtic Quiz in BAIRDS BAR.


    It went to a TIE BREAK, between myself and Michael from Charlie and the Bhoys.


    I WON the Tie Break and the Tie Break Question was the one that you have Posted above………The LISBON LIONS got only 117 CAPS between them…NOT the figures that you Posted.



    It yet another example of SCOTLANDS SHAME…….The CHAMPIONS of EUROPE with so few International Caps ?



    I am STILL waiting for my Prize from that Celtic Quiz…..





    So there now.

  22. MON the ” GRAY DAWNING” who wins at 5/2 at Cheltenham……….Ive got that winner on several lines.



    I LOVE the Horses so much more than my Two Ex Wives…..The Horses are better looking for starters !






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