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I’m a friend of one of the Cowans from Glasgow, I got him a ticket for Celtic Park once.  For that family, for Humza Yousaf’s family and the countless more who are mourning, or terrified of what may happen next, I will not give you my hot takes on a situation so tragic and complex it deserves nothing but our full concern.

You can see by watching Celtic, we have a tight-knit squad, there to support each other, and a tight-knit club.  You wouldn’t have it any other way.  Getting involved here is the last thing any football club would want to do, but the players needed support, perhaps the bereaved too.

Try, though you can, politics and sport cannot always separate.  ‘Celtic Football Club, open to all since 1888’, is our proud boast, but for much of our history, that was a political statement in Glasgow (whereas it is just a fact now).  We are a club with founding values worth preserving and occasionally worth stating.  God help anyone killed for their ethnicity – nothing is truer to those values.

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  1. Paul, diplomatic, or, sitting on the fence? – sometimes that can be a distinction without a difference.



    We know that when atrocities are born out of historically held political positions, it can be almost impossible to make sense of things, because no matter how cogent a case is put, there is always an…..ah but from me side, or, another.



    However, what I do know is that if the terrorist Hamas disarmed there would be a chance for peace and a two-state solution – if Israel disarmed, there would be no Israel.



    Regardless, Celtic Park is not the place where all and any political dogma should be forced down our throats week after week. Why can’t these chemically stimulated zealots leave their politics outside the ground, like the 99% of the rest of us?

  2. Barry Cowan rip, innocent



    The thousand of innocent dead as a result of Hamas action.



    The thousands of innocent dead over the last 16 years in the cage that is Gaza.



    Life is prime,dialogue must succed over death and the dogs of war




  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SAM QUENTIN @ 10:26 PM



    One must always reap what one has sown.






    A profound message going back millennia SQ but, regrettably, no longer accurate (IMHO)



    “You (plural) must always reap what I decide to sow”



    …. might be more appropriate for the times.



    SAM QUENTIN @ 10:26 PM


    One must always reap what one has sow



    “You (plural) must always reap what I decide to sow”


    …. might be more appropriate for the times.”



    I agree ,BtB. I think we could also add something along the lines of : ….and you will form your opinions based an what I allow you access to..




    Paul 67


    A fine attempt to `calm things down`.

  5. Not that long ago James Forrest was Pariah No.1 on here.



    You have to laugh at how easy it is to alter some people’s perception.



    One born every minute as BT Barnum once said.

  6. In other news…



    Very surreal to think of Casement Park being an ultra modern 38,000 stadium and hosting a Euro championship game or two in 5 years time.



    Brilliant news for a fantastic local community and the growth of GAA in Belfast and Ulster.



    Good news story csc




  7. spikeysauldman on

    From JF…


    Nor is there any justification for the Israeli defence minister openly boasting about having all of Gaza “under siege” and denied food, water, fuel or medical supplies.



    That’s an area of 2.5 million people; he’s talking about a war crime and if Israel follows through, they should be condemned for it by every civilised country and those responsible should, along with Putin, stand trial in some future time and place.




    This has happened before and happens to a lesser degree every day…


    Wondering what Putin have to do with this ? Like any old Tory c*nt on Question Time trying to explain away any old shit – ermmm, covid and Putin, ermmm that’s it.

  8. CLOUD9 on 10TH OCTOBER 2023 12:25 PM



    “However, what I do know is that if the terrorist Hamas disarmed there would be a chance for peace and a two-state solution – if Israel disarmed, there would be no Israel.”



    As hot takes go that’s a beauty.

  9. spikeysauldman on




    yep, if hamas disarmed, the land sea and air borders would be opened, the settlements would be bull-dozed, freedom of movement encouraged and Micheal Beale would take charge of Man City

  10. Celtic FC Tickets








    A limited number of match tickets are on sale now for our home UCL match v. Atletico Madrid.



    Get ready for the Celtic FC Online Ticket Office onsale.


    Sit tight. When it’s your turn, you will be automatically directed to the site





  12. Can I make one observation which does not seek to undermine the argument for either side?



    The Hamas invasion and aggression occurred on the morning of our match against Killie. The banner and sentiments must have been made prior to these events.



    The GB made a bad decision in deciding to proceed with the banner after events started to unfold but they could not have been intending to celebrate the violence when they constructed the banner.



    It does not excuse the offence but it reduces the amount of pre-meditation.




    P.S. Here is a useful summary of the state of play in Palestine (I agree with over 90% of what he said)




  13. spikeysauldman on




    hopefully that wasnt one of those fancy GB ultras silk scarves the guy was wearing just a few seconds in !




    Good post fella and my observation of it too.



    For all their faults, not sure any of them would feel comfortable with the barbaric nture of the assault. Poorly timed and all a bit reactive.



    Of course, hasn’t stopped them being tried and charged by the public opinion of the self-appointed Celtic lynch mob.



    I suspect the club got lot of heat from sponsors and other bodies too, to be fair, once it went viral.




  15. Reo:



    “I’m trying to give 100% and my condition needs to be better. So I want to improve my level quickly and I want to respond to the manager’s trust by performing well. I’m not satisfied just yet but I’m very happy to play under the new manager.”

  16. Well, the statement from the GB dispels any doubt as to whether their banners were intentional.


    Good article from Paul and from James Forrest.


    The narcissists from the North curve continue to embarass themselves

  17. dearie me.



    what other names can we call that group of celtic supporters that we dont like.

  18. SFTB,



    I was inclined to agree that the GB display was ill judged and badly timed. However the GB statement dispels that theory.



    Not a word of sympathy for the innocent young people massacred at a music festival for peace.



    They confirm many perceptions that Celtic supporters were celebrating the massacre of innocents from all over the world. They have brought this to Celtic’s door. That is why Celtic had to release a statement and will possibly take more action.



    They undermine the just Palestinian cause by celebrating the Hamas slaughter that we have all graphically witnessed on social media.



    They mention our beginnings. I would guarantee that in 1887 /88 the ME still under the Ottoman Empire would not have raised a mention while discussing dinner tables for the poor.



    The GB statement advocates more fines for Celtic in our European journey. They know UEFA will throw the book at us, but they don’t care. Their politics comes first.



    As for the ME. It is so complicated. I only hope and pray for the innocents on all sides of the argument.




  19. I’m all for the GB having their say, but I think sometimes they need to get their priorities right



    In two weeks time our focus should be on the team winning, I dont think it’s a smart move to make it about them on the biggest game our season.



    It’s possibly a bit petty but wouldn’t a football supporters group be interested in how Hamas have banned women from watching football matches in Gaza?

  20. SFTB @ 1:56 The Hamas invasion and aggression occurred on the morning of our match against Killie. The banner and sentiments must have been made prior to these events.




    Of course they were reacting😂 – these people don’t sleep with what they are on – they would be up all night ‘manufacturing’ as soon as the news broke. Do you know how quickly they can make one of those banners?





    Well there we have it, a direct challenge to CELTIC PLC. “We will do as we please inside Celtic Park and the club and the board can go and f*** themselves.



    But not only to the club and the board – these few hundred nutters are saying the same thing to 59k plus Celtic supporters.



    If these cretins are allowed to display banners in the Athletico match, we will be in big trouble with UEFA and our club’s name will be front-page all over the world.



    People work hard for their wages, or, make space in the pensions to buy a season ticket to watch their beloved Celtic play. They come to Celtic Park, with many different views of the world, with their wives, girlfriends, sons, daughters, grandchildren and friends to engulf themselves in Celtic and for a couple of hours forget the cares & strife of the world outside -these selfish, self-centered, and entitled hooligans would deny them that right.



    The gauntlet has been thrown down – Celtic must pick it up and respond for the 99% who want no truck with them.

  21. Some people on here seem to be of the belief that they are speaking for me when they are posting their ridiculous comments.



    I can rest assure those with their head in the clouds, that the only person who speaks for Sam Quentin, is Sam Quentin.

  22. CLOUD9 on 10TH OCTOBER 2023 3:23 PM



    You talk about how peace might be achieved in Isreal/Palestine earlier in the comments, but you seem bet provoking conflict between Celtic supporters whenever you can on here.



    Practice what you preach and start at home

  23. Our support is spread far and wide in the World, all with differing political views and, with vastly different religious persuasions, some, rightly so, have no religion at all. If, as a support, we would like to raise a banner on any event or subject happening in the world it would be far to large to use within the stadium in order to endorse all the views held. Therefore, no banner(s) can be looked upon as a definitive voice from the Celtic support. A very small % of our support is being used by mainstream media, forever the case, to define us ALL in one banner, por cierto.

  24. This ‘celebrating Hamas’ line is doing a lot of heavy lifting.



    Did they?



    Is there room for a Celtic persona that can be appalled at both the barbarity of the Hamas attacks and equally appalled by decades of barbarism on Palestinians, especially those living in the world’s largest open prison? Or are we to pretend it all kicked off for the first time last weekend?



    Bloody, complex and deeply rooted, for far too long. As an Irish fella from the North, I know how that works out when nobody fancies sponsoring a peace deal. Bloody big vacuum for senseless slaughter to fill. Just awful.



    On a parochial front, our game against AM will now turn into a bit of an unnecessary circus.




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