Premiership vote would be convenient resolution


Reports suggest the Scottish Premiership could provide Newco with a face-saving de-escalation by holding a vote to mandate a fixed percentage of ticket sales for visiting fans. Celtic were permitted 7,000 fans at Ibrox (in what was known as “the Celtic end”) for decades before the drubbings and celebrations became too much for the home fans. Since then, a tit-for-tat process saw Celtic-Newco games reduced to 700 then zero visiting fans.

I’m really looking forward to a sea of green and white when we face Newco on 30 December, but the lack of an appropriately sized visiting allocation skews the competitive edge unnecessarily – Celtic were reduced to a one goal winning margin at Ibrox last month, well below expected standards.

Newco’s predicament is more onerous, as they needed to relocate their ultras group when Celtic arrived with 7,000 fans, adding irritation to an already irritated population. A vote by the Premiership would be a convenient resolution for all.

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  1. Celtic are facing yet more UEFA sanctions as the governing body consider action after the setting off of fireworks and use of ‘illicit banners’ during their clash with Lazio.



    Pyro was seen in the home end during the Champions League clash while a huge ‘anti-fascist’ banner was unveiled by the Green Brigade before kick-off. And now it’s been confirmed UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary body are considering charges after a case was opened against the Scottish Premiership champions.

  2. Paul 67,



    With respect, I don’t really care what the premiership vote for. The huns will just ignore it as per if it doesn’t suit them.



    Subsequently Celtic should tell them to ram their tickets and focus on our own supporters. In the interests of H&S of course



    Give the huns ziltch. We don’t need them and we certainly don’t want them.




  3. We must be getting close to a stand being closed for a European game,or behind closed doors….

  4. I doubt very much that Aberdeen, Hearts, St Mirren and 2nd Rangers are going to vote for a mandatory away allocation.



    Their home fans dont want to see us or them in any great numbers at their homes.



    Aberdeen lets big sections of seats go unoccupied, while not even selling out their own allocations.



    Hearts are actually near full every home game, and I followed their ticket exchange scheme, a most excellent web portal by the way, much better than celtics.



    St Mirren fan ownership and indeed fan take up for home games is now very stable at the 6,500 mark all the time, so one stand to us is enough. I am friendly with several Saints fans in my workplace and very well rounded they are, they felt the loss to 2nd rangers was their worst performance in some time.



    and thems will never displace the onion pears, no chance,

  5. why would celtic close the north curve ?



    The green brigade are only 500 or so, the section has thousand more.

  6. BadaBing


    stunning post,well worth a repeat post.


    Seen it on twitter and posted yesterday by our own Kelvin bhoy



    Thanks again






    Big Wavy


    I admire a man who is gracious in defeat.😀





    ‘grumble, grumble….”yeah….well done”……mutter, mutter, mutter…”next time”…….incoherent mumbling’







  8. So, we’re excommunicating the GB and the non-GB in the North curve, and via the SPFL mandate, putting the onion bears in there, twice a year?



    Some craic csc




  9. Keep the Green Brigade going in some form as they bring atmosphere and colour to the match day experience.



    They are worth 12 to 15 points a season with the backing they give the team.



    D :)

  10. Everything that the Green Babies do is intentional. It is their intention to inflict whatever damage may be necessary on Celtic and the Celtic family in order to get their way.



    If Celtic act and shut down the safe-standing area quickly, it may assuage the more draconian intentions of UEFA, especially in the light of the new threat and ‘call to arms’ issued by the GB for the Athletico Madrid UCL tie.



    If nothing is done and the GB is allowed hold Celtic and every Celtic supporter to ransom and blackmail, then a full stand will be shut down – of this I am in no doubt. That is bad enough, but what will next ratcheted-up punishment be?



    (Who asked “why would celtic close the north curve ? )



    There can be and will be only one winner at the end of this unnecessary internecine war – that winner will be Celtic and 99% of its supporter base.

  11. St.Stivs



    Did you get a ticket for the Atletico Madrid game?







    Agreed no need for the hun at Celtic Park.


    They run a coach and horses through whar they dont like.probably one of reasons Cinch opted out of renewal.




  12. AN TEARMANN on 11TH OCTOBER 2023 1:05 PM









    Did you get a ticket for the Atletico Madrid game?






    I did not. It was just when notice came of a public sale I thought I would give it a try.



    Whatever number is was sold out in minutes, I was online with a couple of seconds of getting the email, and put in a que of 500+, it opened up to me after a minute, got to the stadium plan, but no seats available.



    Bring back face to face ticket purchase i say,

  13. glendalystonsils on



    Letting Sevco supporters into Parkhead ?



    What a waste of time and money that was.



    It was a waste of their time thinking they could get a result,



    and ………



    Was a waste of our money with all the broken seats and wrecked toilets .



    Although I understand we billed them for the damage (Emdy know what Sevco’s record is like for paying bills?)

  14. Tom McLaughlin on

    It goes against the spirit of the game to cater for home supporters exclusively, regardless of the opposition.



    I applaud the move to change the rules to guarantee a minimum away allocation.



    Until then, I agree with Celtic’s refusal to admit away fans to the Glasgow derby on 30th December, as Rangers started all this and the 700 Celtic supporters offered Ibrox tickets are at great risk if our board acceded to that.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    In truth I find ticket allocation debates uninteresting.



    Your manor, you first do what suits your home support.



    Set a mandatory minimum of 3% or 5% of stadium capacity – with option of lower allocation if visiting club can’t fill it – and be done with it.



    As for an elegant way out for Sevco Paul?



    Like earlier posters I respectfully disagree.



    If the SPFL Board rescued every wean from a burning orphanage …..



    …. these loons would find a way to pitch it to their own loons as yet another action in an anti-staunch conspiracy.

  16. bournesouprecipe on

    Maybe Motherwell are slashing the Celtic allocation because they didn’t like a Matt finish?

  17. On what planet should displaying an anti fascist banner get you a fine. Are we now supposed to stand up and applaud fascists. We are not Canadians after all.

  18. Prestonpans bhoys on

    The standing area should be shut down because of the GB is the argument 🙄



    That area holds 2,975 ‘seats’ , the GB are between 300-500. So around 2,500 bhoys who have nothing to do with the GB, some like me have been in that area long before it was recreated as a standing area should be penalised. That’s a bit of a brain fart idea especially as the club know the GB ST numbers, all you do is deactivate their card for the day.

  19. Uefa rules forbid the use of “gestures, words, objects or any other means to transmit any message that is not fit for a sports event, particularly messages that are of a political, ideological, religious, offensive or provocative nature”.






    dearie me, if it was a social club i wouldnt want to be a member.

  20. Turkeybhoy from previous thread… I’m not suggesting that…..


    Cloud 9……..why do you continually try and cause division on here ….why don’t you feck off to where you came from and take Andrena with you!

  21. A WEE DISTRACTION – and a very good read from the most excellent Celtic Bars.








    Celtic Supporters Clubs have always had a political side of things. Back in those days they would fly banners in support of Trade Unions and Irish Nationalism. The noise of a convoy of Brake Clubs, with the horses hooves on the cobbled stones and fans with their flags, horns and bells made sure they were heard. This lead to violence on occasions as sectarianism reared its ugly head. The other reason for the demise of the brake clubs was that so many of them were involved in attacks on the way to/after games that there was a major police crackdown on them. Celtic (through Willie Maley) were publicly critical of the ‘gangsters’ in the brake clubs. There’s lots of newspaper articles from the 20s and 30s of brake clubs getting stopped on the way to Rangers games and all sorts of weapons being found on them.

  22. printCode( ‘desktop’, ‘block_3’ ); ?>



    Embdae else getting this on the blog via mobile phone…..?

  23. garygillespieshamstring on

    The club could stick a £1000 premium on the green brigade season tickets. Would give a 200k kitty from which to pay fines caused by them.



    Money to be returned at the end of the season less a pro rata reduction for any fines imposed as a result of their banners, pyrotechnics etc.



    No bans etc but making them take responsibility for their own actions.

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