Probability of better defenders on loan market for Celtic


After a flurry of transfer activity, it was reassuring to hear Brendan Rodgers say “We will look to do more business, January is important for us.”  We have brought in players who will help us with domestic and European challenges this season, but the strategic objective of arriving at the Champions League qualifiers with strong central defensive choices remains.

While the manager is in Dubai, Celtic scouts are busy on this task.  The previous two transfer windows saw Marvin Compper and Jack Hendry arrive on permanent contracts but fail to impress.  Getting players in is not the problem, but signing players capable of competing in Champions League qualification games is another matter.

Our most reliable method of recruiting central defenders in recent seasons has been loans from English Premier League teams’ younger ranks.  We have a reputation there for improving defenders, adding value for Manchester City and Leicester.  It would be better to add value to our own playing assets, but squads can have both strategically consistent players (Vakoun Issouf Bayo) and short-term patches (Filip Benkovic).

Would we get a better player through this method than buying on the open market?  Probably.


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  1. Stairheedrammy on

    MacJay- depends on whose side of the story you believe. Your posts suggest you have already made you mind up on that one.

  2. If as speculated, Celtic sign Omar Elabdellaoui , will he be the first Celtic player whose surname contains all five vowels?




    Jim White was having a go at Griff on Talk-S….t phone-in yesterday. He sad he was only doing it to make Lee realise the error of his ways .


    In his role as self-appointed judge and jury of sporting morality he has also targeted in the last months -Neil Lennon (for provoking the Jambos) and Roy Keane (not fit to be a coach) and MON . Am I seeing a pattern emerging or maybe it is it just the usual hurting hun lap-dog behaviour?

  4. Delaneys Dunky on



    MacJay has a strong mind indeed. Met the man once. Never forgotten. My pleasure it was. Doubt anyone on here could change MacJay’s core beliefs. I respect him for that.


    A good Saint Paul’s Whiteinch bhoy into the bargain.



  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    There is a rumour that K.T. may well be out for the rest of the season and he may need surgery on his grion if it turns out to be true we may need wee Izzi until the summer at least.We have already signed four players and we may well need another three.H.H.

  6. DELANEYS DUNKY I will agree with that . Met Macjay once in Sydney, polar opposites in politics but 100% the same when it came to Celtic. Enjoyed every minute with him and his lively wife. Absolutely no point 8n trying to bait him bhoys, he is who he is. Don’t sweat it. Hail Hail. Next few months will be epic.

  7. Canamalar


    Despise his politics and right wing ideology, really enjoyed the company of the man and his apparent love of all things Celtic though. Face to face is different to blog speak, however.



  8. Sad to watch Andy Murray losing his fitness battle, and retiring this year.I posted on these pages many years ago,,to some gnashing of teeth, hes the greatest Scottish sportsman of all time IMO




    Your post at 10:07 AM is 100% spot-on, i wouldn’t start posting regularly on here ever again even if Paul offered to pay me. Again well said Sir !

  10. Phil


    That is simply not true.


    What you just accused Canamalar of.


    Poor form fae you Phil.



  11. BB


    Hip injuries are devastating for any sportsman.


    My paranoia radar is on overdrive concerning KT’s hip injury.



  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Like you on KT, I can’t get the niggling feeling an offer that will not be refused has landed on PLs desk.

  13. Sid1888 on 10th January 2019 7:50 pm



    DeniaBhoy on 10th January 2019 6:56 pm



    DB – Are those prices from Valencia or from ticket agents?



    From what I’ve seen on their official website Valencia haven’t started selling the tickets for their home leg yet and my mate who lives in the Cost del Sol made enquiries directly with Valencia earlier in the week and said the same.








    Morning bhoys and ghirls!



    I posted the above last night in response to DB’s post and wondered if anyone could shed any light on the ticket situation for the away leg in Valencia?



    I’ve looked almost daily on their official site but can’t see tickets on sale yet. if anyone can point me in the direction of where they can be purchased it would be much appreciated. There’s 3 of us flying out from Manchester on 20th Feb and meeting up with exiled Tims from Holland and southern Spain over there.



    Hail Hail

  14. Canamalar life is too short. I remember many years ago when we worked out that we were in Butlins the same time that Billy McNeill was just retired. Great days, great holidays. One of my aunts from those times is getting buried tomorrow. Sad and happy time for my family . Life is too short mate, really, don’t sweat the small stuff. Hail Hail

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’ve never been to butlins or where you talking about you and Philbhoy ?



    Sorry to hear about your aunt, may she rest in peace.

  16. Bada



    Andy Murray is …… by a very long distance ….. the greatest sportsman that Scotland has ever produced. And a quietly spoken, arse kicking, feminist.



    My kinda boy.



    HH jg

  17. Andy Murray was not blessed with the natural talent of a Federer or a Djokovic, or even a Monfils or del Potro,but the guy showed what hard work can help you achieve. 3 Majors and World No 1,in an era widely recognised as the best ever for men’s tennis.

  18. Good to see we still appear to be looking to bring in a first team rightback, much needed but have no idea how celtic could justify giving lustig another year. Its ok saying he has been loyal n shite but if a big club in big league came in for him 4 year ago he would have been off, that cuts both ways. Thanks for the service big man.



    Centreback in this window to replace boyato would be nice.

  19. Canman nope thought it was you who also played 5 a side. I saved a penalty against Caesar. I was 10 . Apologies for the mistook, thanks for the kind wishes for my aunt Margaret.

  20. Well said Jamesbhoy , Andy Murray is a world class sportsman who has battled through adversity to be a winner. Best of all he stays true to himself. Legend.

  21. traditionalist88 on

    Not really in agreement with the best Scottish sportman but real shame for Murray, only 31 and would have hope to play on like Federer as long as possible, but need to listen to the body – I am certain he will go on to be a big influence on future generations of tennis players and sportsmen generally, not to mention his business interests, so he has an exciting future ahead of him.




  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    No me, family too big and no enough money to afford fancy holidays in butlins?No hardships though mostly happy days.when they did get a wedge we were shipped off to the oul country.