Probability of better defenders on loan market for Celtic


After a flurry of transfer activity, it was reassuring to hear Brendan Rodgers say “We will look to do more business, January is important for us.”  We have brought in players who will help us with domestic and European challenges this season, but the strategic objective of arriving at the Champions League qualifiers with strong central defensive choices remains.

While the manager is in Dubai, Celtic scouts are busy on this task.  The previous two transfer windows saw Marvin Compper and Jack Hendry arrive on permanent contracts but fail to impress.  Getting players in is not the problem, but signing players capable of competing in Champions League qualification games is another matter.

Our most reliable method of recruiting central defenders in recent seasons has been loans from English Premier League teams’ younger ranks.  We have a reputation there for improving defenders, adding value for Manchester City and Leicester.  It would be better to add value to our own playing assets, but squads can have both strategically consistent players (Vakoun Issouf Bayo) and short-term patches (Filip Benkovic).

Would we get a better player through this method than buying on the open market?  Probably.


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  1. Summer signing Youssouf Mulumbu is set to leave Celtic this month, reports Craig Swan in Dubai.


    The 31-year-old has managed just three appearances and 155 minutes of action since making a shock move to Parkhead on a two-year deal.


    Mulumbu is well down the Hoops pecking order and boss Brendan Rodgers will let him go out on loan to find game-time with his chances of featuring for Celtic limited in the second half of the campaign.


    Rodgers said: “Youssouf is at the age where he needs to play, really.


    “He came in as a support player to the team, but he’s at the age really where he needs to play in the next part of the season, so he’ll probably go out on loan.”


    Rodgers has also confirmed youngsters Lewis Morgan and Jack Hendry could also set to be go on a temporary basis.


    The duo will be sent out to gain experience with opportunities also set to be in short supply.


    However, while Mulumbu’s long-term chances of making an impact at Celtic look a long shot, Rodgers says the likes of Morgan and Hendry can use the example of Ryan Christie to return and be red hot for the champions.


    Christie spent 18 months developing at Aberdeen before returning to make his big impact in Glasgow and the manager will consider sending them on to a similar path.


    Hibs want Morgan and Bradford City have targeted Hendry as Rodgers said: “There is an interest in a number of our players.


    “Some of these boys we will be looking to get them out on loan to get them games and some of the boys who haven’t travelled with us are probably a wee bit closer to getting something sorted.


    “It’s just about time. When you think of Jack coming in a year ago it was a steep learning curve for him, playing under big pressure and big games.


    “What he has is potential because there are a lot of really good things to his game and, of course, when you make mistakes at the big clubs, then it gets highlighted even more.


    “But he was brought in because he had that potential. He’s not 17, 18 so he needs to continue with that learning and learn from the mistakes.


    “Sometimes that’s just about getting games elsewhere. That’s something we’ve spoken about and we’d be keen to do.


    “Lewis just joined the club in the last six months. You saw it with Ryan, a perfect example of if you’re not ready now you can go away on a good loan or a couple of loans and when you come back in and you get your opportunity you’ve got to take it.


    “The boys are out here with us, training, and then we’ll see when we get back. I spoke to both of them and they are great guys as well.”

  2. DAVID 66 – After a quick google search looks like that has been on Twitter a few times recently. Allegedly Fulham don’t want to keep him and Man Utd. likely to loan him out again.

  3. Sorry guys.



    My mate seen it on Twitter and text me.



    I will leave it to the experts.



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  4. TET- there was a dog rescue place in Spain on channel 5 tonight.


    On a programme called something like Brits living abroad.


    I missed the start so I don’t know where about a in Spain , was that your good self ?


    They were sending dogs all over, one went to Holland.



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  5. By the way I would not send any players to Hibs on loan.


    Never liked Petrie, a horrible Hun of a man.



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  6. D66- got same text earlier, said we paid £6.8m ,and his contract is up in summer?….i smell s#!/e….

  7. D66


    No it wasn’t us, but we have sent a dog to Holland, we have sent them all over europe and even to America, we have one going to France next week and two to the UK the week after.


    I couldn’t go on one of them progs, I would be embarrassed to call masel a brit FFS :-)

  8. Canamalar,


    I still remember a half-back line of McNamee, Cushley and Kurila. Did you ever see them play together, sometimes in the reserves? I don’t know how they would get on today as most opponents were sent vertical after the legal collisions. Imagine the buff against the Cush.


    The old phrase “out of the park for medals” comes to mind.


    I saw him send the Kiev Dinamo right back into the jungle in the first round in 1968. It was like slow motion, Cush coming out from center field as the fb was going up the line. Everyone could see the collision in advance. Cush was a lot quicker than people thought.

  9. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’m leaning on a lamp-post at the corner of my street,


    In case a certain Celtic fullback comes by.



    Oh me! Oh my! I hope yon Elabdellaoui comes by.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The 1936–37 Scottish Cup was the 59th staging of Scotland’s most prestigious football knockout competition. The Cup was won by Celtic who defeated Aberdeen in the final before a European record domestic crowd of 147,365. Wikipedia

  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Missed the joke anyway. I should’ve typed – Oh me! Omar!



    George Formby would’ve written it correctly

  12. SARGASSOSEA on 10TH JANUARY 2019 11:23 PM






    I still remember a half-back line of McNamee, Cushley and Kurila.



    *Big Billy was the reason they never made it with us, we also had another prospect centre half called Frank McCarron who had captained the Scottish Schoolboys team. This was in a period where deidco were still trying tae replace willie woodbine and geordie young.



    John Kurila, who actually signed as a goalie, was a great favourite with the Jungle who called him the Gorilla.



    I saw him in an opening day game in the LC at Firhill, he replaced the suspended Paddy Crerand, Frank Connor was in goal, we won 3-2 with Joe McGoals scoring both the Harry Wraggs, future Celtic Assistant Manager Davie McParland was on the Thistle left wing.

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    The waterways and aircraft of the world are full of Iranian refugees fleeing Iran.


    I wonder why .



    Actually I don`t.



    They`re voting with their feet and their paddles.


    Viz. Cuba and / or Venezuela .

  14. THE EXILED TIM on 10TH JANUARY 2019 11:21 PM





    No it wasn’t us, but we have sent a dog to Holland, we have sent them all over europe and even to America, we have one going to France next week and two to the UK the week after.



    I couldn’t go on one of them progs, I would be embarrassed to call masel a brit FFS :-)




    TET- fair point, keep up the good work.??



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  15. Good morning CQN from a cold and dark Garngad



    Well I think I made an erse of that post last night with the Man U full back.



    Come on Brendan, give us an experienced RB and a CB. ?






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  16. TET,



    As an animal lover I salute what you do.



    I don’t think the poor animals that you care for would give a toss how you were described.



    Thanks and HH.

  17. Stairheedrammy on

    I wonder if the consequences of the Western imposed sanctions on Iran have anything to do with people wanting to leave there?

  18. I wonder if the papers will be full of Brendan Rogers trumps Sleekit Gerrard to signing of American full back. Or Celtic beat Sevco to signing of American full back.



    Nah me neither ….



    D. :)

  19. Just a thought before I dash off to the golf.


    Jonny Hayes has , for various reasons, not quite hit it off at Celtic. When at Aberdeen, his strength was quick and good crosses into the box to the powerful Adam Rooney. We didn`t have that kind of player . Will Bayo give new life to Jonny`s style?


    Cheerio for now,



  20. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims…



    So hopefully with awe these Americans joining us we will now be able to build a defensive wall …..???

  21. See the Beaton in loyalist pub story seems to be making it into the smsm thanks to Chris Sutton. Pressure mounting on him to admit or deny it. If he stays silent I’ll take that as an admission of guilt.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    I wonder if the consequences of the Western imposed sanctions on Iran have anything to do with people wanting to leave there?






    Undoubtedly a factor.



    Why were they imposed ?

  23. My friends in Celtic,



    Intresting seeing some of the reaction to Brendan speaking out about LG’s jolly to the Newcastle races.


    BR is a clever individual and could easily have deflected the question. He chose not to.



    I am first to admit we don’t know all the details about Leigh’s mental health issues and we all have the greatest empathy with him.


    However many of us want Celtic to be more transparent to the fans.


    We can’t have it both ways.



    HH to all.