Probability of better defenders on loan market for Celtic


After a flurry of transfer activity, it was reassuring to hear Brendan Rodgers say “We will look to do more business, January is important for us.”  We have brought in players who will help us with domestic and European challenges this season, but the strategic objective of arriving at the Champions League qualifiers with strong central defensive choices remains.

While the manager is in Dubai, Celtic scouts are busy on this task.  The previous two transfer windows saw Marvin Compper and Jack Hendry arrive on permanent contracts but fail to impress.  Getting players in is not the problem, but signing players capable of competing in Champions League qualification games is another matter.

Our most reliable method of recruiting central defenders in recent seasons has been loans from English Premier League teams’ younger ranks.  We have a reputation there for improving defenders, adding value for Manchester City and Leicester.  It would be better to add value to our own playing assets, but squads can have both strategically consistent players (Vakoun Issouf Bayo) and short-term patches (Filip Benkovic).

Would we get a better player through this method than buying on the open market?  Probably.


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  1. I think, at times this season, we have played some beautiful, attacking football, as good as anything we’ve played for years. Backed up, I have to say by guys who have been watching the team since before I was born, and who also say it’s some of the best they’ve seen Celtic play.


    Let’s not forget that, or let it get lost in all the angst and pain of losing a game to the new team. Which was to be expected. It was bound to happen sometime, and the reaction was suitably predictable.


    Not all gloom and doom, but some seem to revel in it.

  2. What is the Stars on

    Turkeybhoy is right


    The incessant whingin on here is lunacy.


    1st January…we aren’t going to bring in any players..Lawwell out,Lawwell Out,weepin and wailing .


    Then lo and behold 3 deals done.


    Silence….then a murmur, grumble murmur.


    But they’re only loans, only young inexperienced loans, oh lordy me,we are doomed, rangers will win the league,Lawwell out,we need defenders, big strong experienced defenders on permanent deals..yes permanent deals,Lawwell out,experienced defenders, Lawwell out


    We don’t want no nancy boy young loan players…We want Bobo Balde’s big brother



    Boo Hoo

  3. £10 million will buy you what? A Championship journeyman who will have no resale value. We are where we are – a very large Club playing in a very small country. Unfortunately lots of very small clubs play in a larger country and have access to an untold wealth of funds because of the money put into the EPL. Chelsea were a very small club until Roman Abramovich appeared on the scene and changed the landscape. Yes we could use the tried and tested (doomed to financial Armageddon) RFCIL/sevco model and ruin Our Club or do what takes time – build gradually from our youth academy whilst adding young talented projects with a view to cashing in on them. We are beginning to see the fruit from the academy – KT, CalMac, Jamesie, Mikey J. I also think Ewan Henderson has been taken to Brunei.


    I’m sorry that some of you ghuys cannot see that this is where we are as a Club and are destined to be for a very long time unless some sort of alternative European league develops to accommodate similar teams.



    Please note that I am not supporting the PL(C) model that pisses off a successful manager by signing no-one or any available individual at the right price lastminute.com. We need to spend but spend wisely. It has already been pointed out that Arsenal manager Unai Emery said today that they cannot afford to buy players and that he is restricted to loans. Puts it into a whole new perspective.



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  5. mike in toronto on

    Fanatic … thanks for the tips. I was too embarassed to ask my pal if his scuba shop sells wet suits with built in girdles.



    PS… supermodels… you and I are definitely overdue for that drink… and you can bring along your friends if you want!




  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    why spend that money on transfer fee'[s when it could be used to attract good bosmans on a decent wage?

  7. What is the Stars on



    To paraphrase the Duke of Wellington..


    I dont know what Canamalar does to the opposition but he scares the hell out of me…

  8. Fan-a-Tic – Lucky Bhoy! I married a model. Started dating her in the 90s in Caracas when she had just won Miss Venezuela international. Been together ever since, this year will mark our 25th wedding anniversary. I blame it on Gregory’s Girl.

  9. Canman


    Problem is we won’t pay the wages, this is where the policy, which is a very good one for where we are is too rigid, it needs tweaked now and again.


    Bosmans are what we should be looking at more and more, there is top quality out there for free.

  10. Never mind Defoe’s age, I read today that Nakamura, now 41, has signed a new contract in the J League.

  11. CELTIC are chasing £4million-rated Norway ace Omar Elabdellaoui.


    The right-back, who has 34 caps, is seen as the long-term replacement for Mikael Lustig. Elabdellaoui, left, is under contract to Greek cracks Olympiakos



    While Defoe has had a great career he is a few levels below the magician Nakamura.


    Naka could sit on a deck chair in the centre circle only to rise up occasionally to change and control the game with a sublime pass.



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  14. What is the Stars on



    Very good


    Hopefully this all takes place in front of a stand packed with CQNers ….shouting, get him off,rubbish,empty the park etc





    why spend that money on transfer fee'[s when it could be used to attract good bosmans on a decent wage?




    I’m all for looking at Bosman’s to enhance the team but I think a good mix of Bosman’s and young hopefuls (academy and transfers in) who should learn from the more experienced Bosman’s is the way to go.

  16. mike in toronto on

    Fanatic …



    You are the guy that was in Gregory’s Girl!



    I clam my five pounds.




  17. I’m sure we will buy a Centre Half,a Right Back,one young Bhoy I was hoping for a future at Celtic was Calvin Miller, mostly played as a winger in the Development Squad,but Brendan tried to turn him into a left back,but unfortunately it hasn’t worked out,Shame

  18. FAN-A-TIC – Thanks. Los Roques is a stunning location. I went there a few times on day trips from Caracas. With the white sand and crystal clear waters I remember it as being blindingly bright.


    Were you behind the camera? You must be good if you were doing the VS models (so to speak).

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    he was a bluenose, I know this because we served our time together as baby sparks



    Enough, make a point by all means but do not insult fellow Posters, posts deleted as have those of whom bit.

  21. FAN-A-TIC on 10TH JANUARY 2019 10:21 PM




    I have been to Las Rocas in Venezuela for a few swimwear shoots.




    I once did a swimwear shoot in Venezuela. Right enough I was 3 years old and in a paddling pool in the back garden in Punta Cardón.

  22. Someone just sent me a text we have signed a right back from Man U who was on loan to Fulham.


    Timothy Fosu-Mensa reported fee £6,8 million???



    D. :)

  23. Northern Ireland skipper Steven Davis has become the latest player to leave crisis club Rangers by signing for newly-promoted Southampton.



    The 27-year-old midfielder was captain of the Scottish side but left after rejecting a transfer to the newco club.



    Davis, who follows NI team-mate Kyle Lafferty out of Ibrox, has agreed a three-year contract with the Saints.



    BBC 06/07/2012