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  1. Not picking on any players.If Kyogo and Calmac are playing,this game would be over.With our players shot,we are giving them some game.Their fans would be spitting nails about our goals.2-2,about right.


    C,mon Hoops.Ange has to take Soro off.When you see their second,he has to draw out of the tackle.


    Just looking at the team,Soro still on.Madness.

  2. The pace, purpose and dynamism of the team is brilliant to watch.



    We’ve gotten better while retaining that achilles heel….

  3. Would sub Soro for Welsh and push Ralston into mid or straight swop for McCarthy


    before he gets sent off

  4. Why is it that we so frequently lose away goals in Europe in quick pairs? Losing one is bad enough for morale, but you can almost set your watch at the next one going in within a couple of minutes.

  5. sorry bhoys but this is a coaching issue – SORO showed absolutely no desire to to close down the the left cross!!



    mentally he is gone – why the fk is he still on the pitch



    Ange has to take the hit here – simple!!