Rhetorical magic from old Lumley-troubler


Old Lumley-troubled used a classic rhetorical technique yesterday. Give your target audience lots of points to consider which you know they will agree with; build empathy, get heads nodding, fists banging on tables, then slip in the line you are trying to sell. As a piece of prose, you have to respect the statement. This guy, or his writer, has not only read the Greeks, he’s understood their importance.

If Sir David is right, Rangers issued no side contracts, all non-discretionary payments to players in connection to football were registered, if the redacted contract which appeared in The Sun in March was a piece of fiction, if the prima facie evidence presented by Duff and Phelps was an error, he and his soon to be liquidated former club have nothing to worry about.

Cicero CSC.

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  1. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    Aye n I’ve seen a more credible defence from Homer…….





  2. Ole Cicero was a wise ol bird…..



    “A life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age.”






    I think Minty may be troubled Paul.

  3. “Infamy……………….infamy………………



    ……they’ve all got it ….infamy….!”




    wee davie.

  4. Paul67



    Strange how all the staff past and present who have been recipients of EBT’s know nothing about the money they were paid and make great mention of their advisors, agents, accountants and lawyers what a parcel of rogues….get hector in among this pack of wolves.

  5. I suppose succulent lamb could be described as ‘refined’.



    One out of three ain’t bad!

  6. The Token Tim on




    Unfortunately for ole Cicero that calm untroubled old age didnt quite happen……






  7. eddieinkirkmichael on

    For me the most interesting part of Murray’s rant in the Sun was this little snippet – “It is well known in football circles what’s gone on. There should be an independent tribunal on ALL clubs, ALL payments, ALL contracts.It suits them to look back only at Rangers contracts.” –



    I wonder what info he has on other clubs? Also where did he get such info if it does indeed exsist.


    @BroganRoganTrev alluded to something about RBS being bankers to every club in SPL, except Celtic, and that those bankers would have knowledge of all players contracts etc. Now if someone at the bank was so disposed he could pass on details to a 3rd party, so as that party would be able to know what to offer in wages to a player they were interested in.



    Also one could keep hold of this info if you believed it may well be of use in the future.




  8. TTT



    I’m sure that’s not what Paul was alluding to :-)



    Sorry I missed you (again) on Friday, we’ll get that pint some day!

  9. The Token Tim on

    Incidentally I can recommend Imperium and Lustrum by Robert Harris, both tell a fictional tale (based on historical “facts” of course) of Cicero’s life in the Rona political “theatre”.



    Rather enjoyable.






  10. philvisreturns on

    For me, the best part of Sir David Murray’s statement was the bit about “bayoneting the wounded”



    Bombastic martial metaphors are as quintessentially Rangers as hiding in the shipyards during WW2, or ostentatiously inviting uniformed service personnel to your stadium while refusing to pay taxes that contribute to their wages, weapons and life-saving equipment. (thumbsup)

  11. Hi Paul,



    Thought the key point he was making was that the Trust loans WERE repayable, further there was a schedule to be imposed by the Trustees for these repayments.



    So nuthin to do with me gov, talk to the beneficaries and Trustee if there has been dodgey malarkey going down.



    Not the most convincing defence but might be the only one.

  12. The Token Tim on




    yes I did have a wee snigger at his sign off.



    And yep we’ll get that pint (or 6) in someday. You have a good day on Sat? Apart from having to listen to T4 and Bundoran Bhoy of course :-)






  13. TTT



    Yes a good day was had by all, if only the performance on the park had been as enjoyable :-)



    Still, a win’s a win for aw that!

  14. Great ref in the Sun article – for every fiver an all that…



    EVERYONE else has had their fiver’s worth on the subject.


    Sir David Murray last night slapped a tenner on the table as he finally reacted to claims Rangers cheated during his historic time in charge at Ibrox.



    Saw a lady in the Champs Lounge with a good one re that quote on Sat, if you see it get it as its hilarious!



    As for the quality of that Sun written article, I am glad I do not read the rags

  15. As Murray is likely to get details of the FTT results 7 days? before they are publically announced, is this his last meal before the electric chair?

  16. philvisreturns



    If Murray doesn’t stop sniping from the sidelines, one of those martial metaphors will blow up in his face.

  17. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    Yes its using an anachronism of modern warfare so that he can give the impression he’s too weak to be brought to book.

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