Right back challenge


We can convince ourselves we have players who can fill the right back role, and this may be true for a few more weeks, but Mikael Lustig was one of the frailties that cost us against AEK last August, and we don’t even have him now.

So far the transfer window has gone well, but a team is as well as its weakest link. Failure to get a right back who can stop crosses into the box has to be avoided.

That night in Athens is all the motivation we should need.


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  1. OLDTIM..



    Glad you got home safe and sound as hopefully Pat did.


    Don’t know how you aulds chaps do it.


    Mind I’ll have a present for you when we meet again. HH.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    What Hebcelt said☝️,thank you Davie,and well done to BlantyreTim- and His dad ,True Celts HH

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sipsini- nice catching up with the Grey Brigade on Saturday, Oldtim basically ordered me and a company of 8,just back in the Blane Valley after the game to join the party,John is there with the Big Cup…..a brilliant gesture to top off a great day HH

  4. I wish Celtic would send Over a good Scout to have a look for another Nakamura,there must be others that can play like Naka in Japan

  5. Fool Time Whistle on



    Who would win in a fight between Bosnia and Herzegovina?






  6. I would also like Celtic to get a free kick specialist, instead of Griffiths,Surely the Griff should be in the Penalty box when a free kick come over,I know that Lee takes good corners and free kicks but surely he’d be better in the box to take a shot when the ball comes over.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sipsini- you too 👍,my 2 Bhoys are about 3-4 inches taller than me…..got the young one his first ST ….HH




    16 ROADS. on 15TH JULY 2019 7:13 PM




    Swapping opinions. I thought that was what blogs were for.







    Anyway, sack the board.






    Yes indeed, this place is an education.



    Don’t know why I bother watching and reading news, current affairs, history etcetera.

  9. Fool Time Whistle on

    Back to Celtic…



    KT has osteitis pubis according to NFL – whihc is an inflamation of the pubis symphysis.


    Basically, the front of your abdomen nearest the point where you sit.



    Why then is KT cycling to help his return to fitness?



    Causes of this include



    Exercising on hard surfaces (like concrete)


    Exercising on uneven ground


    Beginning an exercise program after a long lay-off period


    Increasing exercise intensity or duration too quickly


    Exercising in worn out or ill-fitting shoes



    Nurse, screens please.






    Q. What do you call the man who finished last in his class at Harvard Medical School?



    R. Doctor



    Think about it.



  10. So long as we get a rightback or two in i do not see how anyone can suggest we are a weaker team Than season.



    KT, Griff, arzani, bitton, rogic and bayo are returning from long team injuries. We have added shved, jullien, conner and boli, gutman and perez.



    ajer has continued to develop apace. Johnstone is looking the part and henderson is showing he can contribute too.



    I dont think we will miss boyata at all, benko was good but very injury prone. None of the loan players outside him will be missed. Gamboa is no loss, lustig was to easily done for pace, comperr did nothing of Note along with ddv.



    If ntcham goes i doubt anyone would blink such has been his none influence over the lost 12 months.



    Celtic have spent £14 milliom since january 2018 and more will be spent to improve the team and get a rightback in. we are not as badly off as some people would have us believe.



    i doubt any other club in scotland has spent a 1/3 of what we have spent over the some period and i reckon we will see the result of all of the above over the coming season.




  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Was having a meander through Wikipedia young right backs and other defensive positions from Eastern Europe player and young player of the year, under 21 national teams and was surprised at the number hoovered up by Fiorentina

  12. OLDTIM67



    Belated Happy Birthday wishes! I still have that photo on my phone of you sitting in your original seat in Lisbon. It’s a cracker!

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Like what I saw of Bayo could be a star but starting to get a nagging feeling he’s made of glass, certainly hope not but two game I’ve seen him and two injuries.

  14. quadrophenian on

    FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 15TH JULY 2019 7:31 PM


    Thumbs up perspective.





    Choosing Stoke over Sellik; if it’s not a money thing, is it a spfl image thing OR a lack of faith about reaching the Champs League; mibby he is he terrified of Jordan jones??



    Who’d win in a fight aboot failure to sign a full back: Arse or Us? HH

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Suppose once we’ve tapped up the Fiorentina scouts we can ask them to pretend they still work for them until the signatures are on the contract we could do the signing in Florence and pay for them to get a tour of the stadium, then tell then to get their arse to Glasgow and take a brolly and warm togs.

  16. Just read the Sky article about KT moving to Arsenal.



    Jim White said that “A source close to Celtic told him…”.



    Who the feck ‘close to Celtic’ would talk to him?

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I hear him and the Celtic Park janny have a wee chin wag when out emptying their pails on London road.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Or it could have been the tea wummin because sometimes they get the same bus intay toon.

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