Ronny’s luxury denied to his predecessors


I remember writing with anticipation 10 years ago as many of Martin O’Neill’s benchwarmers came to the end of their contracts.  Martin was not a squad rotator, so those not entrusted with his confidence found themselves on the bench or in the stand on match day, there was little scope to play your way back into the squad, and the wages spent unproductively inhibited our chances of bringing in fresh talent.

Ronny Deila spoke to the media on Friday about the same issue, moving on those who are already well out of the picture, as well as some who played their part last season but who are unlikely to see much in the way of game time in the season ahead.

There’s going to be a bit of churn in the squad, we’re still likely to add three or four players, but it’s been 20 years since a Celtic manager’s talked about creating space in the squad for youth players to fill.  This isn’t a criticism of the managers we’ve had since then, more a reflection of the pressure they worked under.

Tommy Burns had to drive us from mid-table mediocrity to genuine contenders.  Wim, Dr Jo and John Barnes weren’t here long enough to concern themselves about development, which Martin made it clear from day one that his interest extended only as far as the first team squad.

I doubt any Celtic manager worked under the intensity Gordon Strachan experienced during his four years.  Every point dropped delivered a greater trauma than at any time I can remember.  Neil Lennon managed through the transition, from competing head-to-head with three-in-a-row winners Rangers, to getting used to life as the last surviving superpower.

This is Ronny’s luxury.  It doesn’t matter if we win the league by a record tally, or match the defensive records created in each of the last two seasons.  Better to lose more games while giving a chance to young talent, than ask hoary pros to grind through the same gears one more time.

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  1. Leaving Manchester airport with da weans to become a turkey Bhoy for a week.



    I got sunburn yesterday in Stirling for crying out loud!!!!!



    HH jamesgang

  2. Petec



    I speak from my experience and base my opinion on it.



    Everyone does, but it is in sharing that experience we can enlighten each other.



    I spoke of the good I observed coming from the ladies game in terms of the personal development and the many friendships my daughter made.



    One of the girls, who might still play for Rangers Ladies now, came from Bridgeton and I sometimes gave her and her dad a lift. Lovely folk whom I would never have met but for the ladies game.



    Stereo type barriers broken on both sides. A good thing surely?

  3. Paul I agree about WGS and pressure but what NFL had to deal with inside and outside football should never be forgotten.


    A lesser man could have walked away and people would have said “I don’t blame him”.


    Something inside so strong epitomized Neil’s character and helped us as a club no end in my opinion.





    ‘Better to lose more games while giving a chance to young talent, than ask hoary pros to grind through the same gears one more time.’



    That went well last season. Players were judged by results rather than potential,with no leeway offered for inexperience.



    Although we powered clear after New Year,before that it was no foregone conclusion. And there were a few concerned voices raised here and elsewhere.



    Personally I’m in favour of giving youth a chance,long-term it is probably our best option. But it is natural for fans to want results,not promises

  5. fieldofdrams on

    “Better to lose more games while giving a chance to young talent, than ask hoary pros to grind through the gears one more time.”



    A lesson that the team playing out of Ibrox would have done well to heed.

  6. graffiti on the wall on

    Graffiti On The Wall





    We need experienced players for the CL ….. Bring the young players (projects)through in the SPFL ……

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Martin O’Neill – success


    Gordon Strachan – success


    Neil Lennon – success


    Ronny D – will succeed

  8. Drambowiecelt on

    Mncelt previous thread…..Thanks for that mate pure class.


    Duly saved to be enjoyed .








  9. A smaller squad allowing the integration of youth is the best way forward.


    I like RD’s approach.


    Hoping to see at least two youngsters kick on this season.


    What’s the deal with McGeouch as Stubbs says Celtic have invoked one year clause in contract?


    As the system becomes more refined under RD then we will be able to play youngsters without fear of disruption.

  10. Always felts Lennon could have played youn bhoys more often than he did.. Chasing clean sheet records etc seemed more important.



    Great to see Henderson and fisher breaking through..hopefully more to come.

  11. http://i57.tinypic.com/zy6gcx.jpg



    An old picture I found.


    Couple o’ questions – firstly, Will we ever know how great this #7 would have been?


    And back in the days before the 5 stars were discovered and players could hide behind BSDJ’s sideburns, Could it be possible that they really are the same club? :-)

  12. Afternoon all.



    Left Largs earlier this morning to go down to Glasgow. Left there in glorious sunshine. Anticipated a wee hour or so enjoying it down here, only to find it dark and overcast.



    Any good news to brighten my day?

  13. Youth development is fine but our priorities are always 1. Win the league. 2. Qualify for the champions League group stages. Get there how you can, you will always be judged on these 2 things. I was very critical of Deila at the start of last season, He has had pre-season cut down as requested and now needs to push on in the CL. we could get unlucky but we must get to the final play off round, preferably without tankings on route.

  14. ….is there really nothin’ else on THAT “Sports” shop?



    I’ve got nowt.

  15. lennon's passion on

    The fans have to give the youngsters breathing space. Watched young Henderson have a great game at killie last season, next game he wasn’t as good crowd let him know. Must be hard for a young player toprogress .


    If anyone feels the need to pay me for this comment please donate to charity :-)))

  16. graffiti on the wall on




    15:37 on 28 June, 2015


    Always felts Lennon could have played youn bhoys more often than he did.. Chasing clean sheet records etc seemed more important.



    Great to see Henderson and fisher breaking through..hopefully more to come.


    The SMSM would have slaughtered wee Lenny for trying out young talent , especially if it didn’t work out for him…… There was different rules for wee Lenny , the Edinburgh judge confirmed that …..

  17. TA –



    Been already chum, more business than pleasure but I’ll give you a shout next time.




  18. Bankiebhoy


    I’m in Canada mate, but I’m heading over there tonight for 3 or 4 days on my way to Vietnam.


    Will probably seek out the Harp bar by the Moulin Rouge – I’ll leave one in the pipes for you :-)


    Hail Hail

  19. saltires en sevilla on

    Martin, Gordon & Lenny since the beginning of the millennium have provided us with an outstanding framework to build on.



    In the opening two decades of the last century we kicked off as the leading lights in Scottish fitba



    Out in front by a mile.



    The 1920’s & 30’s saw the beginning of a decline that lasted until the mid 1960’s.



    Hoping someone can point to the lessons we can learn from.



    Serious question


    What the hell happened?

  20. Raising our own stars is what we want.



    Nurturing them into the first team helps them grow and let’s the fans see if they are good enough.



    So why do I believe that this is just further evidence of life in the slow lane?



    Over the last 15/20 years We have only produced one youngster that has been good enough to keep a squad place in an EPL side.



    At that Aiden McGeady is surplus to requirements in a mediocre Everton side.




    The youngsters that we are cultivating are not good enough to improve Celtic as a force in Europe.



    The likely hood is that we will fall even further away from the top clubs in Europe.



    Still it may reduce the need to spend millions on the ordinary players if other SPL clubs.




  21. I think my main point is .



    What is going to improve our scouting that brings us a better standard of young player?




  22. TT,


    Scotland is a poor market for talent, no enough kids play football any more and are not encouraged to.


    Red blaze is still the most common surface, why would a kid want to get off the couch, put down the Xbox and go play on a surface that will damaged them.


    Then again it’s probably more to do with parents that can’t say no to their spoiled brats.


    Obesity is an increasing issue but it’s only a symptom of the real problem.

  23. saltires en sevilla on

    the exiled tim



    15:40 on 28 June, 2015


    Another star bigotdome bound, driving up this time, the jet must be busy somewhere else :-)






    They are fair snapping up all the future Messi’s out there.








    Lol see someone has had a wee go at his wiki



    Current club : barca


    Squad number/ 22



    Bad bhoys :-)

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