Secondary benefits of winning league


There are sooooo many secondary benefits from winning the league last month.  Take a look at current crop of international fixtures, which for Scotland, continues until 14 June, seven weeks before the third Champions League qualification round.

Our significant body of full and Under-21 international players would have little time to rest and recuperate before having to reach full fitness ahead of potentially four weeks of crucial fixtures.  This is not how an athlete’s body is designed to work.  It has consequences for performance and injuries.

With the Scottish champions likely to gain automatic entry to the Champions League group stage for several years to come, the responsibility of using this year’s qualification to further strengthen is paramount.  It was a tough shift for Celtic, carrying Scotland’s coefficient burden single-handedly for all those years, we need to make the most of whatever help other Scottish clubs are happy to give us now.

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  1. Paul 67,



    A major bonus for winning the league and achieving CL football is Saturday football.


    This cannot be understated. The match day experience, facilitate supporters travel arrangements, the boost to the local economy, in particular the Celtic minded establishments.



    Overall , a sense of normality for watching football.




  2. 21-5-79 🍀 on

    GENE on 6TH JUNE 2022 12:27 PM


    Surely not





    Neglecting the grand weans tae chase a podium, that’s scandlous…🤣

  3. Spot on Paul.



    A bit more of a level playing field for Celtic to play on this coming CL and we must embrace it. The de-moting of Rankers did actually lead to a mini renaissance in scottish football in some ways over those five years and we are seeing some of the fruition now. The key is that those other clubs that you cite continue to see Celtic as their best bet for their own future growth. Not only as the best business model to admire but also as the best sporting model to follow.

  4. 21-5-79


    Guilty as charged – just back from Waky warehouse – lunch break even for grandad

  5. IniquitousIV on

    Brazil leading Japan 1-0 ( Neymar, who else? With penalty after 77 minutes )


    Maeda came on for Kyogo after 67 minutes.


    80 minutes gone.

  6. IniquitousIV on

    Just read that cheatin’ Beaton reffed the Kosovo- Greece game.


    The despicable bar steward’s first booking was, you guessed it, big Gia.


    The Hun can’t help himself.

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  8. Kyogo,and Minimino,would have been better off on holiday.Total lack of service.Making runs,but midfield too slow to see them.Maeda freighted twice with frightening the keeper with his pace,but he also suffered,no decent through balls.Then again,it was Brazil.


    Neymar at his very best,tormented the Japanese defence the whole game.


    Itakura,looks quick,and not afraid to tackle.

  9. A lot of misplaced frights and freights in that post.


    This Laptop is aff its heid

  10. IniquitousIV on

    Brazil have now beaten South Korea in Seoul, and Japan in Tokyo by the same scoreline, 1-0.

  11. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Shawlands. Where is the Turkiyebhoy geezer?😂

  12. IniquitousIV on




    Good afternoon all from Shawlands. Where is the Turkiyebhoy geezer?😂




    Turkiye, I believe.

  13. Paul67,



    They only become benefits if we seize them with both hands (in the short term, allow Ange the resources to kick on in season 2 with a view to keeping the league title secure and progress in Europe).



    In the longer term (and something that seems very unlike us) is to ensure a footballing structure can remain in place after the departure of a charasmatic coach (people, philosophy, structure, facilities, etc).



    Resetting around DD again would be an abject waste of our time long term when the footballing landscape is changing.




  14. pre-season training is much more scientific than in the old days when it seemed to consist of running the legs of players until they throw up. Each player will have to follow an individual plan designed for him uniquely and monitoring his performance. I also expect Ange to up his tactical preparations to educate the players, New and old, in his tactics and philosophy.



    We will have players coming and going throughout this period with International games, injuries and transfer activities all affecting availability



    our website had 31 listed and 13 loanees. we have lost Rogic, Bitton, Dembele, Doohan, Coffey, Connell, Henderson, McInroy, Paterso

  15. Patterson, Afolabi which is 10 players out. That still leaves 34 plus any promotions from the. B team



    I am sure more will go an of course a few more additions.



    The task is vast to turnaround a squad

  16. Does anyone know what the is the longest time Ange has had training with the full squad since he arrived?

  17. SLÁINTE ANGE on 6TH JUNE 2022 3:38 PM


    YORKBHOY on 6TH JUNE 2022 3:20 PM



    A week





    Another bonus of not having qualifiers… spending time assessing the players

  18. Don`t know if I mentioned it but I heartily endorse the view of whoever recommended the Alex Ferguson documentary that was on Channel Four a few nights ago. Quite a man.

  19. YORKBHOY on 6TH JUNE 2022 3:50pm



    “Another bonus of not having qualifiers… spending time assessing the players”



    No need to assess our players. Plenty of CQNers have already done that for him :-))

  20. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Bon Accord. A beer paradise. Owner and family are Tims. Big bonus. I met a few cqn lads in here years ago.

  21. Grandkids returned to their mums



    Bigbhoy – I’d hope that Barkas and Ajeti would be moved on.

  22. I see the lesser spotted Patterson is fit for Wednesday – hardly played a game and returning from injury – darling of the MSSM

  23. BRRB


    Not bad to be honest – my granddaughter did most of the entertainment this afternoon.


    Great having them but nice to hand them back 🥰

  24. bigrailroadblues on

    Hot Smoked, I think you were. CCB was there and Celticrollercoaster. Probably BMCUWP and Philbhoy. Been to so many I get confused about those attending.

  25. BRRB


    You do get around a bit – what’s your mode of transport – shank’s 🚶

  26. BRRB


    Yes but only valid in England – only used mine twice.


    Walked to Macclesfield (17 miles ) and got the bus back.


    Park and ride at Lincoln.



    Needs renewing this month

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