When the manager needs to stay in his lane


I have a lot of time for Bolton Wanderers.  During their extended stay in the English topflight, their late chief exec., Phil Gartside, was a regular supporter of Celtic joining the English and Welsh league pyramid.

When we signed 18-year-old Luca Connell from them in 2019, Bolton were in financial trouble.  Celtic could have acquired the player without paying a fee, but as an act of solidarity, agreed to meet the terms Bolton were asking from English clubs, who, operating under different criteria from Celtic, were required to pay.

£350k made its way into the bank of the Greater Manchester club.  Three years on and Luca has been released, having made no competitive appearances for Celtic.

The football department at Lennoxtown have decision makers at various levels, each with responsibility to recruit for a part of our internal player-pyramid and with an authority to spend budget.  The manager has oversight, but he cannot know enough about who is right for the youth squads.

Paths crossed when it came to Luca.  He was at Bolton as a youth when Neil Lennon was manager there.  Neil became ‘permanent’ manager at Celtic five weeks before that £350k payment went south in return for Luca.

All managers have their pet projects, so this is no reflection on Neil, but we have people in positions lower down the ladder for a reason.  Sometimes the boss needs to stay in his lane.

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  1. SAINT STIVS on 4TH JUNE 2022 12:38 PM


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  2. SAINT STIVS on 4TH JUNE 2022 12:45 PM




    She’s maybe filling in her census form for Balmoral.



    Wouldn’t want to incur a fine.

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  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from sunny Shawlands. A lovely stroll through Queens Park and now to rip the cludgie water out halfwit huns. Is there no end to this folly?

  6. What’s it got to do what the Queen is up to on this site,You are all good at about The Orange Order having to change,seems it’s about time plenty on here change ,there attitude,I’m more interested in my football club Glasgow Celtic than the Queen ,Independence ,Politics,Politicians,and everything else that’s completely boring 🧤🧤

  7. bigrailroadblues on

    Any reports of unruly behaviour by one of our esteemed posters in Northumberland?🤔

  8. “Just scroll on by, wait on the corner, I love you but we’re strangers when we meet” por cierto

  9. Go on The Yoker! Didn’t know that’s how long it had been since their last Cup Final! por cierto

  10. Sometimes a major shareholder needs to stay in their lane as well.



    If all Lennon’s mistakes, Luca Connell isn’t one I’ll dwell too long on.



    Best of luck, Luca, it just didn’t work out here but I’m sure you’ll get your chance elsewhere.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well can’t remember going to bed BRRB, no measures for the gin😱😵🍸

  12. Drew1967



    Heh good Celt,you awrite? Had a wee red book check


    35/6 Benburb 1 yoker 0


    They won it 32/3👇


    Yoker 4 Tranent juniors 2



    Used to be full of angry ex pros,fitba for farmers lol,local club here Pollok used to play to 4/5,000.



    Enjoy the game




  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Prestonpans Bhoys 2.13. Good lad, rip it up and start again. You know it makes sense. 👍

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  16. Some upcoming international fixtures that will involve some of our bhoys –


    ●Croatia v France , 06/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Denmark v Croatia , 10/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Kosovo v Greece , 05/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Greece v Cyprus , 09/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Albania v Israel , 10/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Iceland v Israel , 13/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Japan v Brazil , 06/06 , 11.20 am KO


    ●Scotland v Armenia , 08/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Ireland v Scotland , 11/06 , 5.00 pm KO


    ●Sweden v Norway , 05/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●Sweden v Serbia , 09/06 , 7.45 pm KO


    ●USA v Uruguay , 05/06 , 10.00 pm KO


    ●USA v Grenada , 11/06 , 03.00 am KO

  17. Does that the Celtic bhoys site ever have any good news ,always doom and gloom . That’s them blocked .

  18. Matt playing for Denmark.?


    Juranovic for Croatia?


    Gia for Greece?



    How are they doing?


    Updates please anyone



  19. INIQUITOUSIV on 4TH JUNE 2022 4:52 PM






    One ex-Celt, Duffy.



    He is a good player.whatever happened won’t change anything.he wore the hoops.was looking to see bhoys playing young coffey,vata


    Just hoping Celts get thro uninjured.



    Any good players your side?