Seeking game time in Qatar


Marco Tilio made a late substitute appearance in Australia’s final Asian Cup warm-up game against Bharain on Saturday.  The player is clearly valued higher in his home country than around Lennoxtown.  With little prospect of a promotion to the Celtic starting line-up ahead, any chance the player has to shine would be useful for him and the club.

Oh Hyeon-gyu played the first half of Korea’s game against Iraq on the same day.  There is little chance of Oh moving on this month but, like Marco, he is a player who would benefit from gametime in Qatar.

Japan’s opener against Vietnam on Sunday will attract most attention from Celtic fans.  Reo Hatate should be close to full fitness, although I doubt he will start the game.  Daizen Maeda led the line for Japan at the World Cup, when they expected to play a counter-attacking game.  Tactics will be different against Vietnam than they were against Spain, so Daizen may not play the same role.

Again, you and I will lie in our beds at night pondering why one of the greatest Celtic players of this century is on a beach somewhere right now.

The Sun report Celtic have received a work permit for Nicolas Kuhn.  This detail is usually completed after paperwork is signed.  Hopefully we’re a ‘Ross Hall moment’ away from getting this one over the line.

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  1. I turned 60 last October .


    My close friends and family have up until recently ,complimented me on my long term memory .


    My mother in law has been coping with Altziemers /dementis for about 4 years .


    A periferal friend has recently died of dementia in his early 60’s .



    Dementia scares me .


    At the age of 60 . Far too often I worry about my memory lapses.


    Is it just natural ageing or dementia?



    But I am prone to being on the edge of negative thought .



    My nature has always been to mistrust .


    To non believe .


    To want actual proof ,not hot faith or hope .



    To give accolade to success not promise.



    My original post was intended to talk about the Kano foundation .


    My mind has wandered .



    I have now recalled my original thoughts .



    I want to give praise to those that responded to Pablophanques original request to help Martin Kane .



    I deveated,because my memory fails me .



    I therefore hope that some can fill in the names of those that I forget ,and have compassion for my failing memory .



    So let me begin .



    I have not researched,nor do I know the current main players and activists within the Kano foundation .



    I do know that I admire ,greatly .The personal sacrifices that you make .



    But .



    The main reason for my post is to give credit to the wonderful humans who responded to Pablophanques original cry for help .



    My problem is that my memory fails me too often .




    The original cry for help came from Pablo ,and the good doctor from Dumfries .



    I responded and we organised a meeting at Babbity Bowsers .


    Many attended .


    We sat in the beer garden ,behind BB’s .



    We had to endure the loyalist flute bands as they marched down the High Street towards the Tolbooth .



    I remember thinking .


    They spew their hatred as we try to do good .



    To Auld Davy ,The 2 two Greenockians / port Glasgow .


    To Auld Davy .


    To John McDonald .


    To Marc ,


    To Stephen Fallon .



    To RB .


    To John Paul Gilmartin .



    To those that my 60 year old brain sees but can’t name .



    There are not many ,that pontificate about the Celtic way .


    That can actually meet your measure .





    Again .


    I apologise to those that I have forgotten .



    There is not enough known about those that layed the foundations of the Kano Foundation .



    Keep on keeping on .




  2. TT



    I met a few of Martin Kanes family in McChuills a few years ago at a meet that BMCUWP had arranged, I didn’t know the story back then… since that time my daughter went to Celtic Park twice through the Kano foundation around 4yrs ago at primary school, she has now bought tickets for her & her pal for the Buckie Thistle game … she has already ditched her auld da



    Celtic should be promoting the Kano foundation as much as possible they are making the kids of the future our fans of the future … especially the kids at primary school who couldn’t afford to get to Celtic park .. none of the kids are allowed money … so all treated the same



    A terrific legacy for the whole family 🍀

  3. GFTB



    You a,ready have brought solace to my pickled heed.






    I’m sure the Ghirls will be Tim’s for Life .






  4. TT 3.44am



    You mentioning the Kano Foundation made me post



    Celtic …. Should be promoting this especially that PLC mob … they are making young kids … fans (and the club money :-)



    I know, the Kano foundation got my wee yin hooked more than my efforts … so am forever in their debt :-)



    Also for the other kids … am sure other families will be the same, can’t praise the Kano Foundation enough 🍀

  5. Good morning all from a very mild Garngad.



    Have we signed anyone yet.



    Are we sooooooooo close, wow how long does it take.



    D. :)

  6. Tiny Tim


    Make an appointment with your GP or practice nurse to discuss things, if necessary they can arrange for a memory test at a local memory clinic service.

  7. Do we really have any confidence in getting the players in we really need to do the job of winning this league .

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning CQN



    Tinytim – awesome. Respect.



    If I may intrude – was that a difficult one to write and post?

  9. Madeia is another option for a striker,did he play as as a striker with his last club ,so left back is a possibility.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Sutty saying Kuhn is a project…………worrying!






    FSC – Lol.



    Loved Chris as a player.



    Liked him as a pundit on BT Sports.



    He wasn’t phone-a-friend material by any means but his bluntness was occasionally humourous.



    Now employed in the Punch and Judy routine run by Sly Sports.


    (Dark side of the Force).




    Sshh. Whisper it.



    When Alan Brazil retorts “I’m not having that!” to either McCoist or Cundy?



    Same kind of show. Different puppeteer.

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on



    With reference to recent “spend the money” debates in here.



    £52m in this instance.



    When the world knows you have money to spend? ….



    … every pimp, hustler, shyster, bootlegger and long con artist comes out of the woodwork to peddle you their cubic zirconium.

  12. DAVID66 on 13TH JANUARY 2024 8:26 AM


    Big Jimmy how are you mate?




    I have ALMOST recovered from the Flu/Chest Infection, but I STILL havent been out anywhere since December 1st, so NO BEERS since then.



    I hope that you and the family are well all well mate.


    Thanks for asking.



  13. BIG JIMMY on 13TH JANUARY 2024 10:54 AM



    Glad to hear you have ALMOST recovered.


    Difficult though it may prove to be, I would recommend overdoing your abstemious period rather than going back too soon. You have done really well to manage nearly eight weeks so I am sure you will cope with another week .


    I think you should get someone to capture your first pint back on their phone and let us all enjoy the occasion with you :-)))

  14. Tinytim



    Thanks for sharing some lovely heartfelt thoughts about the Kano foundation and two of the biggest characters ever on CQN. A nice reminder of how to truly make a difference and what’s important in life



    I hope you find some peace of mind, you certainly deserve it.

  15. All the best Big Jimmy. This winter feels like it’s been one long cold/flu/COVID for me, proper wears you down.




    Nkunku had a record of serious injuries at Leipzig, I think Chelsea signed him when he was injured so god knows what they expected.



    Mind you, I put him in my fantasy epl team so what do I know

  17. Big Jimmy good to hear you are on the mend.



    We need a chump chaser on here and the job is yours if you want it.



    You are in recovery mode for an early February afternoon tea party with the Shipbank shipwrecks.



    D. :)

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