Seeking game time in Qatar


Marco Tilio made a late substitute appearance in Australia’s final Asian Cup warm-up game against Bharain on Saturday.  The player is clearly valued higher in his home country than around Lennoxtown.  With little prospect of a promotion to the Celtic starting line-up ahead, any chance the player has to shine would be useful for him and the club.

Oh Hyeon-gyu played the first half of Korea’s game against Iraq on the same day.  There is little chance of Oh moving on this month but, like Marco, he is a player who would benefit from gametime in Qatar.

Japan’s opener against Vietnam on Sunday will attract most attention from Celtic fans.  Reo Hatate should be close to full fitness, although I doubt he will start the game.  Daizen Maeda led the line for Japan at the World Cup, when they expected to play a counter-attacking game.  Tactics will be different against Vietnam than they were against Spain, so Daizen may not play the same role.

Again, you and I will lie in our beds at night pondering why one of the greatest Celtic players of this century is on a beach somewhere right now.

The Sun report Celtic have received a work permit for Nicolas Kuhn.  This detail is usually completed after paperwork is signed.  Hopefully we’re a ‘Ross Hall moment’ away from getting this one over the line.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Oh dear. Feleeep Claymont red carded in R2ngers behind closed doors 1-0 defeat to Hertha Berlin.



    Calm down dear it’s only a game.






    FrankieBhoy – You’ll never make it in the SMSM.



    Tomorrow’s headlines.



    “Clement shows his passion”



    “Clement fully committed”



    “Clement totally understands the Sevco cause”



    “Clement unafraid to confront anyone in pursuit of victory”

  2. OWEN on 12TH JANUARY 2024 11:31 PM



    Owen had forgotten Dena was your sister ,will you tell her I was asking for her ,cheers 🍀



    Tom McLaughlin



    Welcome back mhate. hh




    Tomorrow’s headline should lead:



    Clement fits huns like a glove!

  4. garygillespieshamstring on




    Never had him as my dentist but I know he used to do his dentist for St John’s Home in Springboig while he was still playing for Celtic.

  5. if anyone comes in asking for me, tell them i aint been in, you havnt seen min in yonks, know what i mean.



    whatever you say, say nothing.

  6. It matters not, how good or bad a goal is in the EPL. If McCoist is describing it, it’s a wonderful, out of this world, unbelievable thing of beauty. It’s absholootly panty wettingly perfection of the highest order.


    But a Celtic goal is always down to poor defending




  7. TIMBHOY163 at 5.49 pm


    No , I never watched the game .


    I’m set up for the Japan game though as my ahem “device” has an Asia Cup folder and an Astro Supersport folder , where I am currently watching the Uzbekistan v Syria game .

  8. Today’s Asia cup round up –


    Australia 2 India 0


    China 0 Tajikistan 0


    Uzbekistan 0 Syria 0

  9. Fred Colon on 13th January 2024 7:22 pm


    I’m set up for the Japan game though as my ahem “device” has an Asia Cup folder and an Astro Supersport folder , where I am currently watching the Uzbekistan v Syria game .




    You’re missing a midfield masterclass from De Bruyne in the Geordie v Man City game

  10. Aw naw , they wallopers Tom McL and St Stivs are back !!!


    Only kidding boys , welcome back 🤪

  11. Prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 13TH JANUARY 2024 7:05 PM




    Welcome back 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  12. Tinytim 5.57pm



    Cheers for the chat in the early hours



    Kano Foundation should get far more publicity from the club 🍀



    Tom, St Stivs … surely PeteC for the hattrick

  13. Thinking about it , my viewing habits are a bit weird .


    I just finished watching all the available episodes of Public Eye last night .


    Frank Marker – what a guy

  14. Tom McLaughlin on




    The Celtic Foundation logo often appears on Celtic shirts under certain circumstances. Also, the club has always provided free tickets for the hundred or so kids at every home game.

  15. Tom 7.41pm



    the Kano foundation “buy” the season tickets don’t think the club provide any (I could be wrong) my own daughter and young (great) nephew have been recipients of the Kano foundation through their primary schools …



    My post was to highlight the good the Kano Foundation do and the club should support the initiative… am pretty sure they don’t



    This isn’t a dig at the the club … just an opportunity for them to assist a great cause and our youngsters … an open goal in my opinion … the fans of the future

  16. Tom 7.45pm



    No apology necessary :-)



    Both the Celtic foundation & the Kano foundation are great for our club 🍀

  17. Mr T Mc Laughlin,



    Welcome back.Was a bit worried.We know what happened to the last guy that said


    ” Just stepping out.I may be gon for some time”



  18. Wish big Sutton would just step out for a while.Chris,just leave the crap rumours to the Hun cheerleaders.


    You don’t have to be in the headlines every day talking nonense like,


    Kuhn is not a project


    Lagerbielke is not a did.

  19. Evening all.



    Good to see Tom and St Stivs back on the blog.



    Hopefully PETEC as well, however I must admit, his posts baffles me some times. :)



    GFTB and TLT can decode it for me, :)







  20. Belmont Brian 8.25pm



    I can hardly decode my own mince :-)



    Hope that Bhoy of yours is doing well 🍀