Seeking game time in Qatar


Marco Tilio made a late substitute appearance in Australia’s final Asian Cup warm-up game against Bharain on Saturday.  The player is clearly valued higher in his home country than around Lennoxtown.  With little prospect of a promotion to the Celtic starting line-up ahead, any chance the player has to shine would be useful for him and the club.

Oh Hyeon-gyu played the first half of Korea’s game against Iraq on the same day.  There is little chance of Oh moving on this month but, like Marco, he is a player who would benefit from gametime in Qatar.

Japan’s opener against Vietnam on Sunday will attract most attention from Celtic fans.  Reo Hatate should be close to full fitness, although I doubt he will start the game.  Daizen Maeda led the line for Japan at the World Cup, when they expected to play a counter-attacking game.  Tactics will be different against Vietnam than they were against Spain, so Daizen may not play the same role.

Again, you and I will lie in our beds at night pondering why one of the greatest Celtic players of this century is on a beach somewhere right now.

The Sun report Celtic have received a work permit for Nicolas Kuhn.  This detail is usually completed after paperwork is signed.  Hopefully we’re a ‘Ross Hall moment’ away from getting this one over the line.

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  1. BRRB,



    Is that the correct spelling for”Oxters” Never seen it in written form.



  2. Our manager is more than likely asking the board what quality players we’re chasing…you know…the ones he says the team NEEDS


    My worry is we’ll be looking for another new manager sooner rather than later

  3. 31003,



    FFS,you still rabbiting on?.Lucky you use a Blog name,will cut down on the mocking you would get for posting nonsense.


    Now go away..

  4. Almore



    You’re to kind. I lurk .mostly but when I saw the opportunity I took it.



    Hope you are well and the Cafe dreams come true some day.



    You couldn’t mock me if you tried



    I refuse to stoop to your level of name calling and attempted ridicule


    I only ever state facts


    Read back and learn

  6. BRRB,



    Heard the word a thousand times,never seen it in print.


    :-)).Like a Ricky Fulton word.

  7. We can’t afford 11 £10m players



    We can afford 4/5



    Man up please board and give us a BETTER chance

  8. TURKEYBHOY on 12TH JANUARY 2024 11:02 PM





    Think I’ m doing OK without trying..






    Poor effort….must do better

  9. Anyway,far from asking for the players some halfwit is claiming,,Brendan a week ago saying” he is looking to spend 10 million in this window.If he needs a bit more,the money is there”.


    Now that’s a fact,not a fantasy.

  10. 31003 on 12TH JANUARY 2024 10:58 PM





    how much did Lennon, Hartson, Sutton, Jota, Edouard cost.




    An awfy lot more than Reo.



    The point I am making is that bargains can be found. Expensive signings are no guarantee to success.



    To reiterate, I would like a striker this January window. But so do Arsenal.



    If the Aberdeen boy is available, then go get him. It will cost us , but it is a chance worth taking.




  11. Owen: I mostly lurk these days but enjoy the contributions of posters who have been around here for a long time.



    I used to organise a school tour to Celtic every year from around 1997 but the death of the Celtic Tiger economy put an end to that around 2014.



    I’m in my last year of teaching but a young teacher of Greek Cypriot background encouraged me to resurrect the tour so this year I will host my last ever school Celtic tour (with great helping from the Kano Foundation) and hopefully, she will continue to promote Celtic FC in the school.



    We’ll be over on the 27th v Ross County so if any of you are in the vicinity come down and say hello to us.



    I posted this the other day….


    I hope you’re right.




    MARSPAPA on 10TH JANUARY 2024 8:22 PM


    If it can be done/agreed, a swap deal with Vata for Hooijdonk.



    Makes sense to me.

  13. Emerald Bee 7.29



    Thanks v much my friend



    We know,


    We know they know


    They know We know


    They know We know They know.





    Away to watch Black 47



    Hail Hail

  14. Seems like Kvistgaarten being strongly touted again.If true,Brendan must like him.Talking around 7 million.Seems pricey for his goals record.Might just be chatter,but its seemingl strong chatter.

  15. Almore



    That is some fantastic achievement. Me and my daughter have been to a few games together, we travel up to Lurgan and then travel with the CSC that Dena, my big sis, travels with on boat.



    She enjoyed the drinks but wouldn’t believe her old dad about toilets on a coach full of lads until she experienced it herself. Now she knows better but still wants to keep on travelling. My season card might get transferred when I keel over.



    Her first match as an adult was emotional for me to be honest.

  16. Greenpinta,



    Would have thought Kuhn,Miovski,Araujo,would have been good January signings.Cover where Brendan needs at the moment and would be around what he says he will spend.I think he wants cash for the summer.Good keepers don’t come cheap.We will see.




    Never seen you posting on here without trying to insult someone. You don’t know or have any idea how to debate or have an adult conversation without throwing out insults.


    I’m thick skinned….i see through people like you, often. I’ve dealt with and discarded people like you on a regular basis over the years. To me, you are a blowhard and comedy bully.


    That’s not meant as an insult….its simply the way I see you…..go back to your idyllic Turkey life in the sun….(keep telling yourself that) and take a chill pill….lifes way too short






    Not much chance of that. By jingo these guys can argue. Dearie me.



    If I’m included as one of “these guys” let me say I’m arguing with no one. Difference of opinion yes, but I refuse to get caught up in name calling or insults.


    I’m bigger than that

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