Set-piece plans fulfilled and conceding chances


Last week we discussed how Celtic’s attacking set-piece strategy was to aim for Christopher Jullien, while others attempt to block defenders impeding his run, and what the arrival of Shane Duffy would do for options.  An hour into Saturday’s game in Dingwall provided the answer.  While Jullien made his customary run to meet a corner kick, Duffy picked his moment to rise and head his opening goal for Celtic.

Before the arrival of Jullien last year, Celtic’s corner kick effectiveness was awful.  We are not quite back to the Martin O’Neill era-level, but Chris and Shane have changed our threat level significantly.

Again, Albian Ajeti puts the ball in the net(i), his third goal since arriving last month.  We have seen so little of Ajeti that it is difficult to make a proper assessment of him, which makes his goal tally all the more impressive.

It seems incongruous that Vasilis Barkas had his best performance in the purple of Celtic in a game we won by five goals.  He made five saves, three of them particularly impressive, and County hit the woodwork twice.

As happy as Neil Lennon will be at the goals and manner of Celtic’s attacking play, he will be concerned we offered up so many chances to a weak Ross County team.  The years when Celtic could afford to simply out score the opposition passed long ago, we cannot continue to offer up the chances County and Hamilton have enjoyed this season.  You know how this ends if not arrested.

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    I did say a couple of weeks ago that Christie is looking a bit,full of himself.Watch him,all his actions cry out,”I am a main man here”.A good bit to go before that becomes a reality.Armstrong paid his dues to get his move.A good player ,but at the moment,not doing what he was doing before.


    A reality check required.For his Da as well.



    Luton have a cracking Celtic club.



    Post of the Day,sir

  3. FFS Turkeybhoy,



    I haven’t mentioned Taylor but I need to give it a rest? A cracker.



    You’d start a fight in an empty house. Scroll by me in future. I’ll talk about whatever I want without asking your permission ya walloper.

  4. RE the crown dependency thingy. Boris was in Orkney the last time he was here, perhaps met up with some Shetlanders there too, por cierto.

  5. I think some of things on the field, like Christie’s selfishness and Forrest’s laziness is down to things not being as ruthless at the club as they once were, por cierto

  6. Fix the frigging log in issues FFS! First, you can’t log on, on any browser, on any device. After repeated attempts, you are finally able to see the latest post. Then when you scroll to the previous page, you are immediately logged out. Eventually, you are forced to post something just to get on. This is simply ridiculous, and does not occur on any other blog or site. It is simply driving people away, be they posters or lurkers. The broad church is becoming a Wee Free pew. Fix the frigging problem!!

  7. After the login is fixed can we also have a mute button please……?



    It allows the permanently enraged to avoid seeing stuff that makes their wee old, hearts flutter.

  8. `Christie’s selfishness and Forrest’s laziness `



    I was not aware ( and remain unaware) of these two failings.

  9. HOT SMOKED on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:32 PM



    Thanks for the reply bud. I feel that Christie, since it was muted that he might be looking to get away, has been rather selfish of late. Jamesy boy is good for the first 65/70 mins but then doesn’t make enough of an effort to get back and help out. Just the way I see it, por cierto.

  10. HOT SMOKED on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:30 PM


    Big Wavy


    Whay have you not mentioned Taylor? Don`t you rate him worthy of a mention?






  11. CaddingtonCommon on

    Apoplectic, re your explanation of pen pusher, it was tongue in cheek question to Ernie.


    His answer is quite only “ pen push.

  12. Cheers Bada. It’s true.



    I really hope all Celtic clubs manage to get through this.



    Anyway, driving finished. The grass can wait. It’s swan, duck, dog and beer time.



    Cheers and HH.

  13. Olivier Ntcham certainly did play off his natural side on Saturday,and flourished as stated by ole EC67. James Forrest was deployed on the opposite side of where he normally plays, very unfair on a right winger already tarred with the invisible in his own position tag.



    There are more right sided players in the world than there are lefties I’d guess, which leads to the modern habit of right sided players being played wide left and cutting inside, rather than overlapping. James Milner being a recent case in point.



    The most naturally right sided player I’ve ever witnessed was Celtic’s best ever left back and scored in Lisbon and Milan, off the flank centrally on his natural foot, throw in Tom Boyd and Joos Valgaeren Danny McGrain for Scotland and its proof positive, it can be done, I”m confident Celtic will augment Greg Taylor’s development with another player before October.



    BTW ON was M.O.M IMO… take that MM

  14. Olivier Ntcham was, once again, a beautiful specimen on Saturday.



    Dear Celtic. Don’t sell Ntcham…

  15. Saint Tams


    I would give Elhamed a shot at the left of a back 3. He plays there for Israel, and has played there with his previous club too.

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    Olivier Ntcham was, once again, a beautiful specimen on Saturday.



    Dear Celtic. Don’t sell Ntcham…





    best midfielder in the country

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    AN DÚN on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 3:58 PM


    I think we should play Duffy in the middle of the back three. He’ll be able to walk Ajer and Jullien through the games better from that position.




    I thought Duffy at the middle too. Wee bit disappointing that Jullien needs talked through given the price-tag, but I think you are absolutely right.






  18. Turkeybhoy


    What is it you see in Taylor?


    Worst left back I have seen in a Celtic shirt ever. Will never develop into a Celtic player in my view. I genuinely don’t rate him. Killie standard player at best.


    You rate Taylor but slag Christie. I am baffled by that.

  19. Hot smoked



    Christies selfishness has just appeared this season, Charlies interview was recent as well. Ryans Contract expires end of May 2022



    I have never heard of Lenny complaining of “players not wanting to be here”

  20. Cannot believe the Christie & Jamesie negativity.


    We won 5-0 away.


    Jamesie was sacrificed for the team on the left.


    Christie didn’t even get on until the game was over!


    Both were P.O.T.Y last season!!!



    To indulge the negatons, May I ask , “has Broonie lost half a yard?”




  21. FESS19 on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 2:18 PM


    Did anyone buy the Ross County TV transmission for international viewing? How was the quality?




    The picture quality was excellent. Before the game, there was a slight crackling noise in the background, which disappeared once the game started. Hopefully, the St Mirren ppv will be as good. Hard to say what kind of numbers would have bought it. Maybe 5000 Celtic supporters? I guess the low volume of people logging in to view, might have helped the quality be so reliable.

  22. My goodness, Ed Miliband just destroyed Johnson there. If you’ve not seen it is definitely worth a look.

  23. Sky running an advert for Sky Sports and BT Sport package….they must be struggling re illegal streams

  24. Saw the stats for James on Saturday. For someone who doesn’t track back he spent an awful lot of time receiving the ball around the left full back position.



    He was the out ball several times.



    How did he manage that ?



    PS. Only gave the ball away twice but was involved in the moves that retrieved it.



    I really wonder what people see.



    Never a lazy player these days. Never.




    Thanks for info re RC PPV, (sounds like MadMick there). Can get SKY,BT and Premier no problem but need to consider PPV for other games.



    Good to see some CQN’rs finally appreciate what Olly Ntcham brings to the team.



    “Has Broony lost 1/2 a yard”. Looking at goal celebrations he seems to half lost 1/2 a foot! Or a we just signing tall players?




  26. James Forrest is a very underrated player and a convenient scapegoat.



    I wonder what Jobo’s excellent ranking system would show.?