Shadow industry around football


There’s speculation in one of the ‘papers today that Celtic are interested in a 28-year-old forward playing in the English second-tier whom few of us have heard of.  Celtic will sign a player of this profile on occasion, but he will not feature in a target list over two months before the transfer window opens.  Lists with that profile on them are visited late in a disappointing window.

Footballers and their agents are always looking to maximise their return.  Newspapers are always looking for stories.  What does an agent need to do to be able to tell a newspaper in good conscience that Celtic are looking at a player?  I think an email and phone call to one of the scouts is enough.  There’s a whole shadow industry around football which sits in plain sight but is underappreciated.

“You can’t just drop someone into a football club from the other side of the world and expect them to adapt to the culture, food, training, all these various facets it takes.”  Brendan Rodgers, talking about Yang’s recent good form after arriving at the club in the summer.

He added, “People not only forget it, but don’t understand it, or don’t want to understand it.”  Too succeed at the game we need to understand key components of the game.  None is more important that how to support the development of players.

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  1. Bankiebhoy



    I know your afar


    But you can think of him





    Alex McKillop



    The funeral mass for our dear pal Alex, Eurochamps67, will be held at St Peter’s, Hamilton, on 3rd April at 10.00am, and on to South Lanarkshire Crematorium thereafter.



    If you can, please do come. It would be good to pack the place out for the big chap.




  2. AT – thanks matey. I certainly will.



    Celtic Quick News is a Very special Club – ye might say -A Club like no other!




  3. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Should have added to read cqn only



    Change your browser to brave or duckduckgo 👍



    Change your browser to brave or duckduckgo 👍




    I’ve been using Duck Duck Go for ages now with no ad issues. However, these past few days, I’m getting around one pop-up advert on CQN every few pages I click on. Some I can click the x and close it and some I have to refresh the page to get rid.

  5. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Interesting my background is solaris not windees stuff but try I use it and don’t have issues, takes a minute or two anyway.

  6. It would look like “Vanish” if that is “IP Vanish” are one of the fraudulent VPN’s that don’t protect you but collect all of your data instead…according to this. 👇️



    Be wary of websites that check to see if you use a VPN and insist that you must be naked before entry to said websites and that your data will be freely collected through the backdoors of WordPress shady mob. 👀️




  7. ParkheadcumSalford/ Bankiebhoy


    From his great friend





    RIP Alex McKillop EuroChamps67 passed away 7th March aged 67.



    I’m glad you picked the spare desk beside me on our first day at Holy Cross, Hamilton, I’m glad you embraced me into your family home, I’m glad you used to keep me wakened all night talking CelticLongNews, I’m glad you were great at impersonating David Francey, I’m glad you saw all the best ever Celtic sides, i’m glad you had a great view standing up on beer cans in the Celtic end at Hampden, I’m glad you were Best Man for my wedding.



    We eventually followed in the footsteps we previously saw, on black and white television on 25th May 1967, a pilgrimage to Lisbon ( 50th anniversary ) we sat there on a beautiful day in that amphitheatre called Estadio Nacional. Our self appointed guide for the day, a taxi driver with perfect English. (We only knew Obrigado) .The guide wasn’t born till after Celtic won yon day, but was not surprisingly, well versed about Celtic, though not half as well versed as he was, after Alex had finished with him.



    Alex played football to amateur level persistently in the mistaken belief that there was a striker ‘ in there somewhere ‘ , he switched to be a successful teacher coach again, and could set out a team to attack, many moons before high press was even a thing, or low block, was plain cattenachio.



    Alex renewed his ST this season and bought the CL package in the full knowledge he probably wouldn’t make a single game, so when the time came he had gifted it all, to other Celtic supporters. He objected when he had to relocate his beloved seat in the mainstand, for mere UEFA delegates, in a sense I suppose, he had a last Champions league laugh.



    A fine papa, father, brother, husband, teacher, friend, another great man down for ole Celtic, I’m glad you had the most fitting CQN moniker ever, you were the epitome of what a Celtic supporter should be. Alex – in the highly unlikely event I ever make it, mind that spare desk beside you in Paradise.



    Hail Hail

  8. Majestic Hartson on

    JACKIEMAC on 27TH MARCH 2024 6:45 PM


    If you have an empty fridge, which is switched on and you put a pie in; does it use more electricity?





    If it’s switched on – more. I read years ago that every second a fridge was open took an extra 11 seconds to get back to the same temperature.



    That’s before you even put the warmed pie in there, which Id imagine would bring thr overall temperatures insider down.

  9. i left my old rangers ice lolly in the fridge, it had been there for years and years and years.



    i went on holiday.



    came back a month later, and it was melted, liquidated, expired, just the old wrapper, with the logo.



    in the same place.



    i packed it with ice. told everyone its the same lolly.



    cause it is in the same place, with the same wrapper, and colours, and logo.



    i only thing that is the same is its bitter orange, with the same flies.

  10. Just back from a magic show in a small 40 person theatre. Loovul lover got us tickets.



    Fun wee night.



    To the folks going to the US tour:



    Will be in DC for 4 nights with the last being the night after the game.


    North Carolina game I will be there for two days and my boss (a Fulham supporting yank gent) will be with me match day.


    Notre Dame game will be just me with a few stragglers from my old job. 4 hours from my house so spending one night.




  11. Should have said.



    My Loovul lover, who a few of you have met, will be in DC with me.



    Lisbon in May.


    20th anniversary of being in the US this June and heading back to Chicago to celebrate.


    Celtic in July.



    This year is looking good.



    ‘mon the Brendan ra morra,

  12. Good morning all from 4 degree, chilly but dry at the moment Garngad. A beautiful crisp morning.



    Good luck to Brendan and our solicitor today I hope we have a dossier of cheating instances like a dictionary to unload on these cheating bassas.


    At the very end of the hearing no matter what we should be issuing an ultimatum that we want independent officials from afar to do var or else we are pulling our funding of a rod that is used to constantly beat us over the head and make such an announcement via the media as well.


    No more back of the bus shit please Celtic.


    Get intake them.



    3 more sleeps to we see the Famous Glasgow Celtic.



    1 more sleep to I meet the Govanhill ruffian and the shipbank crew.



    D. :)

  13. Anyone heard anything about when semi-final tickets may go on sale. Heard Aberdeen started their sale on Monday?




    Newspaper Report of the Fire in 1929


    Celtic Team Photos Destroyed



    A disastrous fire which damaged the Pavilion of Glasgow Celtic Football Club at Parkhead took place this forenoon



    The blow is a particular severe one in the view of the fact that not only was the whole of the club’s equipment burned, but many photographic records of the club were destroyed, It will be a easy matter to replace the football gear, but the valuable old pictures cannot be replaced.



    Photo of Original Team



    The loss of these books would have amounted almost to a club calamity. There are still many people that remember the formation of the team in 1888, but with the loss of the records it would practically be a impossibility to have at any time compiled a authentic history of Celtic. At the same time many fine old photographs went up in the pall of smoke. These included a group of the original Celtic team, the first Celtic team to win the Scottish Cup. the first Celtic team to win the League Championship. and single photographs of Micky Dunbar, J.H.McLaughlin, John Glass, and other men who were prominent in the early days.

  15. BRENDAN against the SFA MOB..


    Ive been reading some stuff this morning about the ” POSSIBLE” Outcome of Brendans SFA Hearing this morning ?



    It is being ” suggested” that Brendan will be found GUILTY of some Rule Book, and be hit with a ” 2 Game” Touchline Ban.


    However, the SFA MAY look for a way out of this by Banning Brendan from the Dug Out for the upcoming Livingstone game as the first part of the Ban…..BUT the ” Second Game” Ban be ” SUSPENDED”, which would allow Brendan to be on the Touchline at Ibrox next week ?



    The above is ” Possible” I suppose, but HOPEFULLY Brendans Legal Eagle ( NICK DE MARCO ) have the AMMO to really take on the SFA and the level of ” CHEATING and/or INCOMPETENCE ” at this opportunity and have the SFA and Huns such as BEATON running for cover ?



    Brendan and NICK….


    Go get em Bhoys !




  16. Talking of the shadow industry surrounding football what you wont read anywhere in the mainstream media is a detailed breakdown of the new champions league revenue distribution for season 2024/25



    “People but don’t understand it, or don’t want to understand it.” Correcting truisms like “60m prize money” and “record £120m revenue swings” doesnt help anyone except for anyone out there who doesnt want to get swept up in the hysteria that surrounds Scottish football.



    Fortunately for those who want to give themselves a proper understanding we’re lucky to have Swiss Ramble and CQN who give us a completely objective and then a pro Celtic take on things. PAul67 will no doubt give us an article about he new 2024/25 distributions that UEFA have published but in the meantime Swiss Ramble posted an article.



    Here’s a very quick outline of what Celtic might expect to earn from UEFA should we be Scotland’s sole representative. The new system is a bit more convoluted than the last but the basic breakdown is:



    In Euros


    Participation – €18.62 (vs 15.64 2023/24)


    Win – 2.1 (2.8)


    Draw – .7 (.93)


    League place – .275 per place



    The other calculation is a ranking based on something called a Value pillar with two parts:


    European part based on a combination of the value of the national tv deal to UEFA and the 5 year co-efficient


    Non-European part based on the ten year coefficient.



    We cant know what the Scottish part of the UK deal will be worth but previously UEFA have calculated it at 10% of the total. Added to our poor 5 and ten year European co-efficients it unlikely we’d rank much higher than 30th out of the 36 clubs.



    A rough calculation using our recent performances:


    2 wins, 2 draws and placed 28th out of the 36 teams with a ranking of 30th in the Value Pillars has income of €35.87m, €6m more than this season’s €29.85



    So a reasonable performance has us €6m up on this season from Uefa with one more home game with the receipts that brings.



    No chance of dropping into Europa.

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