Shadow industry around football


There’s speculation in one of the ‘papers today that Celtic are interested in a 28-year-old forward playing in the English second-tier whom few of us have heard of.  Celtic will sign a player of this profile on occasion, but he will not feature in a target list over two months before the transfer window opens.  Lists with that profile on them are visited late in a disappointing window.

Footballers and their agents are always looking to maximise their return.  Newspapers are always looking for stories.  What does an agent need to do to be able to tell a newspaper in good conscience that Celtic are looking at a player?  I think an email and phone call to one of the scouts is enough.  There’s a whole shadow industry around football which sits in plain sight but is underappreciated.

“You can’t just drop someone into a football club from the other side of the world and expect them to adapt to the culture, food, training, all these various facets it takes.”  Brendan Rodgers, talking about Yang’s recent good form after arriving at the club in the summer.

He added, “People not only forget it, but don’t understand it, or don’t want to understand it.”  Too succeed at the game we need to understand key components of the game.  None is more important that how to support the development of players.

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  1. There’s an increase in distributions from the Europa league.



    The difference between a decent run in the Europa and what I’ve outlined above wont be more than €20.

  2. Not exactly the knife-edge we were led to believe it would be. Or the era-defining title with its champions league bonanza we’ve heard so much about.



    As expected the big boys get a far bigger share of the increase in cash than teams from the lower leagues.



    I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to give themselves a better understanding of it all and avoid unwanted anxiety to subscribe to Swiss Ramble and read Paul’s article when it comes.

  3. French Fitba Star ANTOINE GRIEZMANN loves Horse Racing apparently, and has HIS Horse running in the NEWCASTLE 4.10 Tomorrow ( Friday ).



    The Horse is called ” HOOKING”



    Its Price is around 11/1 and 12/1 depending on which Bookie you use ?


    The Horse does NOT like ” Heavy Ground….apparently” ?



    It may be worthwhile ” investing” a couple of Quid on it, depending on the Ground at Newcastle Tomorrow ?


    Please do NOT SHOOT the Messenger.



  4. lets all do the huddle on

    The Horse does NOT like ” Heavy Ground….apparently” ?




    its running on all-weather tomorrow 😉

  5. AN TEARMANN on 28TH MARCH 2024 10:55 AM



    Thumbs up



    A very quick estimate using Swiss Ramble’s figures:



    4 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses, tenth place out of 36 and a run to the last 16 of the Europa would net us €16m from UEFA.



    €20m difference is not a disaster

  6. Winger Liel Abada has moved to put a stop to criticism of the Celtic fans in the Israeli media as he jetted out to kickstart his Charlotte FC career.



    Pressure intensified for the Israel international in his homeland with elements of the Celtic support flying flags and showing their support for Palestine. Israeli outlets put the blame on Celtic fans for the exit – with some going as far to claim that Abada had been subjected to verbal abuse in the street. However, the wide man has once again professed his love for the club.



    Pressed on his time at Celtic, he responded: “It was really not easy being far away, but I had time with my family and friends now to see everyone. I had an amazing time at Celtic and now my head is on a new journey.

  7. LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE on 28TH MARCH 2024 11:07 AM


    The Horse does NOT like ” Heavy Ground….apparently” ?











    its running on all-weather tomorrow





    OOPS, I had forgotten about the all weather track at Newcastle…….DOH !



    ” HOOKING” is a French Horse and the Trainer has stated that the Ground in France is too HEAVY at the moment and that is why its running in England.



    Whats French for ” GO ON my Son ” ?





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