Sinclair will respond overwhelmingly


I won’t tell you Scott Sinclair has not experienced racism until the last year, but I suspect it is highly unlikely he has had to endure the vitriolic abuse he has gone through as a Celtic player anywhere in England. He must be wondering what century he travelled to when encountering the kind of ‘people’ who celebrate their racism.

Yesterday his name and a racist slogan was pinned to a bonfire in Belfast. Humanity is weaker as a consequence.

Scott will travel to that town on Friday to play for Celtic, a game his team-mates will ensure goes the right way. What I can tell you about Scott, is that he will respond with overwhelming drive in the season ahead. Specifically, he will rip the turf up at Ibrox in September.

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  1. I’m sure the scoddish authorities will step up and show the World that it is not Forever 1690….and protect the player by doing….. “something”….. about it.



    Perhaps someone from our own League, or Uefa…??? Mibbe….. Wishart Frazer, or Nil-By-Teeth……









    A man’s a man for a’ that.



    Good enough for me.

  3. What odds on Sinky getting a hat trick on Friday night. You know. In a kind of GIRFUY way.

  4. Some incredible reading on the last article, the breakdowns of the EBT planned and systematic years long cheating at Deidco was well worth reading, thank you Auldheid and BRTH.



    CQN at it’s very best..



    Coffee on a re-read on a welcomed day aff!



    Scott Sinclair will rise above the cheats and racists, he’s that kind of man and the type of player that we as Celtic supporters love to see in the Hoops.



    You’ll Never Walk Alone Scott..

  5. In all the hype about our game against Linfield, have I missed any member of the media – UK or SMSM – enquiring of Linfield, their reaction to the racism being displayed in Belfast towards Celtic and a Celtic player during recent events?



    We hear their manager talking about Linfield ‘flying the flag for Rangers’, we hear their chairman bemoaning the fact that Celtic refused tickets, claiming ‘Celtic fans would have been welcomed’



    Whilst not directly connected to Linfield specifically, the fact that racist banners featuring Celtic players are being burned on bonfires in the city where Linfield play – a couple of days before they play Celtic – surely is worthy of some comment from Linfield?



    Linfield should be given the opportunity to condemn these actions so the question should be posed to them.

  6. Repost


    They are in a real paranoid state over in FF. More worried about title stripping their old team than the fact that they were fecked out of Europe by a pub team from Luxembourg. Silly Billys F.K.B.




    Should the club investigate ‘nuclear’ option of resigning from Scottish Football?




    Bear with me as I know this is a highly unlikely scenario…also it is not my intention for this thread to turn into a tit for tat about being accepted into English football or an ‘Atlantic League’, as that’s been done to death before and I agree both have very little chance of happening as things currently stand.




    But my question is, would it be prudent of the club to investigate the feasibility of resigning from Scottish football?




    A card that should only be played as a last resort, in the unlikely event (but certainly not impossible in this bitter little hole) that the Rangers haters got their way and the SPFL actually decided to strip titles.




    It would be a massive risk to take as we could end up in limbo for a few seasons having nowhere to play. However in the short term I reckon we could easily make more money playing glamour friendlies around the world than playing in Scottish football and the Europa League. But then the ‘novelty’ would wear thin and in the longer term it would probably end up killing the club if we couldn’t get accepted into another league (England being the only realistic option).




    We would certainly need to set the narrative and convince UEFA, FIFA, Court of Arbitration for Sport, the English FA, that we had been harshly treated and no longer feel welcome in our domestic league (e.g. Derry City scenario as mentioned on other threads). At the very least these bodies would need to take a neutral stance, as if any of them sided with the SPFL it would be a complete non-starter.




    It’s a tough one to call but I say yes, we should prepare for all eventualities and at least investigate its feasibility. They try to ruin us then we should try to ruin them.





    More to the point,PSNI should be doing their job.

  8. Reckon we will win 2 or 3 nil over there. The police wouldn’t allow us to pump them 9-0.

  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Morning Celts



    Scotty Sinclair, rip them a new one son:)


    Hat-trick will shut them right up.


    Go at them, hurt them, finish them.


    The Celtic Way:)




  10. Read and enjoyed the Etims blog as usual.



    John James has outed himself as a charlatan and a grifter. Do not cite him as a reliable source. Getting involved in bogus conspiracy theories will only harm the cause.

  11. BMCUP



    Totally agree that they should – but that’s a different point.



    Staying with Linfield, their chairman has said “Northern Ireland as a society has moved on a lot in the past few years and we want Belfast and the stadium showcased”



    He should be asked how Linfield feel about the way Celtic & Scott Sinclair have been treated in some parts of Belfast over the past few days.

  12. Mibbe it’s just Blow-up dolls the scoddish meeja are interested in………..?

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Our Club may feel that , under these circumstances , it would be better if Scott did not play.



    Treat them with the contempt they deserve.



    My ambition for the game is simply that our Club contingent and supporters leave N.I. safe and sound.


    The result is secondary.

  14. Is it too much to hope that Celtic will draw attention to UEFA the role of Scott Sinclair in the cultural celebrations.



    I also hope that Theresa May is being aware of the true character of her recently recruited bedmates.


    Bugs of the lowest order.

  15. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day(The Orcs will be out in force today ….)


    pullulate /ˈpʌljʊˌleɪt/ 



    verb (intransitive) 


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    2. to increase rapidly; multiply.


    3. to send forth sprouts, buds, etc.; germinate; sprout.


    4. to breed, produce, or create rapidly.


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    1610s, from Latin pullulatus, past participle of pullulare “put forth, grow,sprout, shoot up, come forth,” from pullulus, diminutive of pullus “younganimal” (see foal (n.)). Related: Pullulated ; pullulating.





  16. UEFA should be all over this tie, if a club can’t take part on the designated game days of the competition due to sectarian parades and anti catholic racism it must ask the question is this team meeting the standards of their anti racism lip service standards..



    Hopefully their observer will be a Celtic supporter and DOB them in it, like wot their NI observer did with Celtic.



    Time for UEFA to run the game and stop standing around with their collective thumb up their jacksies..



    This fixture has cause our club nothing but trouble since it was announced and UEFA should be taking care of the fixtures to make sure any clubs fans are not in danger or have to not attend..



    There’s no place for this kind of anti catholic/ anti Celtic racism in their competitions…

  17. apparently thurs only a” hoo-ha…”


    …when thurs an ….”oo – ah”…………………………..



    Great Atmosphere RFC.

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    The bhoys will round off the huns week for them, by showing them how to play football:)


    Scott Brown says it will be enjoyable:)





  19. Reading e-tims this morning and they mentioned about the abuse Neil got from the NI crowd when he played for the North of Ireland. The general consensus at the time was it was more anti Celtic than anti Catholic abuse. Have we ever had a Protestant player who played for the NI team? If so were they subjected to abuse from the NI crowd?

  20. Additionally to the above.


    Strictly speaking, this is neither Celtic or Linfield’s tie.


    It is UEFA’s.

  21. A modern day disgrace.







    HOUL YER WHEEST on 11TH JULY 2017 5:59 PM


    If the original schedule had been adhered to the Linfield supporters would be leaving the city centre just about now behind the South Belfast Protestant Boys Thank God Celtic took the decision not to accept tickets. The atmosphere on Friday evening will be even more toxic than now after two nights and days of the hate filled drink fuelled orange fest.




    S.B.P.B. & Linfield Supporters Marching To The Irish Cup …






    South Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band with Linfield Supporters marching along … S.B.P.B. & Linfield Supporters Marching To The Irish Cup Final 06/05 .



    Bertie Peacock, though that was before the collapse of the one party state

  23. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    They are scum, and im sure it will hurt when our Bhoys batter them on their own patch:)


    They will see with their own eyes, the destruction of their wee bigot zombie team, AKA Linfield:)


    Scotty Sinclair will rip them to bits.





  24. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    First leg of Europa qualifier against one of the poorest teams in the competition.


    Hun banner reads: ‘We’re Back’:)


    That was the highlight for me:)


    Transcendental Stupidity.


    And yet, that footballing humiliation wont end their delusions, and that is truly marvellous:)


    Somebody should ask Klan1872 if they are interested in buying the Eiffel Tower:)




  25. As someone who was born and brought up in the 6 counties nothing surprises me with those bigots. Media there turn a blind eye. Gregory Campbell will be there on Friday supporting his brothers (the same bigot who Celtic should have gone to town on after his comments before the Red Imps game last year). Call these bigots out at every opportunity (ala MON at the Neau Camp speaking about the abuse Lenny got). Incidentally, Alan McKnight our reserve goalkeeper from the Centenary season was accepted unlike Anton Rogan. Wonder why that was?

  26. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Tories missed a trick recently.


    They shouldnt have fired all those drones at ISIS, they should have phoned Klan 1872 and told them that ISIS are Kaffliks:)


    Klan would have been over there pronto, bowler hats, sashes, purple cushions with fake crowns, the lot:)





  27. BANKIEBHOY1 on 12TH JULY 2017 10:17 AM


    A modern day disgrace.



    Just a disgrace. Nothing modern about it.



    Maybe Theresa’s Scottish Tame Tim Liam will explainit all to her.



    Is everybody sleeping?



    No. They are all out enjoying the cultural celebrations which Arlene claims some folk, Taigs of course are trying to demonise.

  29. Asked previously.


    Could some Belfast punter tell who it is that apparently freely donates all the pallets.


    I reckon that at the very least, the must cost a fiver a time.

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