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  1. Don’t worry.



    Lenny will make changes at half time and we’ll steady the ship.(avoid a humiliating pumping)

  2. should have been 3 – AGAIN terrible defending. This is either a poorly coached team, a team lacking desire or a team lacking ability.



    I think Lennon will be gone if we lose – not because of the result BUT the manner of our play.



    Celtic coaching have let out standards drop its ridiculous – our players give the ball away cheaply without retribution – they should be hauled off, instead its tolerated time and time again.

  3. The Comfortable Collective on




    As it stands at half time. Last nine Celtic results








    I really don’t know what else people expect from an ex Bolton manager.






    And apart from maybe the Lille draw I really don’t think any of those loses or draws were unlucky results.

  4. The board still back Lennon. Some sections of the support still back Lennon.



    Not sure what it’ll take for them to realize the “reaction” isn’t coming. The “kickstart” isn’t coming. Corners aren’t being turned.



    The players we were told would come back and improve the team aren’t doing so, defensive organization is an absolute shambles and we are being embarrassed by the whipping boys of the group….no sorry, we’re the whipping boys of the group, despite being pot one.

  5. Playing like a bunch of disorganized schoolboys.



    Passmarks to Laxalt, julienne and Eddy. The rest are hopeless. And that’s being kind to Ajer, Brown and Ntcham

  6. For the league.



    Consider dropping Christie until he can learn to pass and trap a ball better.



    Consider dropping Ajer- team game, you can make mistakes, but can’t blame others every time. Come back with a better attitude.



    Put Barkas back in goal.



    Consider dropping Ntcham – no grit. More controlled aggression. It’s easy to play in space. Get in amongst it.



    Broonie- do you need a rest ? Just come off intermational break. Should be fresh.

  7. There will be no halftime changes IMHO. The changes will come when real desperation sets in- I hope I’m wrong.


    Of course I am – 4-2 to Celtic😀

  8. We are as weak as water in defence and midfield all over the place. Broony doing nothing and Nitcham is just a lazy waste of space

  9. every sparta player 1 yard faster…we are all over the feckin shop…hamilton would put up a better fight than this

  10. SFTBs,



    I would put that goal down to Broony and Calmac.Defence got the header.Broony made an arse of it,and Calmac played 3 men onside.Sclaffed shot,done us again.How many times is that.

  11. Like a few other games this season, we start ok but then just fall apart. Really fall apart. Headless chickens kind of fall apart.

  12. don’t blame McGregor for the their first goal , he was left trying to cover their whole forward line on his own as everyone else all ran towards the ball, not to play them offside.

  13. We are now a laughing stock — team of low rent cluggers showboating against us.



    The full team is now taking the nonsense — not just CMcG and RC.


    SB can’t even get close enough to them to kick them.



    This is how once great teams collapse into ridicule.


    it is beyond a shambles.



    It is a piss take — the squad playing best man fails to wind up NL.

  14. while I’m at it – I hope the green brigade are happy with their signs of motivation for the team and manager! shambolic group of immature spoiled little brats!

  15. glendalystonsils on

    I’m going to give up this groundless optimism that I occasionally suffer from . Same old incompetence individually and collectively . Defence would give sieves a bad name . Sorry for our captain but he has had it . They are targetting him every time he gets the ball because he’s not up to the pace of the game . The organisation on the park continues to do the manager no favours.

  16. Jullien wins a header under pressure brown miskicks the dropping ball guy sclafs a shot falls to another player 6 yrds out 1 1, mcgregor playing evrybody on as well, second goal is another joke Ajer leaves it ,it angles into the 6 yds box and in off the keeper, he might have came out for it but Ayers mistake,Ayer puls out of a contested header he doesnt go for them, guy hits the post Ayer 2 mistakes 1 costly brown the other, lousy defending.


    Ayer is no centre half he doesnt like heading the ball after his head injury

  17. I really can’t muster anything but sheer indifference.



    The same movie with the same characters doing the same thing.



    Just waiting for the regime change to put everyone out of their misery.




  18. onenightinlisbon on

    STEBHOY on 26TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:48 PM



    Not the Green Brigade on the pitch. They might show more hunger and desire to play for the team….

  19. What more is there to say? No defence has any chance with a midfield so wide open.



    WGS had many faults but he always went back to basics after a bad run.



    Back to basics now and let the best players in the Scottish league do their thing



    The team shape is so wrong it is criminal.


    Does anyone still think we will win all league games before CHRISTMAS.



    PS Sorry big PS. Does anyone know what the instructions are for taking A SHY.






    GREEN BRIGADE banner not big enough.

  21. ST Tams – A one legged Bitton would defend better than brown and mcgregor tonight.



    Bitton has been having a great season. sticks the boot in, can do the simple and can also drive forward from midfield.