Spoiled Child FC have their Trump Jan 6 moment


The SFA issued a statement yesterday afternoon in response to Newco’s comments implying inappropriate action by the VAR adversely affected them during their recent defeat to Celtic.  It addressed three matters:

The Newco penalty claim was a “Subjective handball… that the VAR did not deem it a sufficiently clear and obvious error”.  The VAR did not claim the incident was not a penalty, just that it did not meet the “obvious error” threshold.

Notwithstanding the subjective nature of the above decision, it goes on to say that at the meeting, “There was an overall consensus that the incident could not have led to a penalty kick being awarded in any event”.  So we all agree, no penalty!

The statement concludes by attempting to chastise Newco for their behaviour and its potential consequences, “recent incidents in European football that have compromised the safety of match officials”  They failed to mention incidents in Scottish football last year which led to two prosecutions following a Newco complaint against a referee from a similar ethnic background to Saturday’s VAR.

Newco is like a spoiled child.  Not getting its own way results in a tantrum, where no reaction is off the table.  They are not adults, they will not learn, if anything, they have set a new level of behaviour they are compelled to repeat.  The SFA statement will have no restraining effect.

As always, it is not the nutters around the boardroom table who do the real damage.  They simply inspire the (genuinely) tiny percentage of violent and dangerous individuals, who now feel a reaction is justified.  Newco are Team Trump, this is their January 6 play and we all know it.

This is shameful behaviour from a shameful football club.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on




    A PLC and Celtic’s support, don’t go. It’s been that way since Dermot picked up Fergus’s majority of shares, before the wee guy headed off into the sunset. PR is as poor as the wi fi signal, or the facilities for ordinary Joe.



    The richer Celtic become (despite our apparent failures and flaws) the more accountable the board become. The bigger this new ‘ buffer ‘ as they’ve described it, the higher the expectations for pure ‘kwality’



    It’ll be fascinating to see where we find these players, even ones that only use us as stepping stones, to SKY money.

  2. Back to Basics – Glass Half Full on 5th January 2024 11:45 am



    Great pics as always Scully. Respect.



    The second looks like the cover pic from Tommy Gemmell’s 1968 autobiography “The Big Shot”.



    The first football biography I ever read, it has a special place in my heart.





    Yes, the picture is the same as the cover of The Big Shot, which was also the first autobiography that I read. I got it in the old Smithfield market in Belfast. I still remember rushing home with my parents, clinging on dearly to my treasure. On that note I put out a call to Belfast Joe who greatly supplemented my collection of Celtic books and I haven’t really had the chance to properly say thanks.




  3. TINYTIM on 5TH JANUARY 2024 2:04 PM


    “There have been two highly controversial decisions which occurred during the last two derbies.


    The disallowing of the Darnel goal at Ayebrokes ,and Johnston hand ball at Paradise.”



    Sorry, I can’t agree with your take on this at all.



    By the “goal” at £1brox I assume you mean the one where Lager was fouled (impeded) as he went to kick the ball which he was in possession of. You may not agree with the rule but it was a clear foul and not even an ambiguous one to call – hence clear and obvious in VAR terms? – though it can be hard to spot in real time during a game so the ref could be forgiven even though I saw it in real time and was raging until VAR corrected the error.




  4. Prestonpans bhoys on

    TINYTIM on 5TH JANUARY 2024 2:04 PM



    Neither the ref or VAR ref thought it was a handball. If they did then VAR would have to look at the preceding incident, that incident was offside.



    Since both didn’t think it was handball then the preceding incident protocol was not invoked.

  5. Goldson two hands on the ball at Ibrox , subjective decision no penalty, VAR was operated by Collum if i remember correctly, they cannot take a decision going against them, give them more of the same I say.

  6. I have no idea where we will find the quality the more vocal on here are crying out for.Reports today reckon we are interested,but probably stumped for,a holding midfielder from S.America.Bournemouth looking favourites to buy for,£ 5.5 million.A 19 year old,who would have been branded”Another project” irrespective of his skills.


    Mc Kenna,rubbished before,no doubt would be again.Age and experience,disregarded in this instance.Read someone the other day mentioning Barkley,playing brilliantly for Luton at the moment.Was mentioned on here before,but again rubbished by many.


    Very difficult to change peoples pre- conceived notions,as Greg Taylor would attest to.


    Funnily enough,the so called ” Projects signed in the summer,not doing too badly.Nawrocki,Palma,Bernardo,Gustav,all contributing greatly.Odin and Yang on the back burner,for later.


    Easy this January transfer lark.Sure all will be pleased.

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 5TH JANUARY 2024 12:49 PM


    Have the referees called for a strike to support their colleague?……thought not….




    Losing £1k a week for that wee Fenian rat, I don’t think so!


    Is that mike on? It is?


    Well at this time we want to support our colleague and all options remain on the table.


    Lanarkshire Refs spokesman…allegedly

  8. boondock saint on

    Happy Friday All,


    Dont you guys know that the Jan 6th insurrection was just a walk in the park that was overblown by the media and that no one in Congress that day was ever at risk:))))))) Trump FC was just mad that their erection, sorry election was stolen by wisely auld Joe Fenian, sorry Biden. I have always seen a direct link with Trump and THE Rangers, as he is the most highly visible Orangeman in the world. Dignity FC have just done what they have always done. deflect from the fact that they were not good enough to beat us and tell the world, by means of a compliant media, that they were cheated by the SFA. Tomorrow marks the 4th year since the insurrection in DC. Again, a day that to most sane and normal folks we could see who was in the wrong, but as with THE Rangers, turned around and twisted many ways by a complaint Trump media and maga population that trying to explain it to my kids has become pretty hard. This once great country has no one, on either side, that can unite this country. Dignity FC will continue to go down the road as the victims of a great injustice,fuelled by a National broadcaster, scared that it will lose its audience.


    Keep your eye on the ball Brendan and keep our bhoys focused for the durty tricks campaign that will ensue when the season kicks off again.


    Hail Hail and sorry for the long post.



  9. Briliant stuff, Paul



    To quote our dear friend Big Jimmy, maybe team Chump as opposed to Trump.


    The SFA should just simple say no, easy really on how to deal witha spoiled brat




  10. Radio Scotland was highly entertaining this morning. Good lad was interviewing English about the nonsense. He was tieing himself in knots trying to support the deid team. English tried to be evenhanded, without overly criticising the deid team.

  11. spikeysauldman on

    TinyTim – how could the AJ handball, which even if it was, have resulted in a result changing decision when it was offside and var would have finally found it offside ?



    how have you managed to omit the DT penalty ? Are you assuming that we would have missed (highly likely !!!)

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    TINYTIM @ 2:04 PM



    I’m sorry but I can’t agree with Paul67’s slant on this .




    First off TT – I don’t think an apology is necessary.



    Free country and all that.



    Secondly, with all due respect, I think you’ve missed the point.



    “Many Celtic fans would be screaming that we were being cheated by corrupt Masonic officials.”


    CHECK ✔️



    “Many Celtic fans would be screaming for our board to do exactly what The Darnel board have done.”


    CHECK ✔️



    “There have been two highly controversial decisions which occurred during the last two derbies. They were result changing decisions. That went in Celtics favour”






    “Controversy” is subjective.



    The “controversy” in both instances was invented, publicised, stoked and promulgated by the club who thought they would win both games but lost both … along with their place men. All agents involved share the same two objectives.



    In both cases, the correct outcome resulted.



    Desserts marginal foul on Gustaf (and it was marginal) was still a foul … and referees across Europe have been trained in recent years to look out for and penalise players stepping on other players feet. (sore)



    Sima was offside. “No penalty” was the CORRECT outcome.



    Two final points if I may.



    1. Agree with your opinion that some Celtic fans would be “screaming” … but I also firmly believe that our “tiny minority” is tinier than their “tiny minority”



    2. Most important point of all IMHO.



    NO WAY our manager or executives behave the way Sevco’s have done.



    Not a chance.



    Instead they’d be professional … and of course would then be criticised by some of our own fans for not caring enough.

  13. Just wish we’d stop going on and on about that disease.


    Deflecting from our brilliant win.



    Seems to my untrained eye, the world revolved about them, not to me though.


    SFA SHPULD TELL THEM TO SHUT UP, and we will decide who referees games.



    Interesting to see who refs them in the future

  14. Well our club should say to the SFA regarding Referees who by going public what team they support,,if it doesn’t suit Celtic we will make a official complaint to the SFA .

  15. getting back to the bottom line, they were convinced they would beat us, convinced, as were some of us sadly.


    But the facts are basic and simple, we played them off the park and they didn’t like it ” up ’em”, nor did they expect it.


    So that simply put, is that.




  16. This ‘penalty’ incident will rumble on for a long time, maybe as long as Nakamura’s free kick at St Mirren.


    Perhaps we should invite TavPen to Celtic Park and just let him kick the ball into an empty net to shut them up.




  17. Celtic distancing itself from this this latest Ibrox sh*t-storm, just like it did in 2012. Some of our number want it to be different, i.e. that we get down into every hole that ‘they’ dig. Those who run our club know better – thank God they do.



    Celtic moves into its 136th year having won 116 trophies in that time – 33% of this haul has come in the last 23 years – 39 honours in 23 years (ave1.7 per year) – 77 honours in the 113 years prior(ave 0.7 per year)……now I wonder who are the ‘Guardians’ who have delivered such a fantastic record – we all know and it’s good to know that many are still around “doing what’s best for Celtic” and not running around to every ‘dog-whistle’.

  18. Headtheball



    Do you think itll topple BigRoys quick throw in in 1989 cup final






    Rreblebusters and girfut



  19. Darwin/Cloud9/jhb



    A post from you not mentioning the cheating hun but continually associating ouhr club with the cheating hun,and a little bit of board arse licking garnished in there.


    You need to go back to you lavvy call Galloway like you used to and redo your numbers



    Sycophant and multimonikered freak

  20. DARWIN on 5TH JANUARY 2024 4:36 PM



    I thought that was a good post and don`t quite understand the responses from AT and PB.

  21. AuroraBorealis79 on

    The comparisons to trump & January 6th is ignorant, to aay the least. Especially now that it has been revealed that the FBI orchestrated those riots. Wasn’t it you (P67) that insisted there was no politics this fading blog? When it suit, I suppose

  22. HOT SMOKED on 5TH JANUARY 2024 5:09 PM


    DARWIN on 5TH JANUARY 2024



    Yeh you enjoyed his posts under one of the mentioned monikers before J,but you omit the damage sychophants and multimoniker like him do to this place.its trouble,just suprised his inaccuracies where not like his previous incarnation cloud9 being a meatbeater bout CA..its a troll


    An attention seekin troll,you could go to its utube just depressed ramblings




  23. Prestonpans bhoys on

    AULDHEID on 5TH JANUARY 2024 5:10 PM



    This is a gift that keeps giving, they are an abyss of stupidity 🙄

  24. Don’t be buying into the hun and SMSM,’controversial ‘ nonsense, it’s what they are looking for in both Derbies this season

  25. Love the “team trump” comment Paul, actually I have been thinking this way for a while but just couldnae find the link when it dawned on me this morning that ajj aka “surrender no” a former chairman and now a non-executive director who divides his time between Glasgow and the States is the missing link here.



    He holds the posts of vice-chairman and member of the board of directors of International Management Group (IMG), the leading international sports and entertainment group, as such I have no doubt whatsoever he’s a trumper, more so when the current White House resident is NOT just a practicing ben affleck but also has the secret service moniker of “celtic”.

  26. Yesterday I watched the Palace/Toffees cup tie, now I love the FA Cup, always have due tae the upsets that can occur plus the fans of those “wee” teams having the opportunity tae see the “big” players out there, but yesterday’s game was brutal and that’s putting it mildly.



    So, when the play was called back for a foul by the Everton striker I was a bit perturbed as I thought that he had won the ball quite fairly, ok there was a it of tussling going on but it is a man’s game, so you can imagine my consternation when VAR was called to review a possible red card.



    The commentary team were also a bit mystified more so when the ref was instructed to review it again on the monitor, even then it was more of a “nothing to see her” as there didnae seem to be any obvious aggression, however one frame did identify what looked like bid Calvert-Lewin going over the top when in fact an more expanded view was just him trying to restive the ball.



    Among lots f other comments by Sean Dyche was the following “I’m a fan [of VAR] but we’re all aware it needs tidying up. I thought it was getting tidied up but it seems to have stepped back a little bit. I remain a fan, but it is beginning to test my patience.”

  27. Just a quick reminder that Scott McKenna was voted Forest POTY 21-22.


    And he is a Celtic man.



    Apart from that, lets collectively reflect what is in our own control.


    We control who we let into our stadium. If we don’t look after our own, then who will ?







    He fits the profile of a player with experience, will help our younger Centre Halfs and they will learn from him



    Scales in particular



    It will help McKenna with a place in the Scotland Euro squad



    I smell a back 3 for the rest of the year



    And is Celtic minded



    Whats not to like?

  29. Neil Lennon and Peter Grant both intimated that the huns should`ve had a penalty for a clear hand ball by AJ but both expressed surprise and confusion that it took a while later for the VAR announcement of offside…in other words the mibs made an ass of it even with their offside cover up.



    If your a hun you saw your team being denied a clear and obvious penalty and then lying mibs tripping themselves up about why the penalty wasn`t given.



    I`m always keen on the Celtic managers outlook regarding tricky incidents….usually silence or ducked all together…and this time Brendan didn`t disappoint about the Turnbull penalty claim…as far as I know silence was the Brendan way again…probably saving the denial of the Turnbull penalty as part of his excuse for having to leave again unexpectedly.



    What was yon speech that Trump used to say?



    “You knew I was a snake before you brought me in…etc.”



    Show me the person in the Scottish Parliament who isn`t a snake….Dornan is one of the worst….just like Alex Salmond he bottled it on countless ocassion`s to face Mr George Galloway…why are they all terrified of Mr George Galloway?



    Even the Universities become enlivened realising that they have never lived before when Mr Galloway grabs the mic…and gesture`s to take Tory scumbag Tobias Elwood out the back for 5 rounds…even though Elwood is half of Mr Galloway`s age…Elwood sleekitly hinting on Sky News that `Martial Law` hadn`t been implemented…”Yet”…and only Mr Galloway called him out on it…where was the Scottish Parliament full of lying fearties when Elwood brazenly bragged about starting a war and bringing in immediate conscription?



    Mr Galloway….fearless Fenian fecker that he is.






    Mr Galloway is Jeremy Corbyn`s hard man younger brother.



    Mr Galloway terrifies the sh#t out of 100% of Celtic`s enemies.



    Yet Celtic fans kneel to the Lawwell family!



    Who is wrong, the troll, or the 60,000 suckers?



    Can you imagine the political climate with Mr Galloway in charge of the Celtic executive?



    Celtic`s majority neoliberal fans would be shamed into becoming true working class Tims…Mr Galloway would enlighten you as to why both Celtic AND Rangers fans have been duped by their boards full of lying crooks…from way before 2012.

  30. My cousin over in Phillie sent me this, it’s a real stormer kicking into the Hun for their view of a Philidelphia Union player. We get a bit of a slapping by association (Scottish football and all that), but it’s interesting to see the take on Ranjurs and their transfer antics from across the Pond.