Spoiled Child FC have their Trump Jan 6 moment


The SFA issued a statement yesterday afternoon in response to Newco’s comments implying inappropriate action by the VAR adversely affected them during their recent defeat to Celtic.  It addressed three matters:

The Newco penalty claim was a “Subjective handball… that the VAR did not deem it a sufficiently clear and obvious error”.  The VAR did not claim the incident was not a penalty, just that it did not meet the “obvious error” threshold.

Notwithstanding the subjective nature of the above decision, it goes on to say that at the meeting, “There was an overall consensus that the incident could not have led to a penalty kick being awarded in any event”.  So we all agree, no penalty!

The statement concludes by attempting to chastise Newco for their behaviour and its potential consequences, “recent incidents in European football that have compromised the safety of match officials”  They failed to mention incidents in Scottish football last year which led to two prosecutions following a Newco complaint against a referee from a similar ethnic background to Saturday’s VAR.

Newco is like a spoiled child.  Not getting its own way results in a tantrum, where no reaction is off the table.  They are not adults, they will not learn, if anything, they have set a new level of behaviour they are compelled to repeat.  The SFA statement will have no restraining effect.

As always, it is not the nutters around the boardroom table who do the real damage.  They simply inspire the (genuinely) tiny percentage of violent and dangerous individuals, who now feel a reaction is justified.  Newco are Team Trump, this is their January 6 play and we all know it.

This is shameful behaviour from a shameful football club.

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  1. AN TEARMANN on 6TH JANUARY 2024 1:15 AM



    Transvision Vamp i want your love






    Saw wendy james at the barras



    Still got a stanner

  2. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Miami. Saturday is fun day! I may have some beers later to celebrate something.

  3. I won’t be surprised if we wait out this transfer window. Wait to see who we can sell or dispose of. Wait to see what sevco do. If sevco do nothing we will go with what we have. We have previous.

  4. bigrailroadblues on



    Morning K. Bloody hot here already and the sun hasn’t come up yet. Better take aff ma dufflecoat.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Football on ITV if anyone’s interested.



    Hoping to see Micky Mouth’s team get battered.

  6. My weary flabber is mightily gasted (again) by the huns latest outrage…..But…but….


    scoddland seems happy enough, ……..!


    Where’s the furore??? Wheres the meeja explosion??? Wheres the carefully kontrived pic of the poor ref being whisked away by the Boys in Bloo, for his own protection…..?



    In scoddland it’s ok that the Tims get it…apparently. But….but…….if a huns involved or a hun is believed to be impacted…………………….. the world stops, crows fly backwards, and every St Mirren fan at shortie starts calls for immediate action.







  7. I think I’d prefer to see Sunderland win. Not that I know much about current English football, just to beat the oil state team.

  8. No clash of tops at the Sunderland v Newcastle 🤔. Yet when we play hibs, one of us has to change.

  9. Earlier in Sunderland game the commentator said to Sally that the GK had the ball for more than 7 seconds.



    Is this rule still in place?



    As keepers against us have the ball for an age.



    D. :)

  10. What is the Six Second Rule?



    The six-second rule, also known as the six-second violation, is a that only really pertains to goalkeepers. According to the Laws of the Game, specifically Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct, a goalkeeper is allowed to hold the ball for a maximum of six seconds. The countdown begins the moment the goalkeeper establishes control of the ball, typically through a save, a catch, or any other means. Once the goalkeeper has possession, they must release the ball into play within the designated time frame. Failure to do so results in an indirect free-kick being awarded to the opposing team from the spot where the goalkeeper committed the violation.



    Is the Six Second Rule Still Enforced?



    The six-second rule is still a valid and enforceable rule in football. Referees are responsible for enforcing the six-second rule during matches, which means that while it can be enforced, it often isn’t. The rule was initially implemented to help with the pace of the game. If a given referee doesn’t think the pace of the game is suffering, often the rule isn’t enforced. Lots of games are played without enforcement of the rule, which is why this one rule leads to such confusion and anger.