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  1. We have no pace at all in midfield. Everyone of them slows the game right down. Not enough running off the ball. McGregor Turnbull and Eddy band Ajeti anonymous.

  2. Dreadful first half, very few positives apart from the goal



    Eddy and Ajetti spent more time behind our midfield than in front of it.



    Welsh and Ajer looking shakier as the games goes on



    Wow, never saw that before.


    Must get my Cliftonville pals to put a Shinner one up for the next Linfield game.

  4. Are we getting decisions now because the league is gone 🤔


    I would have been looking for at least yellows for Mac and brown 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Big Ajer,terrific.Must drive him mad.He made about 3 30 yard runs to break their lines,and we contrived to work it back to our goal.

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Scrappy, but decent. Largely neutralised St Mirren. Ajer’s runs a highlight. Turnbull and Eddy quiet. Good saving tackle from Kenny. Will be happy if it finishes 1-0.

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    One shot, one goal.



    Tight game. Both teams’ passing and ball retention is pretty poor.



    St Mirren not doing much up front, but one goal’s probably not enough.



    Need more from our front two.

  8. Typically great goal from Tam.



    Great clearance from Kenny.



    Great run from Ajer.






    Rest of it as all a bit chaotic….




  9. Commentator says St Mirren not as good as the past month. No comment on how maybe, just maybe, it’s because Celtic are nullifying them.


    Don’t praise Celtic no matter what

  10. In fairness it is difficult to play ground football on a hard bumpy pitch.


    Ajer and Walsh doing well.


    Amazing, when you get a genuine fullback like Kenny, you just leave him to do his job.


    We lack a fast, skillful winger to take on and beat a man.


    Another goal to seal it and move on.

  11. Positives- we are dealing with the aerial attack better- both Welsh and Ajer winning headers regularly, and wth crisp tackling from the full backs- we deserve our clean sheet



    Negatives – cold night and frozen pitch means poor game and lots of errors




    We know we need , at least, 2 goals to guarantee a win. Turnbull to score it

  12. For a team that controls the ball and territory as much as we do it continues to surprise me how few times we see the whites of the keepers eyes. We seem to get into promising positions then turn back or make bad decisions. We get down flanks and then there is either nobody in the box or there is three all standing beside each other – is there no time spent on formations and who hits what space when we attack from the wings? What do we work on in training?

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Relatively comfortable but so we were last game until Motherwell scored then the roof fell in. At moment you only feel safe with this team if we are three up

  14. Brutal performance.


    Being schooled by a Buddies team playing at 80%.



    Some good play but too many are not at the races or they are not up to it at the moment.

  15. Ball retention is very poor. Our players are too static. Only Ajer and Broony are showing any urgency.




    2 chances in the last 10 mins down to Welsh diving in and Ajer having to cover.



    Ajer has been best player on the park, I am reffering to the partnership

  17. Half time report



    Neil outsmarts Goodwin or as Sky have it St Mirren inexplicably play rubbish



    Big Kris breaking into midfield doing well , DT having a bit of a mare … long layoff starting to catch up … need more from DT and Jonhjo could be a bit more positive although looks as though he’s under orders to keep their winger in sight … pitch looks very bumpy …. hopefully we can keep going for 90 mins …. one of the Centre forwards needs to start breaking right and stretch them a bit too crowded all down the left




  18. St mirren 4 shots at goal none on target.



    Celtic 4 shots at goal 1 on target 1 goal.



    1 on target deary me.






    D :)

  19. OE and AA are both playing well but the MF is honking.



    CMcG — Another willfully bad performance.


    DT — looking lost at the moment.


    TR — providing all the class at the moment.


    SB — Some good positional play but terrible with the ball.


    KA — best player in the MF by a country mile.



    GT / SW / JJK — All playing with L plates on.



    SB (GK) — does he still live with his parents?


    He looks terrified to move.

  20. Game seems to be passing Turnbull by but I wonder if that’s becasue both Eddie and Ajeti are occupying his space dropping back?



    We need more from him. Our creative spark.




  21. The GB’s kicking must be worserer than Ryan Chrisiie’s. They haven’t managed one over the wall yet. 🤔

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Not overly bothered about one shot on target one goal. Huns have been doing it a lot this season😯

  23. C12 @ 9.00



    They are showing us how to make the best use of the tresouirces available.


    They are winning too many battles and they move the ball more effectively.


    They lack a bit of quality and it shows at times.


    However they are still in the game.



    We are struggling to do anything in the MF.

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