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  1. Ok, I’ll ask again



    When is the earliest date, we can expect to see WHITs run aroooond George square :-)

  2. bournesouprecipe on

    Stan and Stefan



    We said that at the time. That’s why they didn’t replay it.

  3. What is the Stars on

    Cowie bhoy


    The bet was the week after the cup final, the venue Georges square, the time 3 o clock

  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I really thought when Bitton came on we really got a grip in the game and wee Joe Hanson what a grafter.I was surprised Leigh Griffiths didnt get a game maybe Ronny thinks he eats to many Tunnocks tea cakes.Well done Ronny and the Bhoys another 3 good away points. H.H.

  5. Any with a gripe on here about the performance tonight should look back at Legia….ask yourself….Did i ever think we would be so close to a treble…Coz i didnt..i Gave Ronny it bigtime…Now im a Big RC(RonnyConvert)…and i love it.


    So…if you aint Happy…8pts Clear 9 games to go.Closing in on a Treble, …then YOU just aint HAPPY….Bless…

  6. Professional workmanlike performance. St. Mirren often had eleven back in there own half add on 8 or 9 Celts and there was absolutely no space to play football. Celtic stayed calm unlike the blog and got their reward. It was not pretty it was not our best performance but it was a hard earned deserved win. You have to win games like this to win a League.


    Job done tonight we move on.

  7. I was gonnae post this earlier but condolences to TD I thought was more appropriate, and well this was whit I was going to post:



    Been off the booze for Lent and decided to give CQN a swerve in case it led me astray, I’m almost there so Vmhans back in the room ✊



  8. glendalystonsils on

    I have made critical remarks about James Forrest tonight which I will happily stand by, despite his crucial part in winning us that game.


    I am NOT a JF critic but I get frustrated by him at times because there is so much potential in there which often struggles to come out.


    Fair play to Ronny for not subbing him though, he’s probably a better Celtic manager than I would be.

  9. Great Result,



    Anyway watched the match with my son. I told him about the negative commentary on tv by ex Celtic p’layers, and that ex Rangers players don’t criticise sevco.



    His reply was ‘They don’t have our education or expectations’



    Proud moment

  10. After an international break Celtic gave a workmanlike performance against a pretty agricultural side in St Mirren who played with all 11 players behind the ball making it difficult for Celtic forwards to find space.But a fine piece of skill by James Forrest broke the deadlock, then Forrest was involved again in Celtics 2nd when goalward bound shot was handled by the St Mirren defender which resulted in penalty that Jo Hanson coolly slotted home and gave the Celtic the Champions elect another 3 points



    CQN MOM James Forrest

  11. Richie, nice gesture to that big lump J :-)



    Doc, you still got the CQN banner, well put that in the Square for WITs lap of honour :-)



    Hail Hail

  12. Doc, Yea got a Happy Hoopy Burthday, hope you enjoy the Holiday w/end, another step towards the Treble sssssshhhh.


    Awerabest PJ

  13. dexter,



    Yep, best to box those eggs cleverely or they could end up chirpa chirpa cheap cheap for nowt…like what happened to a deid club…;)

  14. Sipsini



    She is good thanks, had a wee blow out the other night, she needed it I reckon, found her glasses thankfully, saved me a right few bob :)



    As for Ronny, what I like more than anything else about him, is his self belief, he has been and gone and done it with Stromgodset, (SP) a feat that is quite remarkable IMO, the same at our level would be last eight of the CL.



    Now, I, in my heart of hearts can’t see it happening, but I can dream :)



    Thot his team selection tonight was a bit on the risky side, but the fringe did what they had to do.



    Bitton makes us tic, he allows the team to play, sign him up Pedro, you know it makes sense.




  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Another good win tonight for us.



    Forrest took his goal well.



    How the left back didn’t get booked for taking James out on the byeline after the ball was put past him, was incredible but not unexpected.



    All this pee the media spout about it being a man’s game in defence of ‘honest pros’ like Frazer Wright, Jamie Hammil etc who boot opposition players more than the ball, is not helping our game.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    BT spent a lot of post-match time trying to cast doubt on the penalty. Talk about clutching at straws!

  17. doc



    A belated happy hoopy birthday to you, and a buon compleanno as well!




  18. Sipsini



    Bought a couple of Eggs in Tesco earlier for ma Ghirls



    I found it amusing “King” of Eggs. Biggest lump of chocolate for a tenner each

  19. Jamesie Forrest game changer extrodanaire he’s one of our own, fekin support him,he’ll only get better

  20. Good result but pretty drab match.



    3 well deserved points – another 5 wins and a defeat of the Dons should see the Title wrapped-up.




  21. Sluggish,too many players out of sorts,but when you look back,I suppose its not easy every week to play 11 men behind the ball.Great result,and onwards and upwards.

  22. Ritchie, I believe the children are the future.


    Can’t wait to play the eternal, 54 title winning rangers when the get promotion this year.








    Ps not even in just can I type that without feeling itchy to the soul

  23. Joe Filippis Haircut


    22:02 on


    3 April, 2015


    I was surprised Leigh Griffiths didnt get a game maybe Ronny thinks he eats to many Tunnocks tea cakes.




    Maybe, it was Ronny’s he ate.

  24. Glendalystonsils “Ronny is probably a better Celtic manager than I,lol ever be” no probably,s about it glen. He is better than any of us will ever be and thank god for that. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  25. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good 3 points tonight. Great 2nd half show. Was impressed by St. Mirren’s fight. Why are they bottom though??


    Paisley is Green and White tonight! Magic :)

  26. TET,



    Good to here about your googlady, have you heard from that wee runt ACGR since he went gallivanting?



    Ffs, just put bbc1 on and there’s a bloke wae a beard and dress on singing!

  27. Great second half performance from Celtic. Forrest took his goal really well.



    There is a great spirit about the squad.



    Long may it continue.

  28. Cowiebhoy



    Has to include beating Dons (8+18 = 26pts). Means 24pts max for Dons if they win all other games (8) bar the fixture with Celtic.



    What’s the betting the Dons fixture will be one of the last after the split?