Stiliyan, Henrik, Scott, Brendan, Stoichkov and Mendieta


I listened to Stiliyan Petrov talk calmly about cancer yesterday, as he sat with Liverpool’s James Milner ahead of your Foundation’s Match for Cancer next month.  Just a few decades ago, his recovery would be considered miraculous.

Cancer will affect one in every two of us.  That rate is higher than ever, as people live longer, but, what was a death sentence all too recently, is now treatable and often curable.

If you have been around CQN for long enough, you will know stories like Stiliyan’s are not always how things conclude.  We have lost too many of our number, and more of our loved ones, to this awful disease.

So the work goes on.  In memory of those we have lost, in appreciation of those who have come through successful treatment, and in that hope that our futures are increasingly spared.  Cancer success stories are one of the wonders of the modern world, and while millions suffer this illness, millions more contribute to the cause of treating and eradicating it.

The game itself will be a gathering of the Celtic clans, not just because of the way this disease has touched so many, but because Henrik will once more grace Celtic Park, as will Lubo, the brilliant Hristo Stoichkov, and the phenomenal Gaizka Mendieta.

Scott Brown will play too and Brendan is manager of Stiliyan’s team.  The great and the good are touched by this affliction, which is rapidly being controlled thanks to the efforts of millions.

The game takes place on Sunday 8 September (it’s an international break).  Tickets cost £14 or £6 concessions.  You can buy them here.

I Look forward to seeing you there.

Welcome to Celtic, Daniel Arzani.  The 19-year-old winger-come-central defender (lighten up, honestly!) arrives on a two year loan, having joined Manchester City a few days ago.

A word of caution – an away game in the League Cup is not the game I would choose to play tomorrow.  Get the job done professionally, Celtic.

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  1. TULLY57 on 17TH AUGUST 2018 12:53 PM









    Sorry to add to your stress but you missed







    Roy Kay





    Frank Munro’s Huge Arse





    John Dowie






    Thanks for that(?!)…



    …but I thought I better stop while I was ahead(?!)…




  2. 50 shades of green on

    EUROCHAMPS67 on 17TH AUGUST 2018 12:55 PM





    Thanks for that post mate.




  3. 50 shades of green on




    Good prices and the tap decks opened ?

  4. Is there a buy cluase as discussed previously with the aussi ps now lets get a centreback and rightback, no stop gaps we need players that will be here next season not just a couple of months, hh

  5. IMJIM on 17TH AUGUST 2018 1:07 PM


    The season ticket holders should get in for nothing.






    So should non-ST holders!




  6. 50 shades of green on

    Welcome to Celtic Danny Bhoy…



    If yir anywhere near as good as Big Tom then we have won a watch.







    Ffs I forgot about the stupid kick aff times in the Europa, 8pm CP time for the home game..???

  7. Tallybhoy 12.36



    Good afternoon. A tad harsh mate. At least they can say they’ve played for Celtic. Just sticking up for one of them I know, Joe Filippi.



    No world beater, but certainly a good guy & good Tim , who still goes to the games.


    Catch you when you’re back in the Grey country in a wee bar in Portland st . HH

  8. Injured Celtic players with two domestic games played



    Simunovic ( same old )


    Boyata ( allegedly )




    Gamboa ( presently )






    Morgan ( surgery )


    Griffiths ( same old )


    Dembele (same old )




    Compper ( as ever )




    Treatment Table CSC

  9. Celtic by Numbers – Love your stuff fella. Really great reading and agree that the right type of CH secured by 31st August with a partnership that plays most of the time at the back a priority.



    Welcome Daniel – with Sinclair and James always 1 poor peformance away from the scapegoat step he’ll be needed.



    Big Wavy

  10. TimJim @12:19,



    Im not sure on what you base that assertion, but that was certainly not the case for my wife last year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.


    The NHS and staff at Wishaw General and The Beatson at Monklands, were fantastic, and the speed at which her operation and subsequent chemo and radiation treatment took place following her diagnosis were, IMO, superb and I doubt very much that going private -which I enquired about incidentally – would have been any quicker or more efficient.



    Thankfully, like Eurochamps67, my wife’s treatment was successful and she is now cancer free and it was all “courtesy” of the NHS.


    It was a hellish 10 months or so for my wife and by extension my family and I, but thanks to the treatment and skill of the NHS staff who dealt with her, we are now on our way back to enjoying a “normal” lifestyle.



    And despite not being able to attend the game due to work travel commitments, I will definitely be buying tickets for the game next month. A fantastic cause indeed.






  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Interesting. Was impressed with both Milligan and Sainsbury at the World Cup.

  12. 50 SHADES OF GREEN on 17TH AUGUST 2018 1:15 PM


    Welcome to Celtic Danny Bhoy…







    If yir anywhere near as good as Big Tom then we have won a watch.
















    Ffs I forgot about the stupid kick aff times in the Europa, 8pm CP time for the home game..???



    And 6pm games too…

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Excellent stuff from Celtic by Numbers.



    If the analysis is correct, signing a proper, decent centre half could improve both Ajer and Somonovic. Buy one, get two free!



    The second thing that jumped out was mooting the Commper signing could be down to a badic lack of due dilligence. If that is indeed the case, someone should get their jotters.



    The conclusion was pretty emphatic and backs up our intuition. Good luck to Mousonda Mark 2, i hope you are a star at Celtic and do well at City, but signing a good centre half is the main priority.

  14. GlassTwoThirds


    Sainsbury signed for PSV (maybe a free) but actually think Millsy is more versatile tho older. Play at CB to coach Kris or give Broony rest games; not a back-down kind of player either. I feel DA is decent but no more direct than what I’ve seen of Morgan.

  15. Another thought. Young Mr Toure’s bro is available on a free, as he’s been released. Maybe an option for a year.





  16. In the WC Arzani came off the bench to place Rogic and he immeadiatly caught the eye. Looked to be very very talented . Time will tell if he can adjust to what the SPL has to offer.

  17. looking at the Bhoys in training with Brendan and his coaching team you would not sense any disharmony whatsoever to ….crisis , what crisis ?



    Could Commper get a start against Thistle ? …..Morgan looking good too.

  18. nice to see lots of happy smiling faces at Lennoxtown training today , lots of jumping thro hoops but not much on set play’s, oh can Daniel Arzani play right back ?



    also concerned as to the number of injured players we have after only a few games.

  19. Token


    I am in no way criticising the care my young brother in law received after diagnosis. It was the length of time for him to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was eventually diagnosed in October 2012 having first gone to the Doctor in the January, he died on the 12/12/12. My cousin who was private attended the doctor and within a month was diagnosed with skin cancer, received treatment straight away and was completely cured.

  20. John Park when he was Celtic’s chief scout came in for a lot of stick



    I always thought he did a good job.



    No coincidence that since since hes left our scouting has suffered.



    So much so we are actually going back and signing the players he originally signed.



    Maybe we should re-sign him




  21. Silver City 1888 on

    All I know about Boyata is what I read here. I hope things are different from how they are being presented. Taking it as it is appears, my vengeful nature would have him sit the rest of the season out, no exposure, no win bonuses. We might make a loss on him but might come out ahead showing we are not to be messed with.


    One thing stopping us doing that in the real world is our business model of attracting good prospects, developing them and selling them on. We can’t be seen to be standing in the way of our players once their chance to make more turns up.

  22. MAH @ 1:34pm,



    Thanks mate. Much appreciated S.


    Hope you are doing OK too?










    Worthy comments,we are after all a club with a certain ethos built in to our DNA.



    Nice little footnote about the big picture sometime,our first chance to defend our trebles.



    Re Arzani signing for us,you might as well tell all of our 16yo kids to buy a Man C top,tell everyone they’re mad for it,and gob at everyone



    And give them a Zoopla list for Inverness and Dingwall.



    Mikey Johnston won’t be the last to go WTF? F…..g disgrace how our kids are treated.



    If we signed a player for £280k,would we automatically think he was better than we had?



    Man C do that,punt him to us,all of a sudden he’s a world beater,and miles in front of what we have.



    This has to stop

  24. RON67 on 17TH AUGUST 2018 1:59 PM


    Daniel Arzani, welcome, how are you at taking corners, free kicks and throw in’s .



    And stop crosses coming into the box….

  25. BHOYLO83 on 17TH AUGUST 2018 1:49 PM


    John Park…….




    Aye, but he has been too busy building his £1M house in lanarkshire !. Not bad for scouting !. Anyway……nuff said.




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