Sympathy for the captain, forget Schalk, worry about next weekend’s penalty


There’s been a lot of talk about the Lisbon Lions recently; you may have noticed. Go ask you dad about them, he’ll tell you they could take care of themselves. For all the pretty football, they still had to win the battles.

Consider also the team during Seville season. Thompson, Lennon, Sutton, Hartson, Mjallby and Valgaeren never failed to meet an opponent square on. They were all hard men. Don’t even ask about Bobo, he terrified opponents by the scale of his shadow, no opponent dared take him on.

All of those duties now fall to Scott Brown, he’s our hard man. It’s an important role and he doesn’t have much in the way of support.

You get the feeling there’s a notion that the rest of the guys can concentrate on being wonderful, in the knowledge that Scott will sort out the troublemakers. He was, of course, wrong yesterday, not for the first time, although red cards are not a regular occurrence.

Sky TV could not have hand-picked a better analyst of this situation than Barry Robson. Barry arrived at Celtic in January 2008, picked up the mantle of Sorter Outer in Chief, and stamped his authority on the league title. We all knew that, unlike a then often-rash Scott Brown, Barry could work within the lines and still get the job done.

But even the such a master of subtle intimidation can get it spectacularly wrong. Last year he lamped former Celtic team-mate, Scott McDonald, a minute after coming on as a substitute. If you want a hard man in your team, don’t go yelling about him when he acts like a hard man moments after being assaulted from behind.

The only surprise about the late penalty for Ross County’s Schalk’s outrageous dive and subsequent penalty was that it happened this weekend, not next. Set your watch for it, people, if you think the treble will be decided purely on meritocratic terms, you’ve not watched as much football as me.

Brendan’s about to find out the limits of his apparent powers in Scottish football.


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  1. marspapa on 17th April 2017 1:39 pm



    I hope Hibs pummel Rangers in the final





    Thats so last Season.



    Oh what a stramash ensued.



    Celtic 7

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Video evidence would have k.o.ed the penalty shout….. but then it all depends who is viewing the’evidence’.

  3. Starry Plough



    Haha , no i’m just going by the vast majority on heres view of the flute playing , flag waving , orange masonic bassas have got us beat before a ball is kicked .



    BR has’nt fixed the problem of defenders not doing they’re jobs properly , we dont get put under pressure for the vadt majority of games , yet we still dont do the badics in games we’ve dropped points . Its only my opinion … :)

  4. THETIMREAPER on 17TH APRIL 2017 1:41 PM


    Shuussh Pedro reads these pages and needs all the tips he can get.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Barney67 on 17th April 2017 1:40 pm



    Now all we need is Don Robertson to come on and apologise an everything will be hunky dory. ;-)


    That’s a cert mate, we need to say something first. .

  6. our captain should get a the biggest backing from our support prior and during our next game against them ,


    standing shoulder to shoulder , let them know we are with him all the way.

  7. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    No need for claymores mate, we as Celtic Supporters have a dress/class code when going into battle, dancing shoes and singing voice and plenty of booze to drown to the eternal echoing of…



    ♫Oh! The Rangers are shite♫



    ♫Oh! The Rangers are shite♫



    ♫Oh! The Rangers are shite♫



    ♫Oh! The Rangers are shite♫



    ♫Oh! The Rangers are shite♫….

  8. Folks, please remember playing KT in a back 3 yesterday was an experiment. Furthering the team and the players development. It’s a system we may use in the CL next season.

  9. MARSPAPA on 17TH APRIL 2017 1:44 PM







     If they removed Robertson from the game next week …that would look like an admission of guilt on his part .






    It seems he’s going to admit to it before then.



    “Don Robertson will call Brendan Rodgers to apologise for his penalty blunder. . . .The highly-rated(sic) ref intends to speak to the Parkhead boss and hold his hands up to the error”








    I’ve always liked that choon…



    Hope yer smashin’,big fella.

  11. thetimreaper,



    Everything is geared to beating the Hun next week, but yeah, I agree Brendan is indeed looking longer.



    Brendan was awesome Yesterday.



    We are HARD as Nails but Fair as well.



    That is the CELTIC Way.




    Haha I hid an irony bypass a while back:)) Didnae get yer point:))



    Ah even said yesterday that I thought the ref wis decent, that’ll teach me Big Gob Strikes again.



    Yesterdays game has no influence at all on next weeks semi except maybe to fire us up even more.



    We missed big DB yesterday and Mikael, they’ll be back, defensively I think we’re not bad at full strength, ever other team always has a punchers chance against us and JimMcIntyre used that to good effect against us yesterday sent his team out second half with a plan which got them a goal.



    Full strength next week I don’t see what the orcs have than can beat us except the same as they’ve always had, thuggery and referees:))



    All the best to you and yours fae The Still Green Green Valley!

  13. Auldheid said:



    ” For his good and the good of the game Robertson should be no where near Hampden next Saturday unless as a paying supporter.”



    Has the Sevco allocation not all been sold, then?




  14. Can Robertson give back the 2 points.



    Ah, doesn’t matter. PLC are on it through KT.



    MWD it is what it is this sport we pay to support.




    Thanks for clearing that up for me .


    Well the blue (sic) touch paper has been lit , hopefully all concerned do their jobs properly …our fans deserve it.

  16. RON67 on 17TH APRIL 2017 1:57 PM


    our captain should get a the biggest backing from our support prior and during our next game against them ,



    standing shoulder to shoulder , let them know we are with him all the way.





    Will dig out my sharp studs.




    You had the preverbial commentators nightmare …when they say somethimg like …this player is the best paser of ball , just as he plays it straight out the park lol.

  18. petec@1.46



    Unless Spurs or Fulham fans got there before us there is a song in there somewhere….



    Que sera sera


    Whatever will be will be


    It’s gonna be Dembele


    Que sera sera

  19. Margaret McGill on

    Jose Mourinho coached Deco to take on Bobo in Seville and after 4 simulated stretchering offs Lubos Michel red carded Bobo.


    Forget about the hard men doctrine its the cheating doctrine that undoes Celtic on the big occasions.


    Time for video. For sporting integrity.


    Aulheid completely agree with you but you are asking the Mafia to call the cops.

  20. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Great to see all you ghuys getting behind our captain again


    sometimes things get said in the heat of the moment and like


    me picking up the wrong message and firing in a post without


    taking the time to think and of course a belly full of Guinness


    doesn’t help, so as somebody has already stated lets get


    behind Broonie and the team this Sunday there won’t be any




    H.H Mick

  21. BABASONICOS71 on

    So,will this be the first country to have CGI* video refs?A knd of hun Pixar.If yesterday’s penalty decision went to video refs the resulting clip would show Erik scything down the diver and proving beyond doubt it was a penalty.And a red card for Erik.Whilst Woody and Buzz linger in the background.


    The cheating wil never stop,expecting it to is akin to believing there’ll be Palestinian Israeli harmonious coexistence.It’s in the DNA of all who despise Celtic and lust after our failure,a motivating factor in their lives,it’s not going to go away.It’s inveterate.


    We’ll just need to rely on our bhoys being at their best on Sunday,that’s the way we’ve succeeded for 129 years and how it’ll be as long as there’s huns,masons and bigots.Bonnie my arse.



    *Celtic Guilt Initiative

  22. Philbhoy



    I’ve not been back on since last night but was alerted to your post at 12:46pm by the special JNP.



    Absolutely no harm done sir enjoy the rest of the bank holiday. Hail Hail

  23. TRICOLOURED RIBBON on 17TH APRIL 2017 10:56 AM





    Don’t know if Robertson is in the Craft or not but he’s an ex -pupil of St Ninians in Giffnock.



    *is that no the same school that waggy pen tried tae claim one of its pupils.

  24. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    this’ll be their cup finals of cup finals coming up, we’ll have to be very careful to step things up, match effort, keep a calm head and let our quality win the match – a very big ask

  25. MM



    Granted I’ve only seen Scott’s tackle once since the game and it was only on someone’s phone.



    However, I can only repeat that the feeling amongst the Celtic supporters in the ground that I spoke to or heard was that it was probably a yellow but it was a foolish tackle to make.

  26. OURNESOUPRECIPE on 17TH APRIL 2017 12:16 PM


    From manager of the month in February to bagged in April



    *déjà vu john barnes, motm in December sugar lumped February.

  27. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH APRIL 2017 3:19 PM


    Is Robertson not from up north?





    They have Ludges up there too.

  28. Just read The Celtic Blog re. Craig Whyte twitter.



    James Foreest if you are looking in. Why do you believe that is a real and not a fake account?




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