T minus 35 hours


T minus 35 hours as the transfer window reaches its interesting stage, as clubs make consider what their final options will be.  Celtic have an already bloated squad and are looking to offload in several areas, while hoping to add a left back, striker and possibly keeper.

The left back requirement was originally for backup to Greg Taylor, while a striker is required as cover (and an in-game sub) for Kyogo.  There are short-term concerns at both acquiring positions.  Greg’s recent injury means he could be out for games away to Aberdeen, Hibs and St Mirren.

Japan and South Korea’s continued participation in the Asian Cup means we are without Oh, our normal alternate for Kyogo, and Daizen Maeda, who has played through the middle when required.

Celtic are considering various options for both positions.  How far down the list to do you go, when the acute need is only for cover, and only then for a few weeks?  It is easy to say ‘We’ll not bother with another Nat Phillips-type profile’, but the reality is, there is uncertainty.

Anyone signed right now can ‘have a Kilmarnock’, as Nat did, or we could be left without a recognised striker, pricking memories of playing Lewis Morgan up front in the 2019 League Cup Final.  No matter how sure you are, there is no right answer.

Hopefully, Gustaf Lagerbielke will get his move to Serie A.  This season’s plan for central defence was that Cameron Carter-Vickers and Maik Nawrocki would be first choice, with Gus next in line and Stephen Welsh fourth choice (and a useful Uefa B List option).  Liam Scales was due to be punted to Aberdeen.

Injuries to Carter-Vickers, Nawrocki and Welsh saw Liam thrust into the Ibrox limelight, where he rose to occasion and has since been a confirmed revelation.   A naturally left-sided central defender, he did enough to keep his place in the team, never mind the squad, so Gus has dropped from the roster, despite having performed well when asked.

David Turnbull has known a new contract was not on the table since Brendan Rodgers arrived in the summer.  He was used on Saturday, but if the proposed move to Cardiff happened it would be a good outcome for the player.

Celtic rejecting an offer from Greece for James McCarthy sounds unusual, but that’s only because we don’t know the detail.  If Celtic fold on exit terms for one player, they set a precedent that others know they can follow.  James could walk away this afternoon with everyone’s best wishes, if he wanted to.  We’ll see if anything happens.

We’re not short of wingers, at least, we won’t be when the Asian Cup ends, so there should be no surprise if Mikey Johnston makes an exit to the English Championship.

I’ve no idea how all the bed-wetters manage to get through the first 30 days of January, poor things.

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  1. Given a choice I would probably prefer to be referred to as a bed wetter as opposed to an arse licker but each to their own….

  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    With all this talk of bed wetting, I’m surprised there have been no ads for Tena man popping up on CQN.

  3. !!BADA BING!! on 30TH JANUARY 2024 5:41 PM


    Lagerbielke move to Lecce blocked,maybe a bid in for a permanent move






    I suspect it’s a bit like the McCarthy bid, not enough wages being covered so deal will fall.

  4. 1-1


    Korea been battering the Saudis for half an hour .


    They equalised in the tenth minute of extra time .

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    We all want the same thing but some don’t want to rock the PLC boat.



    Tome for a change at the top.

  6. if ccv is injured we need more than Lagerbielke! this window is turning into a shambles. Celtic want players off the books before we spend. total lack of ambition.



    Dont underestimate the psychological side of the game – the media, fan disgruntlement etc.. we are a loss or draw away from collapse.



    why bring in Rodgers if we are not going to support him!

  7. Huv we signed or borrowed anyone yet???



    The fact that there are very few rumours apart from honkidonki is worrying…

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    STEBHOY on 30TH JANUARY 2024 6:09 PM


    why bring in Rodgers if we are not going to support him!



    Why bring him back at all. Lazy appointmenmt.



    EKBHOY on 30TH JANUARY 2024 4:58 PM



    Not buying the idea that one quick break up the pitch by RC on Saturday = they are fitter than us. We have had some poor and very good games this season. Gubbed the Huns twice , played very well at home in the CL , some good displays in the league.



    We do not have a god given right to steamroller the opposition every week , but if you want someone to blame for a poor performance, then we’ll need to agree to differ.



    H H

  10. Paul 67,



    Re James Mccarthy .



    We are not in a position of any strength to negotiate any deal. James is literally out of the picture ( Never even featured in the team photo )



    We need to hold our hands up and realise we made a bad deal of epic proportions that makes the Rafael Scheidt transfer look prudent.



    Take what we can.




  11. I am astonished that so many on here and other blogs really do allow one man to live rent free in their heads.



    A guy who has zero operational or functional role in the club and holds a tiny share like many other fans.



    A position which is not bonus led and delivers a very modest remuneration.



    Yet we have otherwise fairly clever folks on here going on about the influence of a guy who could well be on holiday right now as the window really ain’t his responsibility.



    Then again we had so called cynical rebels on here who believed Jason Leitch was a great bloke and telling us what was good for us as we’re our politicians for 2 years.



    Keep reading the daily record and getting your news from the bbc and you will get what we have. A fan base believing utter drivel being fed to breed our malcontents.



    Despite the cheating we are 5 points clear of rivals who have a game in hand. We have won our last 5 league games in a row minus 5 or 6 top players. But hey let’s boo our team off the park.



    Entitled or what ?

  12. B78



    Stop talking about james forrest like that



    He has been on twice now and not flounced…..

  13. Let McCarthy go to Greece for 6 month in the sun while Celtic pick up the tab, that is ripping it

  14. The ‘entitled ‘ bollox again, we’re entitled to expect investment that the manager wanted,into a squad that’s looking pretty lifeless just now,yet some guys just want money in the bank

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    Yes we are entitled with the money at our expense to actually invest in the team.



    We are entitled to want the best for our club.



    We are entitled to criticise the board that is holding us back.

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    And also entitled to call out the board lackeys and sycophants on here who think they are better than other supporters.

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    The board are suffering form complacency beyond compare.



    Time they were stirred out of their comfort zone.

  18. ccv hasn’t looked right from his first injury way back , has been all stop start every time he returns.

  19. see me owning my own house, i think it makes me entitled to do whatever i want with is.



    why wouldnt the same apply to the owners of celtic plc.



    why would anyone think they should listen to 20,000 opinions from football watchers.



    i was down the greenock quay during the summer shouting at the cruise ship captains “you dont know what your doing, i can do it better than you”.

  20. James Forrest,


    Read your own blogYou have more faces than Big Ben.You go whichever way the breeze is blowing.You write about how Keevins and Jackson,etc,try and attack us by writing shit.One poor performance,you see the “Anti Board” sentiment being stirred up,and like the two clowns,you are in like a shot,getting a hand up from them onto the Bandwagon,to write your own shit.30 pieces of silver have now turned into more hits for your site.


    A site,by the way that brooks no calling out of the writer.Disagree with you,you are off.Only sycophants and rabid nutters on your comments section.


    You keep telling this site,thats it,do us all a favour and stay true this time.Although,staying true,seems to have become a problem for you.

  21. Just when you thought the McCarthy transfer couldn’t get more embarrassing. Since DD wanted him maybe he should pay for the loan deal?


    An absolute fiasco of a transfer window yet again.


    The apologists must be running out of excuses or at least I think they should.


    I wonder how badly managed the football side of the business has to get for some to see it.



    By the way who are the six first 11 players we’re missing? Total nonsense.



    And also entitled to call out the board lackeys and sycophants on here who think they are better than other supporters.






    you want to add names to that broad sweeping generalisation ?



    can you not get a group together and make dermot an offer for his shares ?

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