T minus 35 hours


T minus 35 hours as the transfer window reaches its interesting stage, as clubs make consider what their final options will be.  Celtic have an already bloated squad and are looking to offload in several areas, while hoping to add a left back, striker and possibly keeper.

The left back requirement was originally for backup to Greg Taylor, while a striker is required as cover (and an in-game sub) for Kyogo.  There are short-term concerns at both acquiring positions.  Greg’s recent injury means he could be out for games away to Aberdeen, Hibs and St Mirren.

Japan and South Korea’s continued participation in the Asian Cup means we are without Oh, our normal alternate for Kyogo, and Daizen Maeda, who has played through the middle when required.

Celtic are considering various options for both positions.  How far down the list to do you go, when the acute need is only for cover, and only then for a few weeks?  It is easy to say ‘We’ll not bother with another Nat Phillips-type profile’, but the reality is, there is uncertainty.

Anyone signed right now can ‘have a Kilmarnock’, as Nat did, or we could be left without a recognised striker, pricking memories of playing Lewis Morgan up front in the 2019 League Cup Final.  No matter how sure you are, there is no right answer.

Hopefully, Gustaf Lagerbielke will get his move to Serie A.  This season’s plan for central defence was that Cameron Carter-Vickers and Maik Nawrocki would be first choice, with Gus next in line and Stephen Welsh fourth choice (and a useful Uefa B List option).  Liam Scales was due to be punted to Aberdeen.

Injuries to Carter-Vickers, Nawrocki and Welsh saw Liam thrust into the Ibrox limelight, where he rose to occasion and has since been a confirmed revelation.   A naturally left-sided central defender, he did enough to keep his place in the team, never mind the squad, so Gus has dropped from the roster, despite having performed well when asked.

David Turnbull has known a new contract was not on the table since Brendan Rodgers arrived in the summer.  He was used on Saturday, but if the proposed move to Cardiff happened it would be a good outcome for the player.

Celtic rejecting an offer from Greece for James McCarthy sounds unusual, but that’s only because we don’t know the detail.  If Celtic fold on exit terms for one player, they set a precedent that others know they can follow.  James could walk away this afternoon with everyone’s best wishes, if he wanted to.  We’ll see if anything happens.

We’re not short of wingers, at least, we won’t be when the Asian Cup ends, so there should be no surprise if Mikey Johnston makes an exit to the English Championship.

I’ve no idea how all the bed-wetters manage to get through the first 30 days of January, poor things.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Brendan raced out and headed to the Alps?



    Were agents of SMERSH pursuing him down the slopes?


    (You know, the ones that keep shooting but narrowly missing)



    Was John Barry’s theme playing in the background?



    If so, we’re doomed.

  2. Maybe the closed mind of SFTB and his acolytes might like to open their minds and have a look at this `incident` that happened in `safe` Ireland today…






    Nobody wants this but there are bought off sleekits in Eire, UK, EU, USA, CAN, AUS, NZ, etc Goverrnmet`s who are taking shekels to look away from these `incidents`…and then act surprised as if they didn`t know how it could happen.



    What if the guy and his family who sit near any of you at Parkhead, or you yourself have the `misfortune` to be caught up in these `incidents` because they / you did what they thought was the right thing and trusted the Government, Media, the Churches, etc?



    “I`m alright Jack”…..is not the Celtic approach.



    “Comrades all etc…” died with the Jungle in 1994.

  3. CHAIRBHOY on 30TH JANUARY 2024 8:45 PM



    You’re talking about two different things. A forecast and income. The amount was was specifically mentioned in the accounts, that’s all the transparency you need.



    I still don’t get your obsession with announcing income as it comes in because of its effect on the share price. What’s the need?

  4. This time last year EPL had spent £800 mill on players


    This year….£50 mill


    Top spender Ange Postecoglu


    That is what is we are missing


    A big spender


    A real big spender




    Southend Bruv. Proper Essex boy

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    Tbh, with the names linked I’d settle for what we have and risk it, just like the board are doing.



    Were world class at hee haw

  7. Go tell the Spartim on

    We get linked with SVH who is rumoured to go to Norwich that will allow us to get Adam Ndah, a Norwich reserve, we’ve already got too many of those imposters in Scotland

  8. CHAIRBHOY on 30TH JANUARY 2024 8:45 PM




    complete false comparison.



    how the shareholder acts inside the plc wrt to share purchase on a price dip, is entirely their call.



    a hedge fund advisor getting a forecast wrong to investors, simply covered by the “remember share price can go down as well as up” coverall.



    after the event giving an explanation of why you got it wrong, part of the business of analysts.



    see those trips to the lawyers, did they get you aff ?

  9. CELTIC MAC on 30TH JANUARY 2024 9:00 PM



    Sky pundits the other day were lauding Spurs and how quick and efficient they were in this window. Said it was very unlike the Spurs board. Hmmm 🤔

  10. 418 I will make a comeback just to keep banning you



    And your monikers



    It’s in the post….

  11. This is like the Willow Flood transfer window all over again…and we know how that season ended…Embarrassing. Celtic fans have been let down AGAIN

  12. Above video charts the minute he scores in….



    All late goals in the last 10-15 mins of games



    And *whisper a few penalties too…

  13. Adam Idah 😂😂😂😂



    Fans screwed over again by that rat Lawwell, roll up, roll up.






    The happy clappers will think he’s a great signing, board apologists CSC.

  14. geebee1978



    Looks like Ange and Levy are on point.


    Could pay off too if Spurs finish in the top four.




    Now, you obviously don’t get it and that’s fine.



    Although unless they give MBAs out with lucky bags in Scotland, it does surprise.



    Why do you think the PLC has to tell the stockmarket that their manager is leaving before the announce it to the MSM?



    Why did they make an announcement to the stockmarket in June 2023?



    Same reason they need to announce to the stockmarket they are getting about 10% of their revenue value in a cash windfall.



    It is an exceptional item that needs to be declared to the stock market.



    You may not understand it but Peter Lawwell & Co should.



    It’s not…



    …what do you want first, the good news or the bad news!?



    It’s about openness and transparency.



    SAINT STIVS @ 6:38 PM,



    see me owning my own house, i think it makes me entitled to do whatever i want with is.



    why wouldnt the same apply to the owners of celtic plc.



    They are not running a covert, secret society



    It is a PLC…



    The “P” stands for Public



    The Board don’t own it



    They are not entitled to do whatever they want with it, even if they do act that way on occasion.



    Hail Hail

  16. When it’s leaked to the Daily Record you know Peter Lawwell is back giving snippets to jingle Jackson

  17. @ronny_deila



    Our board have failed



    They must be removed in the summer




  18. Twitter



    Quality signing, just what Brendan’s been calling for 🙄



    Laziest scouting in the world.


    He plays for Ireland and is out of favour, perfect fit for Celtics recruitment strategy!


    When has this worked in recent years?



    Underwhelming at best!

  19. Adam Idah was an upcoming starlet who was tipped for a great career. He had a bad knee injury that took 2 operations – he has been working on fitness and building confidence in his game and knee.



    This is a gamble – hence the loan to buy structure. Looks like Celtic are buying time to get the players they really want in the summer. For now, its hit and hope stuff that could backfire disastrously.



    Also, it could work out. At 6″3 , athletic , experience – he might do ok in Scotland.

  20. @MLTim88



    Fans have continually poured their hard earned cash into the club we love, millions every year.



    This year saw another rise in ST prices and still the support delivered.



    We have very rich, old men sitting on this cash pile with zero vision.



    It’s ours. Get them out, now!




  21. CHAIRBHOY on 30TH JANUARY 2024 9:45 PM



    You’re talking about two different things, again. Changes in senior management and exceptional income.



    It’s not like nobody knew compensation was paid, why would they keep the amount “secret” for the 6 months before it would come out in the accounts when it would be public anyway?



    What purpose would it serve?

  22. sat 3rd feb at 1230



    So nearly 2 more days again…..



    Before we get to complain about a performance instead of a transfer window

  23. STEBHOY on 30TH JANUARY 2024 7:46 PM


    AT – what did you climb? it certainly wasn’t the social ladder. Are you blind and well as dumb?



    AT- Social climbin is so 80s,


    Yeh that blind and dumb enough to spot your snider as to why the korean manager leaves Oh and Yang on the bench



    Brendan Rodgers said himself – I quote “we need 3-4 QUALITY signings to (a) take the club forward and (b) to help develop the many PROJECTS we have in the squad”


    He said this back in September – the board have had ample time to plan for quality in this window. It may still happen but I’m entitled to be anxious, like tens of thousands of fans, with 2days remaining.



    AT of course your entitled to be anxious,who isnt on this forum,but your coming across as downright shitinit and nervous and when that is so your flailing out at everythin,Celtic players on international duty jeezo geeza break



    We have lost momentum, we’re not playing well , we dont have an in form striker , we dont have a defensive left back (for 2 years now) , we have key games coming up with good players not available – so far, we are not supporting the manager.



    We are 5 pts ahead in league,


    lost momentum – undefeated since loosin to hearts/killie,fook the huns their media you allow into your head,vulnerable and gullible to everythin farted out by them


    Greg Taylor was Ange and BR first pick,do you know better than them,i dont,i suspect your prioritising your want against tbe reality of the clubs want



    It really is quite simple – it has EVERYTHING to do with wanting the best for the club. (footballers not finances)



    AT- wanting best for the clubs means financing a footballer,a fit,its not one over the other,or instead of,we are dealing real money,not playstation. Kuhns transfer was more than what we won for a treble.thats a reality.


    We have work to do.


    I am still confident we will win the league.you?


    I dont get your nervousness,calm heads win leagues.we have bewn chopping and changin since day1,roll on close of window so we get back to backin the team,if am wrong so be it.


    Again we will win this league.no matter all the dust thrown up.



    We will see




  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Haters gonna hate !



    Even on here.






    Bile, anger, resentment, bitterness – present and correct.



    Solutions – Harpo Marx impersonation.