T minus 35 hours


T minus 35 hours as the transfer window reaches its interesting stage, as clubs make consider what their final options will be.  Celtic have an already bloated squad and are looking to offload in several areas, while hoping to add a left back, striker and possibly keeper.

The left back requirement was originally for backup to Greg Taylor, while a striker is required as cover (and an in-game sub) for Kyogo.  There are short-term concerns at both acquiring positions.  Greg’s recent injury means he could be out for games away to Aberdeen, Hibs and St Mirren.

Japan and South Korea’s continued participation in the Asian Cup means we are without Oh, our normal alternate for Kyogo, and Daizen Maeda, who has played through the middle when required.

Celtic are considering various options for both positions.  How far down the list to do you go, when the acute need is only for cover, and only then for a few weeks?  It is easy to say ‘We’ll not bother with another Nat Phillips-type profile’, but the reality is, there is uncertainty.

Anyone signed right now can ‘have a Kilmarnock’, as Nat did, or we could be left without a recognised striker, pricking memories of playing Lewis Morgan up front in the 2019 League Cup Final.  No matter how sure you are, there is no right answer.

Hopefully, Gustaf Lagerbielke will get his move to Serie A.  This season’s plan for central defence was that Cameron Carter-Vickers and Maik Nawrocki would be first choice, with Gus next in line and Stephen Welsh fourth choice (and a useful Uefa B List option).  Liam Scales was due to be punted to Aberdeen.

Injuries to Carter-Vickers, Nawrocki and Welsh saw Liam thrust into the Ibrox limelight, where he rose to occasion and has since been a confirmed revelation.   A naturally left-sided central defender, he did enough to keep his place in the team, never mind the squad, so Gus has dropped from the roster, despite having performed well when asked.

David Turnbull has known a new contract was not on the table since Brendan Rodgers arrived in the summer.  He was used on Saturday, but if the proposed move to Cardiff happened it would be a good outcome for the player.

Celtic rejecting an offer from Greece for James McCarthy sounds unusual, but that’s only because we don’t know the detail.  If Celtic fold on exit terms for one player, they set a precedent that others know they can follow.  James could walk away this afternoon with everyone’s best wishes, if he wanted to.  We’ll see if anything happens.

We’re not short of wingers, at least, we won’t be when the Asian Cup ends, so there should be no surprise if Mikey Johnston makes an exit to the English Championship.

I’ve no idea how all the bed-wetters manage to get through the first 30 days of January, poor things.

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  1. CHAIRBHOY on 30TH JANUARY 2024 7:11 PM



    “Peter Lawwell’s return to the PLC as Chairman was kept secret, at the AGM just before the announcement shareholders were not informed, although some shareholders clearly knew the appointment was going to be announced.”



    is that how it works with a PLC, all the shareholders find out about the new chairman when it’s announced? Even the ones involved in his appointment?



    It sounds like the masked singer, only less annoying

  2. Calling genuine fans who are genuinely concerned about our lop sided squad and its ability to complete the job of winning a must win league title is arrogance and buffoonery in equal measure

  3. CELTIC40ME @ 7:39 PM,



    If Celtic PLC was a professionally run organisation following best practice, they would have announced the new Chairman at the AGM.



    Hail Hail

  4. AT – what did you climb? it certainly wasn’t the social ladder. Are you blind and well as dumb?




    Brendan Rodgers said himself – I quote “we need 3-4 QUALITY signings to (a) take the club forward and (b) to help develop the many PROJECTS we have in the squad”



    He said this back in September – the board have had ample time to plan for quality in this window. It may still happen but I’m entitled to be anxious, like tens of thousands of fans, with 2days remaining.




    We have lost momentum, we’re not playing well , we dont have an in form striker , we dont have a defensive left back (for 2 years now) , we have key games coming up with good players not available – so far, we are not supporting the manager.



    It really is quite simple – it has EVERYTHING to do with wanting the best for the club. (footballers not finances)

  5. Bournerecipe Thanks for your reply,I thought Rogers comments a while back about Lagerbiele and Rocky were over the top ,and you wonder why some players aren’t interested in playing for some managers,I know Lagerbiele isn’t a world class defender,anytime I have seem him he has been ok ,so son if you get a chance to replace CCV hopefully you can prove Rogers wrong ,for me I can’t get my head round Rogers team selections ,anyway why did he come back?

  6. If you understand a plc at all.



    The one thing that can be said about Celtic plc is it is well run. Sure the board is old and that is not best practice but in general they are the owners so it’s theirs to decide.



    Neither do I see them failing on fiduciary matters or in directors responsibilities.



    That is not me supporting the individuals but my understanding after 30 years as a business manager then 10 years a director. An MBA and two other industry related specialist degrees.



    Involving lease agreements and contracts across many countries.



    This plc are masters at that game.



    They won’t be ousted.



    Tough but that’s the truth of it.

  7. Not sure we are in that bad of a place



    Injuries have really fooked us this year



    And they rear their head again in the death throes of the transfer window



    We spent the cash in the summer, albeit like a 14 year old with his dads credit card on porn sites……..



    ie not very well



    And are now limping into 2024 with sore balls, sore arms and dirty socks……



    If we can get a striker in, and maybe a new left back



    I don’t think we done too bad this year



    Last summers spending is starting to bear fruit, slowly



    I think we should all take a fooking chill pill



    We dont have the meedja to butter us up with nonsense reports about big bucks spendings






    We do fine

  8. Chairbhoy.



    I know he bought more shares when the price came down. He has done this for years and publicly stated it as what he does with sports plcs.



    You hinted it was done because secretly he knew Celtic got compensated for Brendan and staff.



    Can you prove this ?

  9. SAINT STIVS @ 8:01 PM,



    “You hinted it was done because secretly he knew Celtic got compensated for Brendan and staff.”



    No I did not, and if you band that nonsense about you could well need a Lawyer.



    My point, quite clearly is, if the compensation package was announced at the time of Brendan Rodgers and staffs’ departure it could very well have had a material effected the share price.



    Celtic should not have kept the compensation package secret.



    Hail Hail

  10. Tom z- See to be quite honest why are we letting Lagerfella go?



    I have thought he has done OK when asked to play.



    D. :)

  11. Chairbhy and stivs



    Chill, its not worth the stress



    When we sign no one, get rid of no one (not even fooking mccarthy)



    Then we can all go to war



    Where we are now is



    “just popping out for a quick pint….”



    Knowing that we are out for 3 days



    And just waiting on the chaos that follows






    5 months down the line am sure when we raise the league flag (ie she is talking to us again)



    All will be forgotten



    Till our next, “popping out for a pint”/transfer window moment

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tried to stay away from it (transfer window) today.



    Is it over? Are we there yet?

  13. CHAIRBHOY on 30TH JANUARY 2024 8:09 PM



    I’m struggling with what they’ve done wrong here if it isn’t insider trading



    Why should they maintain the share price by announcing commercially sensitive information when it’s not going to be hidden eventually anyway?

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    But just read a few pages.



    “We’re doomed. DOOMED ah tell ye”

  15. Nothing changes until the Lawwell’s leave the club — all three off them.



    Peter Lawwell as Chairman was huge a mistake by Dermot — he is toxic and should never be allowed inside Celtic Park for the damage he has done while plundering £20M from the club.



    The nepotism in employing his sons especially Mark into a role he was not capable off performing should have seen him sacked. This clown has blown £20M and is caught in the headlights. Man City moved him on and his dad gave him the prime role at Celtic after engineering the opening for him just like he set up his other pup as a comms guru in competition to the clubs in house set up.



    Lawwell is an evil presence the club who hates Rodgers with a passion. His priority is to see Rodgers depart as well as protect his son masquerading as HoR. Time to do what Man City did and tell Mark Lawwell to bolt. Lawwell could phone Ange to take him— he would be in hysterics. MATE —- are you insane. He’s a tea boy !!!

  16. DAVID66 on 30TH JANUARY 2024 8:11 PM


    Tom z- See to be quite honest why are we letting Lagerfella go?



    I have thought he has done OK when asked to




    Agreed. Lagerbielke is a full Swedish international player . He is only 23 and has time to further develop.


    If he stays I hope he can prove his doubters wrong.



    However there is also the possibility that he will know that under the current managerial team he is surplus to requirements and just want away.




  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I noticed with interest the word “entitled” being used in a few posts earlier … including an interesting discussion on what we are actually entitled to.



    My opinion may be disappointing by comparison.



    If you buy a season ticket to Celtic Park you’re entitled to two things.



    The turnstile buzzing green (or green/amber for concessions) allowing you to enter the stadium.



    The seat you paid for being empty until you sit on it.



    That’s it. Nothing more.

  18. CELTIC40ME @ 8:30 PM,



    Well, Clunk’s advice was sound yet I’ll explain this last time.



    We are talking about sensitive information that can effect a share price.



    An example from a while back…



    A hedge fund estimated that the ROI on a fund be around 12%.



    In actuality the ROI was over 30%.



    The fund had to write and explain why they got the ROI figure so badly wrong.



    As wealth managers look at returns and risk, and assess how much risk they are looking for and how much returns they are looking for before they invest.



    Materially important financial and risk information is very important to wealth managers.



    Lindsell Train possibly made an investment decision without all the key data.



    Which is why it is so important for a PLC Board to be open and transparent about risk and financial information, especially if that information could effect the share price.



    Doesn’t matter if the price goes up or down



    If shareholders gain or lose.



    It is the openness and transparency that is key here.



    Stock markets are not the wild west.



    Celtic Directors should have known this.



    Hail Hail

  19. Also worth a watch if you’re into outlandish fantasy is “Fool me once”. I challenge anyone to watch two episodes and know what the feck is going on.




    CELTIC40ME @ 8:30 PM,



    Well, Clunk’s advice was sound






    Can you write that out, and take a pic of it



    Send it to cqnclunks@gmail.com




  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Had occasion to take a long car journey with my son today.



    Conversation inevitably turned toward Celtic.



    I told him I witnessed my first treble when I was in my thirties.



    By contrast, he’s seen four trebles in four years, followed by a calamitous season, then a double, then another treble.



    Lucky him … and he knows it.

  22. Got an email from Celtic FC yesterday


    ‘Win a pair of signed Callum McGregor boots’


    One like brand new….

  23. GP – Cheers, I get that, sometimes managers just do not take to players but was it not under BR Lagerbeilke was brought in?



    D. :)

  24. CLUNKS @ 8:49 PM,






    Here’s some free advice…



    Sign nothing;)



    Hail Hail