Team of 2012 put more illustrious Celts in shade


Much of our Champions League history was on show last night, apart from the fragility which has accompanied Celtic so often on the road.  The game was immeasurably more difficult than any challenge we face in domestic football.  The opening minutes were so stressful, otherwise composed players were spooked, but winning is all about how you react when you are spooked.  Do you crumble and concede an early goal?

With less than three minutes on the clock, and Spartak about to take their third corner kick, how many of us thought back to early goals lost in the opening minutes of recent European adventures?

Not for this team, who reacted to being spooked by scoring a genuinely top class goal.

It wasn’t until Spartak went down to 10 men that we made them look like Motherwell (the similarity in possession, passing, composure last night and on Saturday are remarkable) but, Spartak going down to 10 men was not the deciding factor in the outcome of the game.  Kris Commons should have won a penalty when Celtic were 0-1 up and Gary Hooper was clean through on the goalkeeper at the incident which led to the red card.

Once level, with 20 minutes remaining, the stage was Celtic’s, but a more illustrious (i.e. expensive and feted) Celtic team had the same stage against a weaker opponent in Anderlecht in 2003 but ended up losing the game.  Last night Hooper, Izaguirre, Samaras, Forrest and Brown went about their business in a steady and unspectacular fashion, exuding the confidence you need to win at this level.

No result is achieved in this competition without an enormous performance; just ask those who lost in Belgium nine years ago, including the proudest man in Europe last night.

Bring on the Salt ‘n’ Sauce Rangers.

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  1. Bada



    Took mine into the Vodafone shop, took one of the young team 5ms tops!


    Save yourself the stress HH

  2. Lennybhoy…Supporting Neil Lennon and CFC until I die


    A dont believe that HT :)))))

  3. Just pulled at Tesco for a job. Queue of people my fare’s name is England.


    How can I get out of my car and shout England?



    Saved his address is Saltire Gardens.



    Childish I know.



    Another thing I have noticed a lack of taxis when Celtic games finish. I always have had to walk to the Gallowgate.



    Can imagine though if I drove a taxi in Glasgow that I would not be plotting Govan when that lot finished. Most would expect a free taxi to go with their free ticket.

  4. Marrakesh Express on




    I know..I spoke to sheep fans in a German pub (watching Helsinki game) and they admitted they cant stand Sevco or us. I also spoke to Hearts fans who promised me they hate Sevco with a passion.


    Its hard to call though. I’ve stood in a pub (the Mulberry in Shawlands 1989) when Hearts fans came in and kicked off with the sash, trying to start a fight, when the place was full of Celtic fans. Another time I was in the Turnstile in London rd pre-match, full of sheepies who were chatting away with us.




  5. SoT



    Still haven’t put any bets on for tonight, I know what I am thinking, but it may change.



    I think I will leave the tight games alone, but am still thinking Porto.



    After Mr Z saying to leave Zenit, and some of the others could go any way, might keep it for the weekend.



    Anyways, enjoy the paint thinner :>)

  6. Zenit v AC Milan followed by Ajax v RM…….a nice wee desert and apertif after last night’s gourmet feast…


    Pretentious?Moi? CSC

  7. There’s hardly any time left to eat with all this footie……heading to the kitchen like a wolf on a mission….

  8. philvis,



    unbelievably I had to take my grandkids to a concert of theirs in Newry on Sunday



    amazing choice on your behalf



    or maybe the ESP you use for all your “firsts”!



    bb thumbs up

  9. Need some help from tech heads



    Have apple ipod classic with loads songs on it..all songs were original on my laptop on itunes..somehow lost them so now hardly have any songs on laptop. 2questions



    1- how do i transfer from my apple ipod to itunes folder on my laptop ?



    2- can i transfer songs from my ipod to my iphone ?



    Hopefully someone can answer these.




  10. I suppose you are all waiting for my verdict on last night’s game, then.



    Terrific performance, full of character and confidence.



    Before the match, I had two reservations.



    The first was the pitch and the other was the Aiden factor.



    Aiden, thankfully, didn’t hurt us, but I thought that it took us virtually the whole of the first half to come to terms with the surface.



    Playing on that pitch was akin to playing on a frost covered hard ground.



    You saw that in the controlled way that the players were running. It was as if they had no confidence in the grip of their studs.



    Our taller players were most affected.



    Sammi abandoned his long striding game and came to terms with it.



    I felt that Charlie Mulgrew never got to grips with it and looked flat footed when the ball came to him. He hadn’t the confidence to try and get the ball under control.



    However, they all stuck to their task and it is impossible to nominate one man above another. It was a great team effort.



    Whilst saying that, I thought Scott Brown was immense.



    He was our first line of defence, in a forward centre midfield role.



    KC would not have been able to pressurise their defenders to the same extent.



    Irrespective of the one man advantage, the addition of Forrest to the fray, combined with Sammi moving inside, alongside Charlie, gave us the platform to lay siege on the Spartak defence.



    All respect and kudos to the coaching staff.

  11. Silver City 1888 on

    Marrakesh Express. My brother spent some time in Aberdeen. He reckoned that the people calling us “Fenian this” one week were calling the Huns “Orange that” the next. I’m not convinced it would be exactly the same with Hearts fans some how. My personal experience with Aberdeen fans involves being surrounded by them chanting “SAS bang bang bang!” Got away with a thick ear from a brave soul who dove out the crowd, hit me from behind and dove back in.

  12. traditionalist88 on

    Marrakesh Express



    Yeah, it often comes down to the individual, I do think generally the Sheep vs the huns produces a lot more venom that us vs the Sheep and our opponents on Sunday model themselves on the dead club so things are a bit tense there;)




  13. South Of Tunis on




    The in his 80s Inter supporting provider of paint thiinners has gone for-











    Ajax ..




  14. Googybhoy



    Following on from your posts the other week about Manchester street names.



    I had occasion to go to Chinatown in Manchester last month and couldn’t help but notice how many streets were named after Celtic players. Quite nice of them.

  15. googybhoy ♥ Celtic



    Good point re after match taxis at Celtic Park.



    A couple of seasons ago, I was at an evening game at CP.



    At time up, we had no option but to walk back in via the Gallowgate.



    Years ago, that wasn’t a problem, but I’m afraid, it’s a bit of a hassle and would be a consideration re attending future games.



    Perhaps when the Oul’ Triangle is up and running, they will incorporate a taxi rank, where cabs can shuttle fans around.



    There has to be good pickings to be had.

  16. muppetbhoy is standing up for Neil Lennon on

    Lennybhoy…Supporting Neil Lennon and CFC until I die


    16:28 on


    3 October, 2012


    Leftclicktic and hamiltontim:



    The Linesman kept his flag down wasn’t him. It was the fifth official…



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!






    I thought it was the official behind the goal

  17. johann murdoch on

    Neil Lennons win ratio over his last three european AWAY games [CL]..100%..



    Sir Watties win ratio over his last three AWAY games[CL and Europa]…0%..



    Does Sir Wattie need a mentor?

  18. johann murdoch on

    Thomthetim..Re taxis I think its the gridlock after the match thats prevents the taxis getting there or getting back into town quickly..better traffic management immedaltely after the match would be the answer. HH

  19. celtic_first



    16:56 on


    3 October, 2012


    I pick up daily on a street in Broughton Park named Tully St.


    Mainly Orthodox Jews with no idea of the name.



    BTW Nile Ranger has no chance of getting in my taxi.

  20. johann murdoch on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    16:48 on


    3 October, 2012


    How come “The Rangers” don’t have a game this week? Are there no more diddy cups left for them?




    Important rest period for them before big cup clash v Alloa Hh

  21. saltires en sevilla on

    Eberdeen fans



    I encountered what turned out to be a platoon of casuals at cup final at Hampden- the penalty shoot out fiasco



    Was crossing Prospecthill road with about 8 mates strung out in a line as we were climbing up from the old Cathkin ground direction ….a crowd of about 12 lads were heading down towards Mount Florida end ..no colours on



    first one approached me ” how do I get to Hampden …” obvious Eberdeen accent



    I pointed the way down to the lights then round to the old Rankers end ..then said “just be careful lads and enjoy the game eh?”



    they all walked on as directed …. we heard them arguing/complaining about who should have set about us first …” ach they all seemed like nice lads like…didn’t want to give them any hassle”



    seems we had just charmed the famous casuals into not giving us a tanking :-)



    good manners comes in handy sometimes

  22. welldone bhoys…not even cheating uefa officials could prevent a maturing celtic team from a momentous victory.



    anyone notice the suspicious injury time lastnight – 3 minutes added time then celtic scored & it was changed to 5 mins?



    in my opinion, the referee got a big fat russian payout b4 lastnights game & i challenge anyone to prove that he didn’t?

  23. johann murdoch



    Probably, that’s why that maybe with new layouts, the traffic flow could be eased.



    Taxi lanes, perhaps?

  24. JJP-ON


    13:52 on


    3 October, 2012





    Using your example of Malaga, teams from the “larger” countries receive co-efficient points relative to their country ranking as a way of giving a more accurate reflection of their likely ability if they ever qualify for a European competition. Points gained for other teams earning points (i.e. Barcelona) are minimal. Can you imagine Malaga had a zero co-efficient for not having qualified for the past 5 years, and are subsequently placed in Pot 4? This would clearly not be a true reflection of their standing relative to other teams.












    They are a Pot 4 team this year.My point is that they are getting a very significant leg due to the flaws in the system.



    Extrapolate the scenario that I outlined over a 5 year period.



    Malaga…….average 12.2 ranking points per annum x 5 years. Tnhis gives a coefficient of 61. This would make them the top team in Pot 3 this year, and in many other years a pot 2 team.



    This would be achieved , based on the scenario outlined by winning 15 games , drawing 5 and losing 20. This is a win rate of 37.5%. This could also be achieved by never finishing higher than 4th in La Liga in any of the 5 years concerned



    by comparison



    Celtic….. average 11.2 ranking points per annum x 5 years. Tnhis gives a coefficient of 51. This would make us firmly a Pot 3 team this year, and in no other years a pot 2 team.



    This would be achieved , based on the scenario outlined by winning 35 games , drawing 0 and losing 15. This is a win rate of 70.00%. This can also only be achieved by us winning the SPL in all of the 5 years concerned



    Football is the only major team sport that engages in seeding before a ball is kicked , and in addition has a seeding system designed to prejudicially favour large countries.



    In the NFL and major league baseball, every team starts each season with a coefficient of zero. Only when you get to the playoffs does your form for that year , and that year alone kick in. There is however no advantage given to regional performance in real terms. You do not get the New York Jets getting an advantage over the San Diego Chargers, because the Giants are better than the Raiders.



    I wrote about this on CQN 4 years ago when we had the farce of Portsmouth playing in Europe for the first time in their History and being awarded higher coefficent status than previous European Tournament winners. In fact season 2008-09 was and remains the only season Portsmouth have ever played in Europe.



    They ended up with 9 coefficient points to Celtics 7.37, despite the fact Celtic earned more points than Portsmouth. UEFA gave Portsmouth a hike to 6 places above Celtic thanks to the efforts of the other English teams. That is sporting doping, endorsed and implemented by UEFA



    http://kassiesa.home.xs4all.nl/bert/uefa/data/method4/tcoef2009.html Its all here in black and white.



    However it gets even worse than that. Millwall……yes Millwall, who’s European record is played 1 tie and lost and were knocked out with a draw and a defeat. So never won a game in Europe. Not a single game. This was in the UEFA cup of 2004. % ranking years later, despite never having played another game Millwall were ranked ahead of …..and i’m going to list this because it’s so preposterous :





    CSKA Sofia


    Borussia Dortmund






    Wislaw Krakpow








    Ferencvaros……who ironically took Millwall apart and beat them easily in their only European tie.



    It’s a disgrace. It’s financial fair play turned on it’s head. It’s like allowing Manny Pacquaio to soften up Ricki Burns by belting him a few shots, just because Ricki is due to fight another Filipino.



    Remember that next time some EPL apologist tells you how wonderful their teams are.

  25. Blantyretim.



    Could you mail me your home address and I’ll post you those papers I have for you.

  26. Just popped in to say



    Excellent result last night. Well done Lenny and the bhoys.



    Hooper and Brown were sensational (and I ain’t Scott’s biggest fan). Lustig was also superb and all played their part.



    Anyway…..once again I pay homage to the Ghod Like Genius of Georgios Samaras.



    Just back from injury and the the Greek God soars to deliver.

  27. Me and my mate got split up from the rest after getting beat 1-0 at tyncastle in the early eighties.



    We ended up in a pub full of hearts fans and spent a while dinking with them,they even put our scarves on the wall.



    Point being there’s good and bad everywhere.



    Then again they won that game.hh

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