Media and Spartak take hit for underestimating Celtic


Celtic’s win in Moscow on Tuesday has caused an interesting introspection in Russia, with both Spartak and some in the Russian media coming under scrutiny.  The pre-match tone was set by comments we reported from former Spartak player and coach, Andrey Tikhonov, who, on the day of the draw, said:

“Barcelona are favourites from the group. We and Benfica will be fighting for second place.

“Celtic are outsiders. The Champions League competition is about very good technical football.  It has nothing to do with running after the ball that somebody kicked forward.”

Another former Spartak player and Soviet international, who now works as a technical analyst and all-round raconteur , Aleksandr Bubnov, had a completely different take on Celtic, Spartak and the Russian and Scottish media.

Bubnov told Russian television:

“Spartak players thought they could push Celtic defenders around like toys.  They played long crosses forward like the idiots.  Celtic defenders knocked back everything.  It was like training for Celtic, they were on holiday.

“When Celtic attacked for the first time, de Zeeuw thought that Insarualde would stop the Celtic player, Insarualde thought Pareja will stop him.  When Celtic scored de Zeew asked, ‘Where was Pareja ?’  Pesjakov answered de Zeeuw, “You forgot?  Pareja is still at the lunch, he will be back for the second half.”

Bubnov criticised TV analysts who before the game debated whether Celtic would survive in the bottom half of the Russian premier division or a lower division.  He added:

“We were told by the experts that Spartak will shut Celtic out, kill them and bury outside the stadium.  They are experts, they watch games, they take money for this kind of analysis.  They told us Celtic are one story heroes.

“They talked about Rangers relegated to the fourth Division for financial cheating.  You see how they do things there?  What fantastic salvation. You are cheaters Rangers?  OK, go and take long rest.  Those in charge are professionals, nobody would help Rangers. They don’t go to the president, or the prime minister.

“Cherdantsev (TV expert) never played football.  You heard him, Spartak players and all these experts. ‘No problem, champions of Scotland?  Who are Celtic, who are Scotland?

“Experts?  Did they watch Celtic against Benfica? Benfica are top in Portugal, Celtic drew with them.  Even the stupid Scottish experts came here and told us Spartak would win 2-0.”

When asked how Spartak should play in the return game against Celtic, Bubnov suggested:

“You need to close wings and play carefully at the back. Celtic will not perform like Spartak did against Barcelona. They played and let the other team play.

“Neil Lennon was very smart coach.  He closed Spartak options on the wings.  Emeri (Spartak manager) should close Celtic wings.  Emeri’s tactics was move wingers to the centre to leave more room for attacks from left and right defenders.  But, our defenders were poor and slow.

“Emeri was stupid, he moved Aiden McGeady and Dmitri Kombarov to the centre because Neil Lennon closed wings.  What happened? They both played out of position and Kombarov scored an own goal.”

“Spartak were open on the wings and there was a brothel at the back.  Neil Lennon did what he wanted to do with Spartak”

Conversational Russian is apparently rich with imagery.

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  1. philvisreturns on

    because I won last post on the previous thread :-)






    thomthethim – My late father referred to them as anti-Celtic, Celtic fans.



    I know the type. The 90’s were golden years for the vocal minority who take a perverse, miserable pleasure in negativity.



    I don’t think it’s particularly a Celtic thing though. You meet people who wallow in negativity in every walk of life.



    Like the guys at work who are constantly badmouthing their employers, year in, year out, but who never seem to find the gumption to go somewhere where their genius will be appreciated.



    Like the miserable sods for whom the world will forever be going to the dogs.



    Like the Sad Sacks, the Eeyores, the I. M. Jollys, the Buzz Killingtons.



    Negativity is an energy-sapping, creativity-draining, fun-stopping force of badness.



    Wild optimism, irrational exuberance, high hopes and stratospheric expectations: these are the things that change the world for the awesome. (thumbsup)

  2. philvisreturns on

    Son of Gabriel – you feeling okay Philvis?



    Today, I am mostly eating Benylin and black coffee.



    So I feel fantastic! (thumbsup)

  3. philvisreturns



    12:10 on 4 October, 2012




    These types are nothing but f*****g plebs who don’t know their place.

  4. Paul67



    I said on here before the match the Russians were being totally disrespectful to Celtic.



    They can now introduce the phrase ‘Rag-dolled’ to their rich imagery.

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire


    11:42 on


    4 October, 2012


    Big hail hail to the lionroars67 & Top Corner


    Good to meet you ghents


    0-1was a terrible score though :oD)))))


    Was good to find out some of the players names :o)



    Good to meet you to bud



    Yes TC was very helpful with his knowledge of Celtic players, get posting TC



    http://www.nextgenseries.com/ Canalmalar click on the link for more info, especially kick off times:0))))))



    Got a bit tasty at the end last night. firhill for thrills

  6. ‘thomthethim – My late father referred to them as anti-Celtic, Celtic fans.’




    You mean like the kind who moan about delays at the turnstiles and the lack of taxis available after the game?

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    Laugh-a-minute stuff from the ole Russians there.



    It just shows you though – even the Scottish ‘experts’ can get things wrong…

  8. philvisreturns on

    ernie lynch – I’ve always thought of you as a sunny dispositioned, happy go lucky, zip-a-dee-doo-dah sort of chap. (thumbsup)

  9. Great quotes from Aleksandr Bubnov Paul. It is refreshing to hear from someone who just tells it like it is. So much Newspaper and TV punditry is cliched, tired and uninformed. Any chance you can get him to write a guest article for the next CQN magazine ?

  10. I want tae know where that brothel at the back is, could this catch on as a way of making money :):):)




  11. League Cup draw today. I dont want Sevco anywhere near us. Give them an away game to Aberdeen.

  12. Paul67 – many thanks for that, enjoyed it. Conversational maybe, but we know he is right and he certainly hit the mark with the “stupid Scottish experts” comment. Happy days!

  13. Fat Sally has reiterated his only wish at this afternoon’s League Cup draw is for a home tie – and not necessarily against Celtic.



    The Rangers manager was reported to want a derby against the Light Blues’ city rivals in the last eight after Motherwell were beaten in the previous round last month.



    But McCoist is adamant newspaper headlines misinterpreted his post-match comments and his only hope is to get a match at Ibrox.

  14. philvis



    Last post is strictly the post immediately before Paul 67 states that a new article has been posted. This is also known as a reverse podium which is even more difficult to achieve than an ordinary podium. Now, I wonder who got the last post on the previous article?





  15. philvisreturns



    12:16 on 4 October, 2012




    I believe that we are capable of better.



    I think that makes me an optimist.

  16. From previous …..



    OG Rafferty


    Been meaning to ask for a long time …


    is your nom de blog ,by chance, taken from a chant heard on the Windsor Park Kop (1979 )?


    Sorry if not the case and I have confused all



    The Onlooker

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    There was me hoping that link was for the three goals, cheers.


    Just need to get the western to change its visiting times and I won’t miss another minute

  18. Ooooft! Brothel at the back? Nearly choked on ma toasted fruit bread there.



    Imagery overload.

  19. Am I alone in reading the image-rich Russian quotes to myself in an Aleksandr Orlov accent?

  20. Big well done to Fraser Foster, apart from the mistake for Spartak’s second goal on Tuesday,he has been in great form.



    Gary Hooper will get his chance eventually.



    Delighted that wee stuck it to Spartak the other night for the disrespect shown by them and the Russian journalists.

  21. Paul67 etal.



    Would I be right in thinking Zbyszek had a hand in composing your headlines today?.

  22. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I would rather he had said –



    “The Celtic players were queing up to score”.

  23. Did we score an orgy of goals against Spartak?



    And to think Scots hacks use words like stramash.



    Roll on S&M Sunday when we completely roger the jambos.



    I’ve taken this too far.

  24. philvisreturns on

    ernie lynch – Sure it does buddy.



    You’re nailing this optimism thing like Radiohead playing before a free showing of “Watership Down”.



    On a dark and rainy Monday in January.



    In Airdrie. (thumbsup)

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