I first walked down the London road,
More than eighty years ago.
As a boy no more than nine or ten,
With my dear old Dad in tow

I can still remember that day so well
It was January in thirty one
There were flakes of snow falling to the ground
Which blocked the rays of a winter sun

It was destination Celtic Park
And I couldn’t wait to see
The club I’d heard so much about
How it filled my heart with Glee

We had come to see the legends like
Willie Maley McGrory and McStay
And the brilliant Johnny Thomson
Who soon would pass away

This team was born to feed the poor
Our mission for evermore
Twas the dream of Brother Walfrid
Almost fifty years before.

So many years have come and gone
I can’t believe how fast
And I walk the London road again
But this time will be my last

I remember the boy I was back then
So fit and full of pace
But time nor tide cannot be stopped
Nor the old man who took his place

Once more I enter paradise
How it looks so different now
But the fans they still come in their droves
To watch the Celtic Bhoys

I reminisce as the end draws near
And I think of times gone by
As the joy of childhood memories
Is enough to make me cry

I’m back there now there’s no return
Till someone said “don’t be sad”
And I turned around and I could see
The man I once called “Dad”

He said to me “its time to go”
As the final whistle blew
On the pitch I could see Willie Maley’s bhoys
And he said “They’ve come for you”

Then I held his hand once more in mine
And we walked through Parkhead’s gates
Another Tim gone to God above
But another shall take my place

I look back on life with no regrets
And head towards the great unknown
Just one last glance at the place I loved
From where I Never Walked Alone

The Final Whistle was written by Brian McDaid



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Stephen Sullivan is a former Celtic View reporter who wrote the much-lauded Sean Fallon biography, ‘Iron Man’. He is now the editor of FIFA.com.

Stevie Murray has now written two books on Celtic – ‘Ten Men Won The League’ and ‘Kenny of the Celtic’ – and he is a respected and authoritative voice on the club.

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