The international precious commodities


The first reaction to the international break is never positive: “How many players do we have away and what condition will we get them back in?” The team which stopped the ten had more representatives at the 1998 World Cup than any other side (a remarkable achievement), but we caught a cold from these exploits the following season.

Leigh Griffiths would no doubt be delighted to start for Scotland this week. Representing your country is one of the things footballers look back on in their later years, so for his own sake, I hope Leigh gets the call, but for Celtic’s I’d be quite happy for him to have a quiet couple of weeks.

Griffiths, Scott Brown and Nir Bitton are precious commodities to Celtic right now, we can’t afford international mishaps for any of them. There’s better cover for the others who will be on international duty, but Stefan Johansen in particular looks like could do with a break.

You’ll know Packie Bonner’s autobiography, The Last Line, launches this month. Packie has a night at Walkabout in Glasgow on 29th October, where the big man will speak about his career, and many other things, past and contemporary. Tickets are available here.

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    Mailed you about your pipefitter. Just looking for a wee bit more info,mate.




    Hi pal still trying to get TBM to attend the wee get together.



    Going up to see him today so will keep trying.




  3. Was going to add to the ‘Accies against the ban’ being illegal in police state Scotland



    Try writing Sevco in the comments page of the Scotsman? It tells you…….. “Sevco” is a sectarian term!!!!!!

  4. Hi Paul67,



    Yeah, I remember that 1998 stat now, t’was impressive.



    Hope Leigh gets a start…



    A- Because he deserves it on Club form



    B- Scotland need the win.



    Did you notice the Germans going twos-up on Jamesy…



    Think Griffiths and Forrest will give Poland problems.



    Hail Hail

  5. proudbhoy.


    from last blog.



    Pauls a very busy man and has other things to do than come on the blog,all I want is for the blog to get back to the amount of posters as there were last year,or any of the previous 11 years,it just seems it getting fewer and fewer posts as the months go by.



    I’m having big problems typing this as my diabetes is acting up today.forgive me if it’s a bit mixed up.

  6. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Thunder Road





    Old Tim


    I have thought roughly the same myself.


    Maybe it is selective memory on my part but I thought when I first came on , the `N` part of CQN was much more in evidence than it is now. There seems to be much more personal dialogue now than before. There also seems to be much more in the way of unsubstantiated opinion that many feel everyone is entitled to. Not only unsubstantiated but, perhaps more importantly re the decline, expressed in a way that suggests anyone who cannot see the same thing is an idiot!


    The slump, of course, coincided with the new format so it is hard to dismiss that as an important factor.












    I was gonna call him later.



    I’ll call him sooner!




  8. Oldtim67



    I’m pretty sure most posters are busy but do get involved, I know paul67 is busy and does a lot more than just CQN. Just thought his input would help debate and attract some good posters back.



    Hope your all good.

  9. Mark Rieper was crocked at the 1998 WC, and was never the same again.



    One of our best CBs of the last 25 years.



    Smashin’ player.




  10. Thunder Road,



    from previous. vg :))




    Old Tim,



    I think there are probably many reasons for low posting. JJ touches on one.



    International week is probably playing it’s part too.




  11. A Canadian starlet?



    In ice hockey?



    Naw! Fitba!



    There’s a first.




  12. Hi Paul, did you get a response from Tommy’s charity re the £1000 you forwarded them, sorry if i’ve missed this.

  13. Paul67.



    Regarding International games.I love Scotland to win,I’m a Scotland fan,But my first love is Celtic and when you say that Scotland had many players playing in 1998,Celtic have many playing in 2015 internationals and do a lot of travelling, I’m not talking just about Scottish players, we have few that play for other countries, and they all travel a lot, Travelling,especially flying, knocks hell out of your metabolism (sp) and can take days to recover from travelling to all places on the globe, Nir Bitton travelled a lot that last international break,one of the euro qualifiers that Celtic played the players had just come back from international duty and it showed in their play.



    Me,in my selfish way would rather Celtic players didn’t play in Internationals the week before Euro Qualifiers, in my opinion they should be rested from internationals so as they can be fit for the qualifiers in the Europa League.



    Again, excuse my blethering.

  14. “Canadian starlet” Let’s face it, in terms of Canadian football Boo bear would make an excellent prospect.



    If you read on to the end of the article you will see that they claim Hiroshima as top fishing destination & Guantamino bay for its hospitality & 5 star luxury hotel.

  15. Parkheadcumsalford on 6th October 2015 1:36 pm ……………More people voted against them than for them but hey ho………….That’s democracy.



    At least in Scotland the non austerity Nats are forging ahead and using their mandate to spend their share of the UK’s wealth and use its tax raising powers to rid the country of poverty, particularly food banks, their 8 year record is awesome………………….pfffftt!!!!!!

  16. JJHS,



    I agree that CQN has become poorer over the last year or so. I date it from the lead up to the Referendum, not the move to the new format, although I get regularly annoyed at the adverts.

  17. BAWSMAN on 6TH OCTOBER 2015 12:46 PM


    Was going to add to the ‘Accies against the ban’ being illegal in police state Scotland



    Try writing Sevco in the comments page of the Scotsman? It tells you…….. “Sevco” is a sectarian term!!!!!!








    Sectarian team don’t you mean ?!!



    HH jamesgang

  18. Sevco are Sevco ah mean that’s what they are Sevco how can Sevco the Sevconian name for the team from Sevco not be Sevco, Fur Sevco’s sake that makes nae Sevcionian sense Sevco on, Sevco coo Sevco moo…

  19. On the discussion re the blog…



    Yesterday 18,896 people logged in to CQN. On the same day a year ago the number was 14,429.



    There has been an ongoing problem with the ads on the site – nothing to do with the new format, it is to do with trying to implement the ads without the resultant hassles especially on smartphones.



    If you look at the side bars on desktop or at bottom of the site on phones at the moment, you will see we have removed these ads as we try to resolve the problems once and for all. A great deal of work has gone into this and is going into it.



    Re the number of posts being down, which on days like yesterday is certainly the case. When the political debates were happening last year loads of people moaned about that saying it was a turn off etc. In actual fact numbers increased.



    There is more to read on CQN now with the magazine features being posted on a daily basis and being promoted on News Now, Celtic News Now and social media. This brings in an audience so there is an element of new visitors to CQN not getting involved in the blog side of CQN.



    Many people – myself included – have had real hassles using the site on iPhone 6, so that must have an effect too. We are very aware of the frustration that this causes, and again are working on this to resolve once and for all.



    Facebook reports on audience for Pages on a weekly basis and the CQN Magazine page has been a little quieter than usual too, so maybe there is a wider malaise around the club? Look at the crowd for the Raith Rovers game, which I went to to add to the numbers, hoping to avoid another Morton!



    Lots of people visit CQN to read Paul’s article and don’t get into the comments too much.



    Others may have thought in the days after the Aberdeen defeat that CQN was a particularly depressing site to visit judging by the volume the negative comments being posted about the club. The volume of posts after that dipped sharply.



    Might be other factors too re dip in posts but CQNs biggest audiences in recent years has been June 2012 and September 2015.





    Nailed it,mate.



    We should all thank you for that-the perfect response to their idiocy.

  21. etims article this morning saying we have to pay about 14ml pound to the co-op by 2019.


    might be old news.





    Reply sent.



    Hopefully some right good guys will come up wi the goods for you.

  23. Winning Captains,


    Increased login numbers, do you count repeat logins ? Or are these individuals


    Like yesterday I was bumped out at least 10 times and had to login each time I was bumped.

  24. the long wait is over on

    Seems as good a time as any to chip in with my tuppence worth on the CQN State of the Nation debate as any…



    CQN is still my “go to” site for anything Celtic but , in truth , that would probably not be the case if I were to stumble upon it now.



    I understand completely P67 needing / wanting revenue from advertising , and I’m not one to criticise something I get for nothing but the adverts, especially the pop ups , and the constant refreshing on Ipad is sufficiently clunky that if I were a new lurker I’d probably just go elsewhere even before taking the time to


    find out what the site offers.



    Perhaps the perceived lack of new bloggers reflects that. It certainly seems that a far higher percentage of posts are form the same smallish number of posters. The blog is also, IMHO , a bit less general “fun” than it used to be. There are a fair number of bloggers who take themselves and their opinions pretty seriously.



    I also think the main blog page needs to be given more prominence – I generally drop in for debate and news on Celtic- not opinion pieces , no matter how well written and researched.



    I know this sounds like a list of complaints but it’s genuinely not – if it’s criticism in any way I hope it’s constructive.



    It’s still a brilliant site and community and something that , I hope , P67 continues to consider worthy of his efforts.





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