The Poste’ always delivers


Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, the time has come.  Ange Postecoglou is officially Celtic manager.  It has been a long wait but consistent with Celtic’s typical managerial appointment times (Neil Lennon first got the job on 9 June 2010, despite already being in temp position).

The chapter of our history on Angelos Postecoglou now begins.  I’m only slightly annoyed they didn’t announce it at noon…..  Ange has delivered success beyond expectation wherever he goes.  That will be difficult to achieve at Celtic, where expectations are stratospheric, but hope in our hearts, and all that.

Strap in, it’s going to be a blast.  Best of luck, Ange.

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  1. quadrophenian on

    TIMGREEN on 10TH JUNE 2021 4:38 PM


    Oor Ange it is then. I think he’ll be a significant improvement on what we have had.


    This from “The Athletic”:





    Grateful for the Athletic bit, esp the contributions of Thomas Broich. As an A-League watcher Brocih was a delight to watch; a real player with a brilliant touch and smart fitba mind. Kinda like a Lubo-style player.


    So Ange HAS an eye for a player too! Broichy’s endorsement of Ange speaks volumes for me.



    Only thing I’m surprised of in the comment stream is no-one using that ancient old Morecambe and Wise joke:


    ‘What’s a Greek Urn?’



    TET: Saddened to read of your terrible news. KTF.

  2. Welcome to Celtic, Angelos “Ange” Postecoglou, get stuck into Der Hun. Slippy G’s there for the taking, if he doesn’t run out on Sevco first ;-)


    The SFA and SRU have joined in unison to condone racism. They wont sanction an international gesture against racism and instead have sided with racist neo Nazi filth in Eastern Europe.


    The Scottish hideaway “a but” racist scum in the half way house are cowardly racist filth at heart.


    Hopefully England will crush the rabid racist Scots in the SFA and SRU and any other cowardly racist filth in their support.


    God bless the England players etc.

  3. QUADROPHENIAN on 11TH JUNE 2021 12:12 AM


    ‘What’s a Greek Urn?’




    Presently, between our sticks.

  4. Tet



    saddened to hear your news k.The very best to mate.will keep Jan in my prayers.




  5. Delaneys Dunky on

    Hadn’t looked in here for months. Came on to share my joy at the exciting Ange Postecoglou appointment.


    Sorry to see that CQN is still polluted with the troll poison that posts as JHB.


    I reckon it is actually Jolly Boy John fae Burnistoun.


    He came on SentinelCelts and trolled me because I stated that I would prefer Scottish Independence to Celtic winning 10 in a row.


    Thankfully BMCUW banned the Unionist fucker from SentinelCelts.


    George Galloways wee bitch.


    Pure poison.




    I was correct.


    Scotland will be Independent and free before Celtic win 10 in a row.


    Saor Alba

  6. Delaneys Dunky on

    Wee tune for Jolly Boy John, who posts on here as JHB.


    A totally deranged individual that if I ever met, I would absolutely punch fuck out of him.


    The world could do with less arseholes like JHB.




  7. TET , aw am hurt , conspiracy nut ,calling me a tosser 😉, you DID slaughter the host on SC then chip the rattle out the pram ! you know


    it so do I , thats a fact !

  8. Morning CQN,



    A new dawn awaits, let’s embrace it.



    Interesting times ahead. Our new manager will deserve a warm Celtic welcome.



    It’s not easy at 55 years old to accept a challenge that will turn your world upside down. This takes guts and a massive confidence in your own tenacity and ability.



    Get behind our new manager and support the team.



    COYBIG, the journey begins.



    PS : How are the urban foxes.?

  9. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH JUNE 2021 5:33 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 10TH JUNE 2021 5:25 PM







    And Scotland drapes itself in blue and white.







    The colours the huns play in.





    I have NEVER at ANY Time stated that I support the Scottish fitba team., so I am at a loss WHY you should ASSUME that I do ?


    The ONLY support that offer to Scotlands fitba Team is that any Celtic Player doesnt get injured while playing for the Corrupt and Bigoted SFA ?


    I couldnt care less IF they do well or not.



    I have TWO bets on with the Bookies….and Scotlands fitba team are NOT part of my Bets.

  10. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH JUNE 2021 5:33













    And Scotland drapes itself in blue and white.


    The colours the huns play in.





    Celtic wore ORANGE Socks in 1970 when beating Leeds Utd at Elland Road……THAT didnt stop me supporting Celtic ?


    Im only interested in the Scottish fitba team doing well whenever they play England….Only because I hate the English ” EXPERT Pundits and much of their Fans ” and I enjoy watching Tories Greetin….English or Scottish ….whether its Bammy Boris of Diddy Wimp Douglas Ross.

  11. VOGUEPUNTER on 10TH JUNE 2021 5:42 PM




    .Cheers mate.


    the Pubs are only reopened for 5 Feckin minutes after 8 months…and Im not too well.


    Feckin TYPICAL !





  12. DAVID66 on 10TH JUNE 2021 7:40 PM


    Big Jimmy keep well my friend.







    Unfortunately I could not make the beer fest manana as we are having the Grandson’s communion on Saturday in our Garden and I have a lot of running about to do manana.







    Sorry to the guys who were going but hopefully we meet up soon.





    No worries DAVID mate. Have a GREAT Family Day on Saturday…and every other Day !


    HH Mate.

  13. Good morning cqn from a dry, blustery and sunny Garngad



    Let’s all get behind big Ange.



    He’s Greek, He’s Great



    He’ll smash yer dinner plate









    D :)



    TONY Bhoy…You KNOW that the Beer Frenzy for Today ( Friday) has been cancelled for a couple of reasons ?


    Apologises. Hopefully we can re arrange for the next Two or Three Weeks ?


    HH Mate.

  15. I would prefer Scotland being Independent than under Westminster Bonkers Boris Tory Rule.


    ” JHB”…Are you ” Jolly Boy John” as DD states ?


    Its a simple question…a simple answer will suffice….then again you dont like to answer simple questions.



    This Chump ” JHB” stated a few weeks ago that HE lives in Engerland….maybe he was EVICTED from Burntisland ?



  17. DD , great to see you posting , like reading your stuff on SC , hope all is good with you ! not convinced with Ange , but hopefully you are correct !

  18. TET, we very rarely agree on most things, but I am so sorry for what your good lady and yourself are going through. Take care and God bless.

  19. The first day of our fight back begins. We have a long road ahead, we need all connected with Celtic to work together. Helluva job



    Disappointing early morning posts. CQN is at its best when points are discussed and disected. Personal insults and threats are the scourge of the site. Should such bullying be welcomed back? It would appear so.



    I have no knowledge of any of the actors. Just sad to be reading this over coffee.



    Anyway, a new days dawns. The Euros kick off later. God is Great

  20. WT


    You sir are a liar, I did indeed call yer man out, you have that much correct, as for the rest, unless you have been hacking into my emails, you know eff all, no go away and annoy someone else, I honestly don’t know why I am wasting my time replying to a moron like you who makes up pish in their minds, but I only think you are a moron as I am not allowed to call you one, same as tosser, I can’t call you that either, but as ever I can think it.


    As for my con theories, I have asked you more than once to point out just one where I have been wrong, you can’t, cos I have been correct all along, so it’s you who then resorts to the insults.




    Thanks to the others for their best wishes, much appreciated.

  21. TIT , why dont you put up your last post on SC , lets all see who is the liar ! as you wont waste your time doubt we will see it ! if I am wrong I will apologise ! over to you

  22. I would love to see Scotland GUB the English next Friday….In fact…I love to see ANY team GUB the English.


    So I am not biased.



    Englands Jack Grealish is just another over rated Michael Owen….and BOTH are CHEATS.



    Grealish DIVED to win a Penalty earlier in the week, with that CHUMP Lee Dixon stating ” its a Penalty…and jack INSTIGATED the CONTACT….But its STILL a Pen” ????????? whit the feck does that mean ?



    Michael Owen DIVED against Argentina to also win a Penalty in the world cup in 1998 ( I think ?). The Argie player ” PULLED OUT” of the challenge, but Owen STILL went down…..CHEAT !


    Michael Owen ( of Liverpool) DIVED in front of The KOP in 1997 against Celtics Alan Stubbs…Big Stubbsy was Ragin with him….CHEAT.



  23. Little Englunder Ian Wright…stated that ” He’s the BEST in the WORLD at Crossing a Ball”…during a friendly last week with Engerlund playing ” ???”…I cant remember who the opposition was, although Engerlund won 1-0…THANKS to Jack Grealish’s Blatant DIVE and resultant Penalty.


    Ian Wright MUST watch every Player , in every game in EVERY Country in the world every feckin Day….or does he ?


    I think he was referring to ” Trent Arnold” ? Another over Hyped English player.



  24. To me England have taken over as the biggest cheats in football.for years they have named and shamed countries,teams and players who they think bring the game into disrepute on the park.well now under southgate and led by harry kant their whole game revolves round the winning of dodgy free kicks and corners.they also win so many dodgy pens they outdo scumco.


    I hope they get pumped every game.

  25. Big Jimmy..if i remember rightly(mm..) when beckham scored his free kick against greece to qualify for some tournie he had at least 2 other freekick attempts before scoring…upfront winning non stop fouls that day michael owen?falling over at slightest touch.

  26. Pretty sure there was a stat about England not scoring from open play in last tournie.not sure if it was for whole tournie or up to a certain game.Southgate has a cynical side


    DREW1967 on 11TH JUNE 2021 9:00 AM


    Big Jimmy..if i remember rightly(mm..) when beckham scored his free kick against greece to qualify for some tournie he had at least 2 other freekick attempts before scoring…upfront winning non stop fouls that day michael owen?falling over at slightest touch.



    I don’t think the goal counted for anything as GERMANY lost their game and ENGERLAND would have been through anyway.



    Some commentator mentioned this week about buying cheap free kicks near the box and asked his co commentator why he was smiling.

  28. Cheers FU tho England played that last 30mins in a must win frenzy im sure.



    Mate its so obvious.they attack a defender then fall over on the way bye.kane or mcguire then pulls defender onto themselves from resultant free kick..bang pen England.

  29. You started all this pish with calling me a con theorist, I have asked you time and again to point out where I am wrong, not once have you done this because you can’t, but you still insist in calling me a con theorist without a jot of evidence, I can prove everything I have said, every single thing, because all the info I have posted has come from the governments own sites.


    As for my post on SC, I can’t as it’s gone.

  30. ‘Football, a game in which everyone gets hurt and every nation has its own style of play which seems unfair to foreigners’



    George Orwell

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