The pragmatic, substance over style, Neil Lennon


Brendan Rodgers thrilled us for two and a bit years, but the one persistent issue many of us had with him was his tactics against vastly better European teams.  His first experience at this level, a thrilling 3-3 draw with Manchester City, flattered, but subsequent losses of five goals at home and seven away were humiliating.  Brendan was a purist and not willing to send a team out prepared to clear their lines.

His teams suffered only one setback against Newco amid scores of four and five, so it is unfair to hold the mistakes made in December’s reversal against him, but we both know that the manner of Sunday’s win would never have happened under the previous regime.

Neil Lennon is above all a pragmatist.  Substance over style, tracksuit, not tailored suit.  He has significant challenges ahead in the Europa League, and if he ever wants to face a tier one club, he needs to get through a Champions League qualification campaign, but if and when he gets there, his team will not be shredded as easily.


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  1. Hold the Bus – Peter Lawell tried to sell oor Eddie to Monaco in the summer – apparently – that’ll keep us going a wee bit longer….

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy



    Posters who complain about a lack of moaning material make me moan.




  3. sixtaeseven - 70 trophies in my lifetime on



    Why on Earth would Eddie ever want to sign for AS Monaco?


    With their average attendance of 8500… and very average club?



    Maybe he just want to enjoy the local sites…. admittedly better than Inverness on a Thursday night in February.






    Oh, and the tax-free thingy…




    I don’t really think that PL tried to sell Eddie to Monaco, its just the good ol tinternet doing their best to help us out with something to complain about – seeing as since Cluj there has been absolutely nothing but good news.



    Hot Smoked – I wasn’t complaining about the lack of moaning – but have noticed its not being doing so well on here lately.

  5. Majestic


    Doubt very much that it will be all day, any day – but I know what you mean 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️👍👍

  6. VP- watching it myself, I can see why they have fallen asleep.


    Hopefully Ireland can sneak a goal.



    D. :)

  7. David 66


    I couldn’t care less for any international game….players going through motions,then get injured


    and clubs and support are man doon…big Rogic an example.

  8. By the way to change the subject again.



    I binge watched the Sopranos for the first time ever, what is that ending all about……😂



    D. :)

  9. DAVID66 on 5TH SEPTEMBER 2019 9:19 PM


    VP – I know I’m similar, actually turned over to watch Billy Connolly.😂





    Me too…g’night hh

  10. Paul67



    There’s a real danger, and in my opinion you’re guilty of it here, of the Celtic support rewriting history regarding BR.



    Under NL we went in against Cluj needing only a no scoring draw. Now that’s an example of suicidal tactics!



    Listen I’m still in the after glow of being at Ibrox on Sunday and our performance from manager to players. Neil got everything right but how on earth can you suggest that we wouldn’t have got that result under BR is completely baffling considering his success against them there.

  11. Fine substitute performance from Eddy tonight for France U21, two goals, the second a belter, and he hit the post as well.



    Rave reviews in Lequipe and on French radio.

  12. prestonpans bhoys on




    The most important question still being missed on Question Time…………do you know a handsome hun😁😂👍

  13. Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a wet Melbourne morning, just when it was warming up nicely.


    Ach well ! i’ll just need to put on my shower proof Celtic jacket today


    in case i meet a hurtin hun.


    Shirley there must be some about, maybe it’s all these epl poms or


    the ones who know about everything else apart fae the Celtic score?


    Maybe i should wear something blue that would maybe draw them


    out….on second thoughts 8-((


    I’ll just gie Paddymac a phone he knows where they brood.


    H.H Mick

  14. Lennon is more willing to park the bus and/or counter than BR. However to me the main difference is BR was probably better for getting results against smaller teams but NL more likely to stir up raw passion and grit as a one-off to pull off an unexpected result.



    Our drubbings in Europe under BR in my opinion where due to the team being half I and half out with the tactics and structure. Not quite going all in on the high press and then you get picked off quite easily by top players. RB Salzburg were probably what we should have been aspiring to (although they were shown up by the top teams as well), a team on a smaller budget than ours but whose manager, tactics and system were fine tuned and created a team that was more than a sum of its parts.

  15. Lenny is a wee Celtic Genius and we are Lucky to have him, IMO.



    I really don’t like attacks on Brendan Rodgers, he Won us Everything Domestically that he went in for. That is Fantastic and me and Aidan have Njoi’ed so many awesome games Together watching the Celtic winning so much.



    Social Media is a horrible environment, IMO, and it won’t get any better.



    Onwards and upwards with Lenny and the Bhoys (old and new).



    This Europa Group looks very exciting to me. Lets Go Celtic.

  16. MC Lenny Dee.



    Its our Future.



    Time to be Humble.



    Stop the 10 in a Row Rudi Vata.



    Here we Go to 9 in a Row.



    End Times – Don’t diss this.

  17. Good morning and a Big Happy International Friday from a heavy clouded, rainy and gloomy Glasgow Airport. Santa Eulalia bound with Mrs Baldie to top up the tan and to cheer on Scotland from afar! COYBIB! ;-)

  18. Cool fresh morning in the verdant Chilterns…



    UGHAYE @ 11:49 PM,



    Just imagine if it had been PL and not Bob Kelly running the Club then!?



    Ronnie Simpson – Sold, Big Fraser


    Tommy Gemmell – Sold, KT


    Billy McNeill – Sold, VvD


    Bobby Murdoch – Sold, Wanyama


    Jimmy Johnstone – Sold, Messi


    Bertie Auld – Stayed, Broonie


    Joe McBride – Sold, Dembele


    Bobby Lennox – Offered to Monaco



    Big Jock, hunted early ’67



    Hope Steve Clarke’s Scotland get a result tonight.



    Hail Hail

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