The PSG shakes and £600k from the Foundation


If you are anything like me, you will have a nervous disposition ahead of tonight’s game against Paris Saint Germain.  Both Champions League games against them three years ago were competitive, Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani competed to score the most goals.  We gave PSG their biggest win in the Champions League while recording our heaviest European defeats.

At the time, there was a pragmatism among many in our support, acknowledging that we could not compete with PSG, but while that may be true, that otherwise great Celtic team did not have the ability to shut up shop the way Neil Lennon’s side from earlier in the decade did.

With little over a week until our first league game, this is another important opportunity to get some energy into the legs, so Neil can be forgiven if he does not defend his 18-yard line, time for that will come soon enough.

The Celtic FC Foundation today announced its spend on pandemic-related matters has topped £600k.  This astonishing figure has helped low-income familes, socially-isolated people, the elderly and unemployed, the homeless and refugees, as well as NHS staff.  Projects across Scotland, England, Ireland and New York have benefited.

All of this took place while the Foundation’s usual income generating activities were stopped.  Without things happening on the park there would be no Celtic, but the Foundation is the best of us.  Through it, you and me achieve things that we would never be able to do otherwise.  It also links us all the way back to the impoverished streets of Glasgow in the late 1880s, when Br Walfrid first suggested a football club be formed to raise money for The Poor Children’s Dinner Tables.

As long as the need is there and the money exists, the work of the Foundation will continue.  Since the start of lockdown I have donated nothing but that will change today.  There is an article on the club site with details of how to donate via Paypal, text, Facebook or online.  I would also like to do something soon for the Foundation on CQN’s name.  As a community, we know the drill when others are in need.

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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    Those heavy defeats where due to naive tactics from Brendan, I’m off, Rodgers

  2. Why are we playing PSG? Will this get us ready to face Hamilton?



    Is it about exposure, fitness, try new things?



    Is it financially beneficial? Are we trying to form a relationship?

  3. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ‘acknowledging that we could not compete with PSG, but while that may be true, that otherwise great Celtic team did not have the ability to shut up shop the way Neil Lennon’s side from earlier in the decade did.’





    We didn’t even try to shut up shop, and we absolutely should have. The 7-1 game could have been anything. We were very lucky it wasn’t double figures.



    Using 4 or 5 players to do a high press played into their hands and that was the tip of the iceberg.



    Too many fall into the trap of playing the Celtic way but there are exceptions when this is not possible and PSG in their current guise is one of them. Often, St Mirren away can be one of them too if the conditions are bad and we need 3 points.



    In Paris, it was avoiding the humiliation becoming global news that team hit double figures in a CL games.



    And lets not pretend it wasn’t naive tactics either. That PSG team averaged 3 goals or slightly under per game in France and against us they hit 5 and 7. 12 in 2 games ffs.



    It should be an interview question for the managers role at CP and we should think long and hard about appointing any manager that answers to the effect that he would try to play certain teams(PSG, Barca) at their own game away from home.



    Of course this would have meant no BR and he gave us an incredible lift when he came in and for a couple of years. But… would we have beaten Lazio home and away under him…no chance.




  4. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  5. Outstanding work by all at the foundation indeed everyone connected to our beautiful club. BW will be so proud looking down on us.









    D :)

  6. The foundation has done amazing work during this pandemic. Congratulations and donation made!

  7. leftclicktic on

    The donate by text is a good option for me.


    Well done to the foundation for all they do.

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  9. i just made an eejit of myself and donated £1



    i’ve done that with handheld tills in restaurants too and had to rummage for cash to top the tip up.



    sorted now.

  10. Any thoughts on subscribing to Celtic tv in the UK? I rarely hear good things about it but would like to give money to the club. Benefits? Is the commentary really that bad?! I know I would only get audio during most games, no video. Unless I dabble in a vpn that is.



    Ta, hx2

  11. I’ve a subscription to Celtic tv and tbh, I’ve no idea why.



    The club post all the interviews and press conferences on YouTube so I’m paying for content that’s essentially free.



    I’ve found the commentary of our games to be good though.

  12. McPhail Bhoy on

    GLASGOWBHOY on 21ST JULY 2020 1:17 PM


    Any thoughts on subscribing to Celtic tv in the UK? I rarely hear good things about it but would like to give money to the club. Benefits? Is the commentary really that bad?! I know I would only get audio during most games, no video. Unless I dabble in a vpn that is.


    Ta, hx2






    I have it and it and it works fine for me. Frustrating about not being able to see games if within ‘UK and Ireland’ but they aren’t our rules apparently. The audio version is just the video commentary without the pictures! Commentary is only annoying for me when we score goals, the commentator has such a high pitched voice and all the dogs in the vicinity go mad! Great to see full games afterwards etc. Tom Boyd falls over his words but then if you pay a lot for Sky you have some Hun or Hun apologist commentating I know which one I’d choose!

  13. Sempre


    Losing 12goals against PSG in two games!


    I remember away in the mist of time (1960) watching the Scottish Champions, after getting a lift over, losing 6-3 at home. They lost 6-1 in the first leg for combined score of 12-4.


    Their conquerors lost 7 to Real Madrid in the final! I have always wondered how many the Huns would have lost by in the final




  14. Actually got a ticket for the final


    Real 7 Eintratch 3 . Di Stefano 3 Puskas 4 for Real


    There was stories in the papers that Celtic were after Puskas before he went to Madrid

  15. Bada


    Glad you mentioned that – I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S10, and I use the calendar a lot. Shame there is no linkage… hey ho.



  16. FESS19@1:44pm


    I remember the stories in the 50’s when the troubles in Hungary were going on.What a capture that would have been but no idea if we came close.



    If I remember right it was in the Sunday Mail. That’s when reporters were reporters and not the rubbish we have got now.


    If ever a profession let it’s self down its definately the proffesion of journalism in Scotland. How they can look in the mirror and say ‘”I am a Journalist” is beyond belief”

  18. Paul 67,



    The foundation is truely the best of us.



    ‘Re PSG, I remember posting that they were the best team I had witnessed at Parkhead. I hope they play their best team and we are not overwhelmed. Looking forward to it.




  19. weebobbycollins on

    Jist tell them their Veolia trophy’s tainted….


    ’cause they didnae play us…

  20. WESTCRAIGS on 21ST JULY 2020 8:44 AM






    That has to be put in the balance against his falling for the WMD lie in backing Blair’s illegal war in Iraq, which is a terrible black mark to carry when Robin Cook showed him how he should respond.



    The US. and UK governments, based on their military intelligence, both believed that Sadam had WMD and this was proved to be wrong. The French, German and Russian governments all opposed the war in Iraq but the intelligence agencies of all these governments also believed that Sadam had WMD.



    Tony Blair was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. It is likely that Robin Cook would have opposed Blair if Blair hadn’t supported the war against Sadam. It is called politics.



    *I’m so glad you posted this. A month or so ago Colin, or colon as the call him over here, Powell who’s another notrumper was being interviewed on the tele and the subject of the Iraq war came up as Secretary of the State at the time he backed it.



    He said that in all fairness tae Dubiyah they had been led tae believe by their own intelligence that there were WMD over there. Without actually pointing the finger at cheyney he pretty much did.



    He admitted that 911 had left them all pretty much shell shocked at the time but they had personally survived, however, he pointed out that Tony Blair over in the UK who was given the same information had not and is still being lambasted for that.



    As he said if you can’t listen to and believe your own intelligence then what do you do.



    The Liberal PM of Canada at the time,Jean Chrétien, advised the Go vernal General not to have Canada “join with the so-called Coalition of the willing”.



    This position was consistent with that which the PM had earlier expressed before 19 March 2003 Invasion namely, that “Canada was unlikely to join an invasion without explicit support from the United Nations.”



    The decision by the UN on whether or not to sanction the invasion rested on two elements: a discussion of international law, including the Nuremberg Principles on pre-emptive war; and the UN inspections for Iraq’s alleged possession of WMD.



    Though the leader of the Canadian Alliance Party, who would later merge with the tories, Harper, objected to the PM’s position on Iraq, stating that Canada should be fighting alongside the US, just like thatcher and bush senior devotee mulroney did 2 years previously.



    Interestingly when the Saudis compensated the US and UK for their participation Canada was told tae GTF as they hadn’t been invited in. Incidentally Mulroney, son of a son of a trade union paper mill electrician, who literally sold the country out in NAFTA, now lives in West Palm Beach.

  21. CELTIC MAC on 21ST JULY 2020 2:31 PM


    Brendan took us places…



    Unfortunately Paris was one of them





    That made me chuckle!



    I was at the home game via PSG. Totally schooled. Cavani’s aerial prowess was almost balletic – as in a ballet dancer who was really good at football!!!



    Their defenders were significantly more skilful and creative than anyone in our whole team.



    HH jg

  22. Didn’t we have more attempts on target then PSG at parkhead? I think they had 6 in whole game!

  23. Didn’t we have more attempts on target then PSG at parkhead? I think they had 6 in whole game! maybe I missed some behind my fingers

  24. jamesgang



    Probably the most talented team never to win the Champions League


    Maybe this year

  25. An dun, mcphail Bhoys, thanks for replies earlier about CTV, appreciate it, apologies if ive missed any others!

  26. The only reason we took a battering against PSG was because we qualified for the CL. Neil Lennon hasn’t played anyone of that quality yet.


    My main interest is seeing Celtic progressing to do that we have to qualify regularly for the CL something BR did 2 seasons in a row.


    Give me qualifying for the CL over beating Lazio home and away every time, then if we reinvest correctly Celtic will continue to strengthen.


    The only reason we could afford Edouard at 9M was because we qualified 2 years in a row for the CL.


    The same BR was the reason we have a 40M asset on our books, that transfer was solely down to the manager fans are putting the boot into, he left to go to a better league with a far bigger budget and a CEO he couldn’t get on with, id be the same, get over it, bitterness just eats away at you, does your health no good.

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