Three at the back may change tomorrow


Liverpool’s domestic invincibility contrasted with their result away to off-form Atletico Madrid last night.  Domestically imperious PSG fared no better in Dortmund.  In Europe, even for the reigning champions, away ties are difficult.

Copenhagen manager, Stale Solbakken, sounded far from confident this week when discussing his team’s chances against Celtic, but tomorrow night, 38,000 people will make the Parken Stadium as intimidating an environment as we have visited this season.

Solbakken noted the success Celtic are having with playing three at the back.  His game plan will be based on exploiting this formation.  The tactical hierarchy is not absolute.  Better systems emerge, are nullified and decline.  Neil Lennon changed formation a back four at Pittodrie on Sunday when we were unable to play through Aberdeen.  We could see the same change mid-game tomorrow.

Some of us will remember a 2001 visit to Scandanavia, when Rosenborg knew a front three would beat Celtic’s 3-5-2 formation.  Martin O’Neill was not one for varying tactics.


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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Onya , Phil.



    The EU’s chief negotiator dismissed Boris Johnson’s requests to seal a Canada-style trade deal, insisting the UK must sign up to draconian level-playing field provisions because of its proximity to the bloc. But Phil Hogan, the EU’s trade commissioner, has undermined his colleague’s argument for a special, bespoke and unique pact that ties Britain into the Brussels’ state aid, taxation, environmental and workers’ rights standards. In a letter to the Dutch parliament, the Irishman made clear the EU’s deal with Canada already contains acceptable “fair trade” provisions.

  2. Hello again all you young rebels.



    How is the blog this morning? is it a nice happy Celtic place?


    Everybody discussing our formation for tonights Europa game?


    Me? ii like the look of a old style 4.4.2


    Here’s my team.




    Ajer Simo Julien Boli


    Jamesy Brooney Encham Moi


    Christie Eddie


    Off in to read back 8-))


    H.H . Mick

  3. Killie score what looked like the winner with 3 minutes of extra time left. Sheep get 2 in 3 minutes to win it.

  4. Philbhoy from way back – these things’evenin’ themselves out over the season.



    An Tearmann – I’m good thank you, still angry fir Jinky after all these years.



    Don’t mention shys – Craig to McNeill to Prati – under the holy goalie – oot the cup- mair teenage angst!

  5. Adi Dassler



    Sorry, I had to make the most of the opportunity and take the dog out for a walk.



    I think it’s the first time that the rain stopped here in about two weeks



    Yeah apparently so, I saw a post from 2015 I think it was, from a Norwegian journalist, sayin Celtic, Liverpool and Hoffenheim were all lookin at signing Haaland



    If he keeps going at the current rate he will be the world’s best in the next year or so. I have never seen anything like him in all my years watching football



    I agree tho, he’s no Kris Ajer…




  6. anyone tell me the best throw in team in the world ?



    leads to goals ?



    none is that ?



    arsene, change the rules to a kick in




    Great to read that, anybody who becomes a Celtic captain deserves


    the legend status.


    H.H . Mick

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Miss Prestonpans in Denmark now and looking at her Facebook all the bhoys are having a absolute hoot😁😂

  9. Bada – great to heat Jackie is on the mend – I was working in Estonia, listening on the World Service the day he helped stop the ‘tainted ten’



    Your post resonated with me. I did the course in 1980 with Craig Brown and Andy Roxburgh. They told us we would be learning stuff they learned from Dutch, German, Brazilian coaches. To me, the training was fundamentally sound, and I learned a lot.



    Regarding throw ins, Brown would have one player grab the ball quickly, and the nearest 5 or 6 players form a semi circle around the thrower, all approximately 8-10 yards away. Opposition players rarely entered the semi circle, generally marking man for man behind their individual opponent. Then one player would simply dash forward a yard or two, receive the ball and pass it at ground level back to the thrower. The thrower thus retained possession, with ample room to decide the next move. That was just one option, but it was almost foolproof. I coached my amateur team to do it, and we rarely if ever lost the ball at a throw in. It is ridiculously simple, and it does my nut in the way we invariably squander precious possession by hurling the ball indiscriminately up the line, making possession a lottery.



    Here is a question for everybody. How often do you see Barca, Bayern or Juventus lose possession from a throw in? To them, it would be unthinkable.

  11. St Stivs,


    Regarding throw-ins. I recently read in the English press that Liverpool, who employ a throw in coach, have a ball retention from throw ins of 67%.


    The average in the EPL is 48%. So, on average, winning a shy penalises you. I’m all for kick-ins.


    I’d love to know Celtic’s ball retention from shys.

  12. Emerald bee 9.52


    Love irish history.the change is breathtaking,even up to present day!


    Got to get one planned and hopefully talk victory in Copenhagen.



  13. I missed our treble of 1969, which was achieved within 3 weeks including a last minute big Tam equaliser at Tim unfriendly rugby park, as I was out of the country at the time.



    Although we were progressing well in Europe a 0-1 loss at hades at New Year with a disputed penalty, what else, it didnae look to good for our title aspirations.



    We had lost the earlier League game at Parkheid 2-4, possibly my last game before crossing the Atlantic, in which once again that horrible mitb Right Hun davidson conspired tae chalk off a Buzz Bomb goal for offside even though most observers thought the goal should have stood and to add to our frustration the Bear had penalty appeal rejected when he was hauled down in the area.



    However as big Jock used tae say ‘you get the same number of points for beating them as anyone else”. So by the end of the year we were top of the League despite that loss and drawing 5 games as they wurnae that good, still that win brought them within 3 points with a game in hand.



    We didnae lose another domestic game, Glasgow Cup notwithstanding, and only a big Billy blunder cost us another Big Cup final appearance and won the League by 5 points and an 18 GD.



    Anyway I was back again in time for the Harry Harry game at hades but with a pregnant wife and 21 month old wean games would become a bit scarce as I had tae find a job and house.



    I actually arrived back 2 days after Peter Marinello tore big Tam a new one at hame. I also heard the huns had a last got a good goalie; they always had decent ones but now it looked like they’d signed a star fae the Fatherland.



    Fortunately since this was still the 60s a job was relatively easy tae find but it was a typical Scottish one of 2 nights late, Saturday morning and Sunday shift, what we called back then a “great job”.



    My first home game was against the calvinists where we lost 0-2, a second home defeat tae a salt and sauce side that season and so early tae.



    I had been tae hunden for Kenny’s debut against the honest men in the LC semi and replay but not the Holy Ground, that night my da asked if I was disappointed, aye at the score I said but at least I got tae Parkheid.



    4 nights later I was back for that magical night when big Tam almost tore the net out and the stand nearly collapsed with the dancing and jumping about as we beat Benfica 3-0. IMHO this was the turning point in our season and the League was won by the end of March by 12 points and a 36 GD.



    However, money was needed elsewhere as I had just bought a house and the new wean arrived so games were given a miss.



    That Saturday of February 21 came in fae work, got dressed and took the bus tae go intae Dumbarton. En route punters were getting on heading down tae Alexandria for the various buses for the game.



    As we got tae the Fountain I said tae Mrs TT that I was getting aff tae try and find a ticket for the game. I went intae the pub that allegedly James Kelly was given by John Glass on a promise tae sign for us.



    Didnae expect any luck but hardly in there when an oul school mate approached me and asked if I wanted a lift up on the local CSC bus, “naw nae ticket” and at that he produced 2 fae his inside pocket.



    The Vale of Leven CSC were running 2 buses and each member was given 2 tickets each tae dispose of, my lucky day, which would indeed get luckier.



    Now earlier that season while still in the colonies I had heard we had unveiled a new star, George Connolly had already proven himself in the cup final at the end of the season so was it wee Skip tae ma Lou, Vic Davidson or Kenny Dalglish, naw Davie Hay, who’s he we all asked, I would soon find out.



    The bus was rocking and the lanny flowing as we headed out singing on the one road and other memorable songs, we might have got off tae a shaky start that season but we were very very confident that dreich day.



    If my memory serves me well the teams were never read out for hun games so when they came out the tunnel together there were gasps at who was at inside left, a very young and as yet unnamed quiet assassin.



    The snow which was prominent at the beginning of the week started to melt and with it came the rain. It was literally pouring as we entered the Celtic end cargo intact even though fans were warned that no cans or bottles of drink would be allowed inside the ground.



    Within 4 minutes big Tam volleyed one of his thunderbolts’ which the hun, nae pun intended, goalie could only fist out tae the feet of Lemon who slotted it home, or so we thought, until their left back kicked it out, no goal said local boy big Tiny playing in front of his ould hoose refusing tae consult with his linesman.



    A minute later Cairney deflects the ball intae his own net, standing there disconsolate with his head in his hands that horrible wee scheitd fae Cardenden via Maryhill runs over and pats him on the heid in mock congratulations followed by “we don’t need yer colin stein” doing likewise.



    And yet who gets warned for complaining about this incident at the Celtic end which if it was at the other could have caused a riot, big Billy. The huns as the game progressed were in full voice until 6 minutes tae half time their “super” goalie deflected a Lemon shot tae gives us an equaliser.



    Just like the LC game 2 ½ years earlier our tails were up and just on half time their greatest ever thug was booked for a foul on the youngster who was puting him in his place.



    Early in the 2nd half their goalie was injured diving at the feet of wee Lemon with the ugliest, if that’s possible, of the huns reacting, looked more like desperation from where I was standing as the game was slipping away from them, however with the likes of Brogie, Chopper and Davie Hay in attendance we had nothing tae fear there.



    Then with half an hour tae go one of the worst exponents of the game in their side a wee Govan corner boy was sent packing after a clash with Evan Williams, who by the way had relatively little to do that afternoon, and we have tae be honest here Brogie was lucky tae stay on the park as he hooked him, naebody ran tae his assistance although the hun end went radio rental with hundreds spilling onto the track and bottles flying.



    And yet it’s still 1-1 with the huns hanging on hoping tae take the tie back tae hades when with 4 minutes tae go up stepped our young ham and egg basher with a spectacular rocket shot which I standing behind the goal was right in line of.



    Their great new goalie never saw it and a couple of minutes later the wee mhan put the icing on the cake.



    As it was a back tae back treble was later denied by Right Hun davidson but 8 months after returning I was standing in the San Siro.

  14. My oldest grandson RYAN is 18 tomorrow


    he is Paul 67’s son,



    Happy birthday Ryan enjoy your day.



    Gran and Granda

  15. Hoopy birthday Ryan…..hope you have no Air.s and lots of Graces….



    smiley Martin may you and yours forever flourish thing



    awfy braw




  16. INIQUITOUSIV on 19TH FEBRUARY 2020 11:08 PM



    Here is a question for everybody. How often do you see Barca, Bayern or Juventus lose possession from a throw in? To them, it would be unthinkable.



    Exactly. They say it is a part of the expansive part of the ball game. If you haven’t he ball the opposition can’t do anything! Possession, IF you think forward, is exciting and rewarding. But …… not always!

  17. And how many goals gave Celtic lost from giving the ball away at throw ins ?



    I am guessing at none



    I seem to remember us losing a goal in each leg, following Naylor throw ins, against Barca in Feb and March 2008.

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Conversely I can think of a few that have lead to goals.


    Actually come to think if it did we not looser a goal from a long throw in in Europe, so there’s one for starters

  20. Good morning CQN from a dark, wind and rain free at the moment Garngad – thank feck



    Happy birthday young Ryan… Oh to be 18 again💭💭💭



    Well here we are Bhoys and Ghirls Copenhagen v Glasgow Celtic in the land of the Danes.



    MM – I like the old 4-4-2 formation to but I think it will be 4-3-2-1.



    So I will go with:





    Ajer Jozo Julien Hayes


    Ntcham Broonie Cal Mac


    RC Jamsie





    That’s what I think Lenny will go with



    My bhoy and his mates hired rented out a flat in Copenhagen for the game and as Mr Cinnamon would say it’s a Belter.






    D. :)

  21. Good morning, friends, from a very wet and still dark East KIlbride. However, it’s Game Day, enjoy!

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