Uefa still on the pot on fixtures


Lots of frustration around today at the possibility the first leg of the Champions League qualifier will be switched to Belfast.  It will be no comfort to those who booked travel yesterday but we are in this situation every qualifying game.  The draw is made and confirmed a day or two later, which is why clubs (including Celtic) and CQN yesterday ran a “Don’t book travel until…” piece.  On most occasions nothing is changed which means fans are caught out when change happens.

No reason why Uefa can’t deal with this on the day of the game, or exclusively on the basis of strict criteria.  I hope they deny this request, which is not in Celtic’s favour and clearly not in fan’s best interest.

Two items to draw your attention to today:

Tommy Burns Skin Cancer Trust

Tommy Burns Skin Cancer Trust are undertaking a sponsored cycle of all SPL grounds this September in attempt to get to our £100k fundraising target. This money will be used to help on the battle to fight skin cancer working with organisations such as Beatson Cancer Centre. The event is called Tour for Tommy and will span 5 days, 12 clubs and 380 miles of cycling before returning to Celtic Park on Sunday 15th September. Ex-Celts such as Packie Bonner and Frank McGarvey are joining in as the full event and Bertie Auld will be completing the last day. The event is looking to team up with the fans of each club to join them on a leg from their stadium to the next.

The group have much of the logistics in place and most of the riders, but they need more help. Each of the four main days are being offered for sponsorship with day one already taken up. In return the 30-40 core riders will get their clothing made with that company’s logo as well as any signage on press releases at the stadiums among other benefits (full pack available upon request). The Tour has already received great coverage from Sky Sports with further commitment to track the whole event.

In addition the charity are looking for donations of anything from water bottles, energy bars/drinks to medical supplies and biking mechanical supplies.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way you can contact scottmcgarvey@gmail.com. You can donate here, follow on Facebook and twitter (@tommyburnsSCT).

I know many of you will be aware of the work done by Celtic fans for the people of Haiti as part of the Hoops For Haiti campaign.  This is another aspect of the incredible work done by Celtic fans and a credit to our club.  You can read their blog here and get involved here.

Heart of a Lion:

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  1. Details




    Name: it is helpful that the name listed is exactly as on the football company register – a common error is to list a middle name on the share register but not on the requisition form.



    Address: the address on the requisition form needs to be the same as on the share register.



    Number of shares held.






    Date of signing.

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    EC67- if Neil is looking for a lift for Euro games etc I’m happy to oblige, as he is clearly not an ole jinx.



    [I know in his current circumstances cash may be tight and so will understand if he’s not able to come]

  3. Guys , another request for help !



    The Kano Foundation have organised a collection at Celtic Park on 3rd August – flag-raising day against Ross County .



    We know the kick-off has still to be announced but we’re looking for names to help out with the collection both before and after the game . Like all our shout-outs , this is going to KDS , CelticMinded , etc so there’s a wee bit of blog pride involved as well.



    If you’re interested and can spare an hour (i know , it’s the first game of the season , but what better time to stand at CP and savour the excitement than the first home league game) , then please drop a line to contactus@thekanofoundation.com stating your name , address (we need these for audit purposes- sorry) , t-shirt size and whether you can help out before or after the game .



    If you want to bring any kids along , don’t forget their names and t-shirt sizes.



    Thanks in advance . I know all we seem to do is ask but it means we can give so much back .



    PS BRTH , yer an eejit – you’ll need to change your moniker soon as we’ll hit 2000 at the next game !!!



    Celtic_First , your post about email correspondence intrigued me – any chance of a copy ? sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com




  4. Someone posted on the last thread, (sorry cant remember who, no disrespect).


    That we should print and distribute what charlotte fakes is saying .


    Good idea funding needed though.


    What about also getting it up on notice boards, billboards, gable ends.


    Big unmissable posters, the side of busses.


    Iknow im getting carried away, but if we get the message out there then people will talk abut it and maybe ask questions that the msm arent.


    Again it will take some funding.

  5. South Of Tunis on

    No surprise .



    Italian media are not excited by the news that 41 Italian football clubs and @ 60 players are being investigated re playing fast and loose re the paying of tax..



    One commentator has seen fit to state ———



    ” Italy is a democracy . If it’s OK for the likes of Berlusconi why shouldn’t it be OK for football clubs and players? “

  6. Canamalar1 , more power to your elbow mate. Unfortunately , don’t have any shares but if there’s anything you need help with , just shout .



    I know you can be a cantakerous , argumentative , sob , but you’re one of our own and in that I’ll support you. In fact , you’re very similar to another poster that i hold very dear who could also start a fight in an empty hoose.



    Both of you cut from the Don Quixote cloth and there’s no many of you around .







  7. I can picture Darrell saying to his editor “please, please, please, please, please, please, please don’t print this story. Craig’s a mate” LOL

  8. Aye Sanna there is and anyone else who does not have any shares


    Me and the missis need to do an all expenses fact finding mission to Mauritius for three weeks, so I’ll need your bank and credit card details and PIN numbers :oD))))))


    Hail Hail

  9. Paul et all,



    I,have read Modias so called comments and I am utterly disgusted on his comments regarding Celtic.



    Wanyama is a potentially great young player but Modia needs yo shut his mouth with his comments……. We had and still have great / good players. We don’t need this money grabbing middle man bringing down Celtic !!



    who does he think he is???




  10. Canamalar1 , if i gave you my card details for a 3month trip to Mauritius , you’d still spend less than sannaghirl !!



    Ps don’t tell her i said that.

  11. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    Cliftonville chairman has confimred the dates will be switched and Celtic have agreed to the request only waiting on UEFA approval.



    Match will be played at Solitude and this will be confirmed tomorrow after a board meeting tonight.



    Celtic fans will be allocated the whole away end at Solitude which holds approx 800 fans.



    Temporary seating will be errected on the waterworks end of the ground which will add approx 1000 futher seats to the capacity.



    Belfast has gone mental with people looking tickets – think this will be a bumper year for Cliftonville season tickets seeing its the only way you can guarantee a ticket !!!!!!

  12. On an absolute downer at the thought of missing Cliftonville game. Love European games no matter who we are playing.




  13. :o)


    You must have missed the bit about my missis going too, I expect there would be a similar shopping gene problem, I’m sure it is the difference.

  14. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Canalamar. I will wait until I see your question before I comment any further I think it all comes down to the phrasing.Good Luck fella. H. H.

  15. hmmm…




    CARDIFF City have been rebuffed in their


    attempts to hold transfer talks with Celtic’s


    Kenyan midfielder Victor Wanyama, as the


    EPL new boys are unable to match the


    Parkhead side’s valuation of the 22-year-




    Celtic agreed a record transfer fee for


    Wanyama with Southampton, believed to


    be in the region of £12 million, but a


    potential move appeared to break down


    when the player could not agree


    personal terms.


    Former Parkhead defender Malky


    Mackay was happy to match the highly-


    regarded midfielder’s wage demands, but


    Celtic insisted Southampton’s offer was


    closer to their valuation of the




    Wanyama’s representative, Ivan Modia,


    told the Daily Mail Sport that it was


    ‘completely untrue’ that talks were being


    held with Southampton, adding: “They


    were made aware some weeks ago what


    the player was looking for.


    “At that time, they were not prepared to


    meet that so, as far as we are concerned,


    discussions with Southampton ended


    some weeks ago”.

  16. This agent is a nugget.



    “The player will not be forced into a corner to


    accept the Southampton deal, just because it


    is good for Celtic. Remember, he has been


    with the club for two years now – without a


    pay rise – and has given them wonderful


    service ever since he arrived.


    “Added to this is the fact that by Celtic


    refusing him permission to join Queens Park


    Rangers last summer, Victor lost more than


    £1million in potential salary earnings – yet he


    just kept his mouth shut and continued to be


    a model professional. Many other players may


    not have adopted this attitude, in the




    Wanyama, signed by Celtic from Belgian side


    Beerschot in 2011, will now take some time to


    decide on his future for next season.


    “We know there is interest from elsewhere and


    Victor is obviously open to those prospects –


    he is currently back in Kenya and hopes that


    Celtic will adopt a more reasonable approach


    and take into account the service that he has


    given the club so far and the rest of these


    issues,” the player’s agent added.


    “Nobody at Celtic can question his attitude


    and he is hopeful he can leave on good terms


    with the club.


    “He loves the club and its fans, he’s played


    his heart out for the jersey, but he didn’t quite


    expect that it may end like this.”

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Listening to Darrell’s sister on R4 on a Sunday morning is one of my ole guilty pleasures.

  18. asonofdan,


    Last we heard from Vic was he did not want to leave, he was looking forward to going for the treble and another pop at the Champions League.

  19. Think the agent is afraid he won’t get a cut of any transfer fee if there is no transfer innit

  20. South Of Tunis on

    DBBIA .



    Sunday morning .



    Beer for breakfast whilst wearing your cleanest dirty shirt ?

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