Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    And on the eve of my birthday -won’t be on tomorrow so next best thing



    Good draw – no complacency

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Cliftonville of course play at The Solitude, which is the best name for a ground in World Football.

  3. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    First leg on 16/17 July. I’m due to arrive home from holiday on 17th. Hope games on 17th and that I get back on time. I’m desperate to see Celtic in the new season.

  4. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Jungle Jim



    Yes but there is no N.Ireland. It’s the north of Ireland. :-)

  5. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    I thought that EUFA had some sort of practice that Celtic would not be drawn against any team from the 6 counties.

  6. Gene, Thanks


    TOSB. I had a feeling as I typed that I had it wrong!


    Gene again. My reason for asking was that I wondered if, provided the game is not included on our ST`s, we could/would share the gate receipts with The Reds. Is that allowed?




  7. Somesaythedevilisdead on

    Here we go again, we’re on the road again, we’re on the road again we’re on our way to Cliftonville!!! I feel a wee party’s in the post couldn’t have asked for a better draw :o)

  8. Tamlaghtduff Bhoy on

    Good to see the hoops playing in belfast. Thats the draw cliftonville wanted but this game could sell out 50,000. Be interesting to see if it goes ahead at solitude.


    Great draw delighted!

  9. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    Away leg will be played at Windsor park aka the real bigot dome a couple of days after the twelth !!!!!



    Capacity will be around 10-12000



    All Cliftonvilles home euro games have been played at Windsor in recent years



    OMG I’M GONNA EXPLODE I’M SO EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I wish Casement park was redeveloped already !!!!

  10. Unbelievable!!!!



    For years I’ve wanted to play Cliftonville in a competetive match and when we do I leave for France on the day of the away leg.



    Genuinely sick…..great draw for us though.

  11. The Token Tim on

    Great Draw for all concerned…..apart from PSNI probably :-)



    OriginalSadiesBhoy, Im the same as you in that arrive back from hols early hours of the 17th.


    Really hope the home tie is that night as would be a great way to come home to a CL qualifier.






  12. Andrew Young ‏@Hullbhoy 4m


    Breaking: Peter Lawwell has concluded the UEFA Champions League qualifying round draw.



    Well done Pedro, a perfect draw

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    lionroars67 11:16 on 24 June, 2013



    STV Sport ‏@STVSport 46s


    Celtic will face Cliftonville in the UEFA Champions League second qualifying round.



    Did they forget the “goodbye Celtic”?

  14. obonfanti1888 on

    i bet the Northern Ireland police are delighted. a tim fest in belfast in the middle of marching season lol

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘In 1897 Cliftonville won the Irish Cup after a 3–1 win over Sherwood Foresters. A quite unusual protest was launched by Cliftonville after being beaten by Belfast Celtic in the 1900 Irish Cup competition. The Celtic goalposts were eventually measured and it was found out that they were much too short. A replay took place, in which Cliftonville reversed the 4–0 defeat in the earlier match. Subsequently they won the Cup that year, after beating Bohemians 2–1 in the Final’



    -lifted from Wiki/EWLM/EWTB.

  16. CC ,



    will it really be moved to Windor Park ?


    is that no high risk ?



    also, were is casement park ?



    and finally, can someone link the great picture of the fans at The Solitude back in the 80’s



    aye, thank you

  17. oldtim67


    11:34 on


    24 June, 2013


    Twists n Turns.& PFayr.



    I doubt I will manage to go to Hamilton Races.


    I have an appointment for the Hospital on the Monday after Hamilton,and as it’s my birthday on race day, I can’t trust myself to stay of the drink, and I wouldn’t go into Hospital for an examination with the after effects of a night on the booze.



    So I’m going to decline what would have been a good day out.

  18. All I’m reading is ‘great draw’.



    Can any Irish bhoys confirm just HOW good Cliftonville are?



    SPl standard, Div 1? A banana skin or a skoosh?

  19. Rhebel ‏@RhebelRhebel 3m


    How many Celtic fans will be marching to Belfast in July?

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