Cliftonville for Celtic in Champions League qualifier


The opposition may be less-illustrious than Juventus. our last European opponents, but the importance of next month’s Champions League second qualifying round games against Cliftonville still got the pulse beating.

It is a good draw for Celtic, who are spared travel and associated challenges.

The first leg, at Celtic Park, will take place on 16 or 17 July with return in Belfast on 23 or 24 July. Don’t book travel until dates are confirmed.

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    TTT- the eligibility [or otherwise] of Zheng Zhi was one of the more contentious points at issue during the Good Friday Agreement discussions.

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Mr Johnny Clash- journey time is cut down to an hour in a TWOC’ed Maserati.

  3. South Of Tunis on

    DBBIA.@ 13 45.



    No shortage of drug habits in Palermo ..



    The owner of Palermo is a lovely family man . Big on the hiring and firing of Managers . A bad start would see Gattuso sacked by Christmas . It was the owner [Zamparini ] who compared Lafferty to Toni but he did stress that it was Gattuso who had provided that information..



    In other Palermo news —– phone taps have revealed that some players have been helping the mafia to launder money .





    Phone taps?



    Presumably the Italian MSM will refuse to mention this on grounds of traceability.




  5. dbbia



    You’ve got me thinking about our Georgios, cruisin’ up through the Drumochter Pass, soft top down, aviator shades on, lovely lovely hair blowin’ in the wind……….

  6. South of Tunis,



    An recommendations from Serie A that could bee seen as a like for like replacement in Wanyama?





    If they view Lafferty as the new Luca Toni,I would be wary of any opinions offered…..

  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    tamlaghtduff bhoy



    14:04 on 24 June, 2013



    Hahahahaha……agree with you…WTF…..but it is (very) funny season……!!!!

  9. Tamlaghtduff Bhoy on

    67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    Hopefully we’re not interested in him. Hes finished and did he not have the chance to join us only to go to the EPL?

  10. South Of Tunis on

    BMCUW .



    No ——–



    The contents of mafia phone taps regularly appear in the Italian media .[ the police /the courts leak them ]



    Fabrizio Miccoli is currently under investigation for using the Mafia to help him retrieve a 25 k loan to a nightclub owner. .



    Fabrizio Miccoli is currently under investigation for mafia association .



    Italian tele recently played a tape of Fabrizio Miccoli arranging to meet a top mafioso and insulting a dead anti mafia judge in the process.

  11. South Of Tunis on




    Lots of good defensive midfielders plying their trade in Serie A . The transfer window will show who is available and who isn’t .

  12. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Marty is Neil Lennon



    Just back from shops. Thanks for your reassurance. I’m the nervous type and leave nothing to chance or take nothing for granted :-))








    So most journalists in most countries in the world do as journalists do-investigate and reveal.



    How else would we have heard of Watergate,for example?



    Over here,it’s the three petrified monkeys. Sickening,hiding behind any flimsy excuse to keep quiet about things they deny seeing or hearing.



    Masonic cabal more to be feared than the Mafia?

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    How else would we have heard of Watergate,for example?



    – well, there was that film with Dustin Redford and Robert Hoffman ;/)

  15. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Mighty Tim



    I agree with you re crowd. I’m desperate to be at CP for first game but if it’s on 16th then I’m cream crackered. However, if it’s on 17th, I might have a chance.

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    B/T – if she wore an ole Buffel coat that would help her get the ball over the net.

  17. Mort



    I’ve often done the drive from Glasgow to Inverness in our delapidated supporters’ bus and managed it in exactly 3 hours.



    Your problem is if you get stuck behind a lorry/tractor on any single carriageway section of the A9.

  18. South Of Tunis on




    Andrea Bertolacci?



    Seen him on Serie A highlights programs . Saw him playing for Genoa at Catania . Looks like a good player.. My memory [ not to be relied on ] says he signed a long term deal at Genoa.





    I once got held up by a dilapidated old bus on the way there.



    Weaving all over the place,it was.

  20. BMCUW



    Straight as an arrow on the trip north.



    It may weave a tad on the road south but that’s because ol CT is driving! :-)

  21. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/



    Jude, Kayal is a defensive midfielder why would you compare him to McFadden?



    Would ye no be better comparing him to Commons, Forrest or Dylan, as that’s whose position he would be taking if selected??



    Fitbaw, no bingo..





    Ah,all the singing and dancing getting the place rocking once he ain’t there to put a dampener on proceedings?



    Or CT just keen to get back for a bevvy…..

  23. Green Oak Tree on

    Feeling delicate today…..Hangover of the first degree…



    Anyhow went into the Black Cat yesterday for a quick pint and got involved in a mega round (All good Tims)….As it turns out my big mate is not in the best of health (understatement)..



    The big yin in his wisdom received a wire and forwarded to all the good guys…



    Won @ 6/1… Stevie love you to bits…..

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