Unlike Champions League, tomorrow is a faux drama


It’s been suggested I’ve been “trolling” by concentrating on our forthcoming Champions League campaign instead of the Premiership. Really? I don’t think so. We are a Champions League team this season, nothing else comes close to being as important as this tournament.

Think back to the stress you had when we were a goal down in Astana, or when they equalised a week later at Celtic Park? Those were two BIG, big games.

And it didn’t end there. The rollercoaster of Hapoel at Celtic Park was more thrilling than stressful, but the return in Israel was not only acutely stressful, it will be by far our biggest game of the season, unless we make an appearance in Cardiff in June (yes June!) next year.

Amid all of these blockbuster football games we have the small matter of Barcelona at the Camp Nou in four days. Four days! From now! Tomorrow’s Premiership game will keep the Glasgow constabulary in overtime, but despite all the column inches written over the last four years about the commercial consequences of this game to Celtic, it’ll be the least lucrative game we will play this week, it will have absolutely no impact on our domestic season, and frankly, is a game we could do without. I know one or two in the corridors of power at Celtic Park who view things the same way.

I suggested we need to rest players for Tuesday and I mean it.  Win or lose tomorrow, you are going to walk out of the ground knowing we’re going to win the league.  Unlike the Champions League, with its tens of millions of consequences, this is a faux drama.

You’ll not see the Dear Green Place at its best tomorrow. Let’s get it over and done with.

There will be another blog up within the hour.  Been avoiding the temptation to get drawn into the subject of the week thus far, but have relented.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    Summa of Sammi…. on 9th September 2016 11:34 am



    I don’t think the Guy said both as bad as Each Other






    He didn’t actually say it, but he didnt have to. It doesn’t take much reading between the lines. Just because they are MSM doesn;t mean they can’t be subtle.



    Little comment about Rangers bad apples, little comment about Celtic bad apples, on both sides the vast majority are ‘actually decent people’ … wow, thanks.



    No mention of the vast majority chanting sectarian songs when one of the teams plays, not the other.







    I await my Celtic Onesie with anticipation Corky:)))



    I remember when i was a wee Bhoy I won a pair of Billy McNeil shinguards from the Evening Times, whit a celebration in the prefab that night:))



    Hope yer well




  3. BEATBHOY on 9TH SEPTEMBER 2016 12:08 PM



    So, Neil, which part of watching a club with properly registered players playing one concealing the improper registration of its players, ie cheating, made it a “sporting evening”?

  4. I’m OK Starry apart from “Tennis” elbow and I don’t even play Tennis. Problem is I can’t play Golf either but then again there are plenty who’d say “What’s new you could never play Golf”.


    Half looking forward to game tomorrow but more looking forward to game being over. As long as we collect the 3 points all will be well.

  5. traditionalist88 on

    frankly, is a game we could do without. I know one or two in the corridors of power at Celtic Park who view things the same way.





    Why nearly 50 quid for a ticket then?



    Shall we just forget all league games prior to CL games?!



    Are Barcelona playing on Saturday night and have another game on Tuesday?! How will they survive that!








    The stress we felt under pressure will be nothing by comparison if we cock up tomorrow.



    Aye,Europe is the big picture. But you don’t take yer eye aff the ba’. Tomorrow might mean little to us in the grand scheme of things.






    One game at a time for me-on this occasion.



    By the way,Oxford-where I am based-play Swindon-where I live-tomorrow.



    Diddy teams with nothing to play for need bragging rights over their local rivals.



    It’s all they’ve got.



    Tomorrow is exactly that.



    For Oxford or Swindon.



    And the huns.



    Don’t give them a sniff of a chance,Celtic. Tuesday or not.

  7. Paul67



    I’d go further.



    It’s a farce.



    I’m prepared to suspend my powers of disbelief when at the cinema, or theatre, but not at what is supposed to be a sporting event.



    “Look, one of our stars is a reminder of the years you were paying to watch a rigged game!”



    Once bitten, twice shy.



    Oh, look, I’m talking to myself again!

  8. They died .. We know it .. they know it .. UEFA know it.



    The SMSM know it .. but are to scared to run with it.



    I feat that tomorrow will be a hate-fest, worse than when the previous club visited .. as they try to defend a position off 54 titles in 4 years .. which cannot be defended.



    The gulf in quality between the teams has expanded since the last encounter and there is only going to be one winner.



    4-1 to the Celtic .. with a dodgy penalty or free-kick outside the box awarded to the hun.




  9. I don’t really understand why the blog is trying to focus on Barca rather than tomorrow’s league game, we would never do this if we were playing any other team in Scotland.



    Tomorrow is an important game for us as it gives us the chance to continue to put fresh air between us and our closet rivals.



    Having already beat Hearts and Aberdeen putting the new team to the sword would see two of those three five behind with a game more played and if Hearts win tomorrow they will be closest to us with one game more played and a two point gap.



    It’s imperative we win tomorrow not because of the opposition but to show the rest of the league who is boss with a perfect start and teams dropping off the pace before September is out.



    Bring on the Sevs

  10. traditionalist88 on

    You’ll not see the Dear Green Place at its best tomorrow








    Can you ask those in the corridors of power why we gave them ~8000 tickets then?




  11. Leigh G and Kieran T were doing everything they could for Celtic last Season.



    I hope Aidan is spoilt for choice next year.



    I think he might be. :))

  12. Why can’t the club include a Correspondence section in the programme tomorrow, and publish the Head of UEFA’s Licensing and Fair Play Andrea Traverso’s letter confirming that Sevco is a new club?



    And the board should also state that they expect the SPFL website to be corrected to reflect the truth in the “Clubs” section.

  13. There’s new language and standards enforcement coming soon. If you don’t like it, you can *!*!* *!!*



    TonyDonnelly, deleted, language.



    TRADITIONALIST88, a combination of league rules and safety instructions.

  14. ..





    Summa of Sammi…. on 9th September 2016 11:34 am




    I don’t think the Guy said both as bad as Each Other






    Yes I hear You.. But You are Just Reinforcing the Point the guy is Trying to Make..



    One Poster on the Last thread tried to do the Same as You by Pointing out How.. Truly Awful Rangers Fans were..



    Then referred to them as ‘Monkeys’..



    You Honestly couldn’t make it up..




  15. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Dilute it all you want – and I do not acknowledge any part of the team we are playing tomorrow beyond the last 3 years


    BUT I want to hammer them


    The league cup semi final 2 years ago it should have been 6 nil not 2 nil


    SC Semi Final Ronny and half the team didnt turn up


    We should put an end to their season tomorrow


    I hope our manager has a stronger team talk than Paul 67




  16. traditionalist88 on

    Paul67 on 9th September 2016 12:30 pm



    Fair enough, but I’d have thought reducing their numbers would have been safer!



    Maybe something to do with the logistics of Ibrox and requiring to keep allocations at a similiar level…




  17. Of course tomorrow will be a hate-fest, but people are deluding themselves in claiming that the hate will all be one way.



    Whatever happened to honesty and realism?



    3-0 Celtic.

  18. I’m always focused on the next game and nothing changes about that this week. I want to see the Huns finish as low as possible in the League. Bottom 6 if possible to avoid a 4th meeting this season.


    If we hammer them they could go into free fall with away games against Hertz & Aberdeen on the horizon.


    Regardless of result tomorrow, I confidently expect us to win League but that is not the point, I want to win this game one way or the other.

  19. Just as a matter of interest, if results go a certain way tomorrow, the league table will see us sitting Top and the Huns 6th!



    Be nice icing on the victory cake.






  20. ..






    I don’t really understand why the blog is trying to focus on Barca rather than tomorrow’s league game, we would never do this if we were playing any other team in Scotland.






    That’s what happens when You let a ‘Ghost Writer’ Who hates Rangers more than He Supports Celtic Push His own agenda on the Blog..



    Imagine Big Jock letting Players or Fans for that Matter take their Eye off the Prize..




  21. traditionalist88 on

    Summa of Sammi…. on 9th September 2016 12:31 pm



    As a journalist he has a platform to write the article he did. I don’t think by discussing what is already out there and pointing out how this journalist is reinforcing the ‘ones as bad as the other myth’, however subtle he wants to be about it, is a bad thing.



    Thats exactly what he is doing, and we have to see that because a lot of other football fans in Scotland agree with it by default. Otherwise we ignore it and it goes unchallenged.



    Individual comments aside you’ll hear en masse sectarian singing from one end only tomorrow.




  22. Paul67



    Prepare for a CQN equivalent of the Enigma Code then, to beat the enforcers!



    You know, like the subtle use of * in the middle of a four letter word.



    Eat yer heart out, Bletchley Park!

  23. corkcelt,



    Unfortunately, the New Rangers won’t be allowed to fester in the bottom 6. I hope I am indeed wrong. Celtic Home twice is certainly a Sign that the Board isnae taking any chances…. Assuming you can pick the fixtures. :)))))



    I hope Every team in Scotland just gives the more than adequate 100% against them. The mythical 110% is illogical.

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    On the plus side,wi a background like that…




    Not much chance of them going for the moral high ground!




    Oh,wait. Forgot about a cowed media.










    The fourth estate grovels to it`s constituency.


    In Scotland we know what that is.



    Frankly , I wish we would ignore it rather than giving it the oxygen of publicity by reproduction.



    Of which , I myself am guilty.



    On the other hand , it was this blog which taught me not to reward the Record by indulging in click bait.

  25. Isn’t paul67 being rather hypocritical?



    I mean wasn’t he wheeled out before a previous semi final with SevcoSevco to wax lyrical about the game as part of the msms old firm agenda?



    Yet here he is saying it’s an irrelevance.



    At Keats I suppose he doesn’t need to then answer hard questions about why our board haven’t followed Aberdeens lead.



    The great pantomime resumes tomorrow.

  26. June for CL final ?



    Excellent my annual holidays reset in JUNE so



    Use balance from this year up till end of MAY



    and a few from Next year in JUNE….



    A couple of weeks on the lash celebrating BIG CUP II

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