When clubs go bad


Keep an eye on what’s happening at Leeds United.  The club is under offer from ‘colourful’ Italian, Massimo Cellino, who will become owner if the Football League decide that his conviction for defrauding Italian tax authorities is not sufficient to make him an inappropriate person to control a football club.

If Cellino is declared unsuitable by authorities in England I am told to expect a coordinated media campaign to have people with similar backgrounds hounded out of the game here.  The is a dirty war underway for control of one of Scotland’s newer clubs.

Leeds have historically been a club which it’s difficult to feel sympathy for but I genuinely feel for their fans, who suffered for the lack of a director to say ‘No more money’ amid the clamour to reach ‘the next level’, whatever that was at the time.

Now they are a massive club but lose circa £15m per year, making it impossible for them to compete with clubs far smaller than them.  Being subject to the attention of convicts is a direct consequence.

On a completely unrelated matter, I read Phil Mac Giolla Bhain today use the word “Wonga” in relation to Newco Rangers’ recent attempts to finance.  That was exactly the word used to me to describe a potential financer who is set to meet the club tomorrow. The campaign to oust the club’s current owners is significantly undermining their ability to do their jobs.

Well done to Big Yogi and the Highlanders for their unconventional route to the League Cup Final.  It must have been an absolute sickener for Hearts fans to lose to nine men.  Absolute.  Utter. Sickener.  Oh well.

I read Barcelona lost on Saturday for only the fifth time when Messi had scored.  Can anyone name another occasion?

Sean’s Trust, the charity founded by the family of St John Doyle (George Ryan) in memory of Sean, who was stillborn in 2000, is holding a dinner with live entertainment on Friday, 4 July, at the Fullarton Suites, Tollcross Road.

Sean’s Trust aims to raise funds to provide holiday homes to provide respite for families bereaved through stillbirth.  The Trust will also raise awareness and tackle misinformation surrounding the issue.  To book at ticket (£35, discount for tables of eight), email Linda at lindacroker@googlemail.com
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  1. billy bhoy 05



    12:46 on 3 February, 2014





    For a lot of years I popped into the Horseshoe bar until one European early kick off evening about 5 years ago.


    I was working in the north of the city centre and I finished at 4:45 and kick off was 5:00. I rushed to the Horseshoe but the Liverpool game was on and they wouldn’t turn it over despite my complaints. Ie it was was a Glasgow team and we were in Glasgow not Liverpool.


    I rushed round to Waterloo St and the game was on there. The other team scored and then TV broke down. Eff I thought and went for the train. Whilst


    on the train I phoned my Bhoy and he said we were winning 1-0. I told him he was daft as I had saw them scoring.


    It turned out the goal was disallowed but I cannot remember who we were playing.


    I wrote to the head office and complained about what had happened and they said it was up to the manager.



    I have never went back to the Horseshoe bar, and I never will

  2. Yeah never thought I’d be a podium chaser :-) Just read Phil’s latest, go read it and try not to smile too broadly.

  3. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    the herald trying its best to force wishful thinking with NFL” may quit” headline on front page. Comical. The fact I note Matt Lindsay now joining their ” writers” says it all..



    Oh they hurt at the herald..






    INcidentally, having been at the game yday, it’s possible a.Stokes thought Dirk off side or b. dirk may have missed..

  4. traditionalist88 on

    Billy Bhoy 05



    Horseshoe bar, only been in once, last year.



    Newco must have been playing at home that day as there were lots of scarves/RIFC memorabilia on display.



    Finished drinks & decided never to go back.



    Failte is just round the corner after all:)








    Where and when is the U20 game getting played ? Please and thanks in anticipation.

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Arranmorebhoy. Stokes was thinking of one thing and one thing only at the time that thing was Anthony Stokes he had no consideration for his team mates what so ever.H.H.

  7. The Horseshoe bar.



    I was in it last summer during the heat wave .



    It was teeming with blue t -shirts and orange tops.


    Then I heard a couple of Ulster accents discussing their walk.



    Left sharpish.



    Full of sevcovians ,it was.




  8. Sir Alex Ferguson signed Bébé: £7.4 million from Vitória de Guimarães



    Bébé’s insight into his relationship with Ferguson illustrates how badly his move worked out:



    “He told me to cut my hair, it will look better. So I cut it the same day. In the next training session, he didn’t recognise me. I went past him many times and he didn’t know me.”

  9. INcidentally, having been at the game yday, it’s possible a.Stokes thought Dirk off side or b. dirk may have missed




    We will never know will we? But he should have past it, watching Stoksie yesterday he is getting to be one big moaner, it’s a team game Stoksie join in, and stay onside Ffs.

  10. GORDON 64…..



    I thought that what Graham Speirs did was reprehensible. In discussing, live on radio, the incident in which Neil Lennon was abused and had things thrown at him, he quite deliberately used language intended to convey a very negative impression of an innocent victim.



    While Speirs did say that the incident was:



    ‘Disappointing’ and ‘embarrassing to our game and our country’……



    He also worked in the following language (about an innocent victim, I want to stress):



    ‘Neil Lennon attracts this’…..which I think could be read 2 ways. Either that it happens to him, or he does things to bring it upon himself.



    He then mentioned the following…..



    Neil’s ‘cultural background’…..



    That Neil was ‘not innocent’……



    That Neil was ‘no angel’……..



    The ‘political culture’ from which comes……



    His ‘philosophy which is to stick up for himself’ (according to Speirs)……



    He referred to an occasion where Neil showed the middle finger to fans who were abusing him (irrelevant to the incident on hand, where Neil did nothing of this nature)…….



    He mentioned that Neil ‘does not pacify such situations, but often inflames them’….again no evidence – or even suggestion – that Neil did anything of this nature yesterday……



    Speirs used the word ‘controversial’ FOUR times in the discussion……



    Speirs went on to wonder as to why Neil ‘attracts’ such hatred…..



    He wondered if it was that he had been an ‘arrogant player’, or even a ‘good’ player. Or that he had been part of a successful MON team.



    At no point did Speirs suggest that it might be that Neil is a Catholic. Or Irish. Or an Irish Catholic.



    The fact that Neil has taken the high road is commendable. However, that should not absolve Graham Speirs. Speirs has engaged in a deceitful and nasty form of bigotry. Speirs got more into this piece that would get the orange bigots cheering, than he did in terms of criticizing the attackers.



    He got bits of criticism of the abuse in. Just enough to give himself fodder with which to defend himself.



    However, when you listen to the entirety of his comments, it amounted to a disgraceful ramping up of the demonisation of Neil Lennon.



    Utterly disgraceful.

  11. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    billy bhoy 05



    12:47 on 3 February, 2014





    Sounds like Spartak Moscow away when we drew 1-1 .

  12. bournesouprecipe


    12:45 on


    3 February, 2014



    Never realized you had to be psychic to be able to give an opinion? :-)



    All for fans and non fans being indignant about injustice…….unfortunately for a lot on here they use it as a stick to beat up our club when the real culprit is society.



    Hail Hail.

  13. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Just read Phil`s latest



    quite incredible how they couls allow theselves to get into such a financial mess in such a short period of time



    One might think they are doing it deliberately

  14. Looking forward to the dons game at the weekend.



    Whats the latest with the GB ? I read on here that they were there on saturday ?



    Hopefully both parties have conceded a little and come to some sort of agreement.



    I see there is campagin to get roll of honour into top 40 ? I’ll have to buy that a few times.

  15. Leigh griffiths , who was his boyhood team then ?



    Saw pic on fbook where he had rip sevco t-shirt on .. Was it real ?



    Hard to tell these days with all the photoshop apps etc

  16. Snake Plissken on




    Perhaps not McCoist but had it been Durrant I would not have been surprised to see a similar story emerge given the history involved there.

  17. Philbhoy - Free the Dam 5! on

    No change in hun share price today, so far…..still…..



    Four furra pound!

  18. A wee snippet fromthe RIFC Shares Discussion Board:



    “As other people on here have pointed out, Rangers fans failure to heed warnings and take action as a collective group has contributed to the various problems faced in the past and now. The “it will be alright on the night” attitude of too many is quite staggering especially since many fans have put money into this club and risk losing sizeable amounts.”

  19. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Speirs is a horrible person.



    On the night following the ‘Shame Game’, he was on SSB. The programme was introduced as usual highlighting hot topics fans might want to phone in about. The most obvious was the previous night’s actionand the confrontation between Sleekit McCoist and Neil.



    Speirs was invited first to speak and started off “What on earth got into Neil Lennon last night?” He totally laid the blame for the incident at our manager’s door. Anyone watching on television could see that Neil approached McCoist with a friendly smile and his demeanour only changed after Sleekit McCoist leant forward and whispered in his ear. The focus of any fair- minded person’s analysis of the incident would have enquired as to what Sleekit McCoist could possibly have said to have altered Neil’s demeanour to such an extent.



    NB I think we should all refer to the manager of Sevco as Sleekit McCoist to ensure that any lurking meeja people are left in no doubt as to what we think of him.

  20. Snake @1308


    can’t see that , sorry. It’s patently obvious. Ignorant, anti Celtic/Irish, that’s all it is, unless of course wee Durant is secretly one of us!!



  21. South Of Tunis on

    Serie A.



    Increasingly looking like Rube s title.



    9 points clear of Roma


    15 points clear of Napoli


    18 points clear of Fiorentina


    26 points clear of inter


    30 points clear of Milan.



    Official attendance at Milan 1 -Torino 1 was 35,200, actual attendance was 26,105. . That means 9095 season ticket holders gave the game a miss..Post match stuff saw a big cheese suit pleading for the support to back the team —-” the loss of income is further distancing the Club from the giants of the European game “

  22. heraldscotland


    Saturday 12 May 2007


    Celtic 2 / Aberdeen 1 Natasha Woods at Celtic Park



    NEIL Lennon admitted to a few tears in the tunnel at Parkhead yesterday as he left the field with the adulation of the Celtic fans ringing in his ears. But the club captain also managed to have a last laugh as Aberdeen supporters tried to drown out his farewell speech.



    After a 2-1 victory, in which Celtic shrugged off their recent lethargy, Lennon was handed a microphone to say his goodbyes on his last appearance at the stadium.



    When the visiting fans suggested – in expletive-laden chants – that he should sod off, the Irishman responded with a line which provoked cheers around three quarters of the ground.



    “If only those sheep-sha**ers would shut up,” he observed, before proceeding to complete his last act on the Parkhead pitch.



    “It was only a bit of fun and it was nice to see 40,000 people getting a laugh at their expense,” he explained afterwards. Given the language the Aberdeen fans were directing at him, it would be a bit rich if any complained about his response.



    Seen a few links on line where some of the sheepies are using the above as an excuse…..if that is the case looks like they can dish it out but can’t take it!!



    Sorry if already posted…..

  23. justafan



    13:08 on 3 February, 2014


    Horseshoe…one of the best pubs in Glasgow!




    Couldent hold a candle to the Brazen even on a quiet day ;)

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