Silk from financial sow’s ear


World Soccer Magazine published a fascinating table at the bottom of an article on the respective financial might of Chelsea and Manchester City yesterday, detailing player spend and sales for current English Premier League clubs over the last 10 seasons.

Liverpool have an average net spend of £18.1m as they chase former glories while Manchester United, who stole Liverpool’s place at the top of the English pile, had only a marginally higher net spend of £18.6m.

Fifth on the list is Aston Villa, largely on the back of an attempt to take over the world during Martin O’Neill’s reign, spending a net average of £11.1m.

Most fascinating of all is that 11 of the 20 have a net average spend of less than £4m per season.  They spend big, but apart from the odd team spending some foreign country’s mineral wealth, they also sell big.

Bottom of the table of net biggest spenders in Everton, who sold £7.8m of talent more than they bought during the period.  Newcastle United are also in a surplus, thanks in part to their recently departed director of football, Joe Kinnear, who completed his service without spending a penny.

Crystal Palace clearly have an eye for a bargain.  They successfully negotiated a return to the Premier League, and then bought Joe Ledley as his Celtic contract ran down, with an average net spend of £722k.

The Silk from a Sow’s Ear prize has to go to Arsenal.  The last decade has not been generous to Arsenal, however, their average net spend is only £1.5m per season having sold £277m worth of talent.  Their business model is not right, i.e. they have not been able to compete with those who don’t seem to care if they break even, but they, more than any other club in Europe*, are primed for the Financial Fair Play era.

*apart from Celtic, of course.
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  1. Aberdeen – Scottish Cup tickets on general sale



    By: Newsroom Staff



    CELTIC face a tough battle with Aberdeen in the fifth round of the Scottish Cup next Saturday at Celtic Park, as Neil Lennon’s men aim to retain the famous old trophy.



    The Dons are one of the form teams in the country, and Derek McInnes’ side will be trying to produce a positive result when they come calling on Saturday, February 8.



    General sale tickets for non Season Ticket holders are priced at £20 for adults, and £10 for concessions.



    General sale tickets are available to purchase ONLINE, by calling 0871 226 1888* (Option1|Option 1) or by visiting the Ticket Office. Booking fees apply online and via booking line



    Season Ticket holders can still purchase tickets for the match at a reduced rate of £15 for adults, and just £5 for concessions but these can only be purchased at the Ticket Office or on the enquiry line on 0871 226 1888* (Option 1|Option 2)


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers ………fc not plc



    12:47 on 4 February, 2014





    These multinationals are bliddy sex-daft!



    Not content with all those wives,they then proceed to f… us all over…..

  3. billy bhoy 05



    12:47 on 4 February, 2014





    This strictly speaking is not a direct answer to your question but an answer of sorts.


    The Yes Campaign is succeeding bit by bit. Three months ago it lagged the No Campaign by something like 15 points: now a 3 point swing would see us achieving independence. We are definitely on a roll and the more the No Campaign claim we are too wee and stupid, and are the only country


    In the whole wide world that cannot govern itself then the better it is for the Yes Campaign.


    Also leading Labour & Tories standing shoulder to shoulder against us strengthens our case even more

  4. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi, DAM 5 ! on

    If Ipox is in such a bad state of repair, why have the SFA ordered two cup semi finals to be played there?


    Spectator safety must surely come before any CO-inspired helping hand.



    Likewise, are here Commenwealth game events due to be played down Govan way?



    I hope the relevant Health & Safety peple are monitoring the situation.

  5. tommytwiststommyturns on

    TBB – from end of last article….what if I was a Mormon?! :-)


    Interesting stuff, but quite a leap from an Artic Systems type company to something like Google.



    MWD – you not getting mixed up? Do you not mean republican unionists, whereas you will be a nationalist loyalist as the SNP are keeping Glenda?! :-)




  6. eddieinkirkmichael on




    12:44 on



    From the share prospectus and earlier reports from the time Craigie Bhoy took over. It was widely reported on blogs such as RTC that there a problem with asbestos which was going to cost in the region of 5m to remove. The thing with asbestos though is that if you leave it in place it causes no harm, the problem with this approach is that it causes extra expense when doing ongoing maintenace and adds to ongoing costs. The other 5m is a conservative estimate on what the roof needs spent on it.


    Someone I know actually works for the company that does the ongoing repairs and he told me that maintenance is almost imposible on some parts of the roof as it is so badly corroded it’s dangerous to gain access to some parts.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    You are more optimistic than me regarding FFP. Clubs like Man City and PSG are doing sponsorship/club development deals that are obviously not “fair”. It’s just not in UEFA’s interest to exclude big clubs from their competitions.

  8. Indy vote….



    I am have no idea what type of propaganda the “yes” or “no” vote camps are driving.



    I don’t live in a cave (unlike TET) so must have missed all the great shows and input on how the vote will impact me, my family, my friends and my country.



    However I would suggest a “No” vote in no way defines the person as a Lizzy lover or loyalist.



    I think the whole process has been poorly handled and communicated.



    For such an important vote the lack of clarity from both sides is alarming.



    Hail Hail.


    BILLY BHOY 05 1230 on previous.



    Not so much being Machiavellian as trying to understand the reasoning of people with different opinions from my own.



    I find it easier to have a discussion if there is a grey area or two,rather than straightforward black and white.



    And it is always more important to make your adversary/colleague/drinking buddy think than it is to simply score a point. Point-scoring won’t leave a positive impression of the discussion. Being made to think just might.



    I haven’t seen sufficient evidence from the Yes campaign to make me change my-totally irrelevant due to location-views,but others,such as MWD have.



    I also find it somewhat disturbing that he has requested information from the No campaign and that it has been frankly useless.



    That suggests complacency. That suggests a harder battle than they think,because much as I despise Salmond-always have btw,nothing new-the smarmy snake-oil salesman will have a card up his sleeve.



    And I doubt the Yes campaign have that.

  10. tommytwiststommyturns on

    eddie – last year, someone put a post on the blog totally debunking the asbestos rumour. Sorry, can’t remember who the poster was, but think he was in construction or safety business.


    I’m sure they are doing the absolute minimum maintenance, which could be piling up a whole host of issues, but they keep getting the safety certificates!



    Doc – well done on your podium. You out for a few scoops after the Sheepies game?




  11. Paul67, unless the authorities implement the rules of FFP they will be meaningless, and if they do will those clubs not interested in playing by those FFP rules not simply ignore them? Or break away, or more likely threaten to break away and force UEFA to do no more than pay lip service to those rules?



    Ideal world, I’d love to see those rules implemented, we’d be back to watching pure sport not Billionairres playthings, even Motherwell born Billionairres playthings, or debt ridden clubs chasing a dream.


    Earn what you spend, compete and see where your talent can get you!



    Anyhoos, a lovely wee first and back to work in the Granite City, the sheep think they have a chance on Saturday btw, didn’t like being reminded of the 9-0 game, none of them could remember the last time they won at CP never mind a SC win!

  12. But the Scottish Green party are saying Yes.


    If green is your favourite colour you have to give it a YES.

  13. MWD, if you keep going around saying your day will come they’ll cotton on and yer SNP pals will through you oot their gang:-)



    I agree btw, one step at a time.




  14. sixtaeseven – gardez la foi, dam 5 !




    You put a handshake in and a handshake out, that’s what it’s all about…somethings don’t change.

  15. billy bhoy 05



    I am conscious of the way the polls seen to be shifting. Just curious as to whether ANYONE has been sufficiently persuaded by the BT case (sic) to change the way they intend voting.

  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Mrs. and Mr. Windsor to vist Pope Francis in April.


    Rumours of talks to bring the CoE back under Rome’s authority not going down too well in Govan and a Western Province.

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I have no idea how I will vote I suppose I am the type of voter both sides seek to capture.However,I dont find the yes side giving me any real answers. H.H.

  18. Financial Fair play is all well and good but I am at a loss to understand why if an English/Spanish/German/Italian club wins a game in the Champions League that they get greater points coefficients than clubs from “smaller” nations.



    There will never be level playing field until that is addressed, the larger countries with their TV revenue will always be given advantages as we all know money does not talk it swears (Bob Dylan)




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